Erotic story: With my boyfriend’s little brother

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‘I’ll wake you up in the morning,’ I say to him, as my boyfriend and I head upstairs to bed. ‘Looking forward to it,’ he says with a wink. So wrong. So good. Fantasising about your boyfriend’s younger brother: a definite no-go. But Mother Nature can sometimes be a bitch and the younger brother ends up being the hotter version of the two: the popular guy you wish you could see in your boyfriend. So who can blame a girl for lettng her fantasy run wild once in a while. Right?

Breakfast in bed

‘Are you awake?’ I ask as I gently touch his arm. I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, watching my boyfriend’s little brother. It’s their father’s birthday. The entire family is spending the weekend away together and we all agreed to make breakfast in bed for the birthday boy. He tosses and turns, but doesn’t wake. Meanwhile, my boyfriend is already downstairs and I poke him a little harder. ‘Aaron, wake up. It’s your dad’s birthday and you need to come and help.’ He opens his eyes, his blond hair tousled from sleep. My god, he’s gorgeous, I think, as he greets me with a beaming smile.

He makes me wet

‘Good morning, can I have a hug?’ he says, spreading his arms. A bit unusual, I must admit. But I bend over and draw in his scent as we hug just a little too long. I lean back and watch his eyes glide over my breasts and I realise that I had just given him a perfect view. ‘Now, that’s what I call waking up in style,’ he grins. I give him a teasing slap and quickly leave his room. He makes me wet and I feel the danger and tension as I join his brother in the kitchen.

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Spa visit

The gifts have been unwrapped, breakfast has been reduced to crumbs, and we don’t have any plans for the day. There are eight of us in total: my boyfriend Kevin, his brother Aaron, their parents, aunt, uncle and cousin Bas. The ‘old folks’ go into town for a walk, while the four of us decide to visit the spa. I want to go to the sauna and get a massage, while the men look forward to taking a dip in the pool. Swimsuits are compulsory, thankfully: I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable. But I did bring a skimpy bikini with me, just to be safe. As I walk out of the changing room, Aaron comes up behind me. ‘Are you trying to tease me?’ he says softly. I shake my head and secretly revel in the horny look he gives me.

I can feel his eyes on my back

We have an amazing afternoon planned at the spa. I have just booked a relaxing facial treatment and I am looking forward to the massage. But first, it’s time to join the men. They are all in the outdoor pool and I can feel both Aaron and Kevin’s eyes on me as I glide into the water. I wrap my arms around my boyfriend’s neck, but I can feel his brother’s intense gaze on my back. This is so wrong, but at the same time so deliciously exciting. The raw tension between me and him, I don’t feel that with Kevin. And I feel quite guilty about it – well, almost.

Glistening with oil

‘It’s almost time for my massage,’ I say, giving Kevin a peck on the cheek. ‘See you guys later at the restaurant?’ As I leave, Aaron walks with me. ‘I’m going to the sauna,’ he announces to his brother. Although my mind is now racing with all kinds of fantasies, I head to the massage parlour like a good girl. Forty-five minutes later, I feel revitalised and refreshed. My skin glows and I’m still aroused from the masseuse’s touch, even though she remained strictly professional. I was glistening with oil and feeling horny. As if on cue, Aaron comes up to me as I walk down the hallway where the treatment rooms are located. ‘Did that feel good?’ he asks. I nod. He places his hands on my shoulders and says: ‘I would have been more than happy to give you that massage, you know.’ ‘I’m sure you would, but do you think that’s a good idea?’ I ask as I look around to see if anyone’s watching us.

His hands are everywhere

‘A very good idea, because it’s cheaper and I’m pretty good at it,’ he replies. I feel reckless: ‘All right, show me then,’ I say and I walk towards the changing cubicles. My god, I think, this is it. This is really happening. All that built-up tension over the past few months has come down to this. Aaron enters the cubicle first and before I can even lock the door, I can feel his hands on my hips. ‘Finally,’ he sighs as he pulls me close against him.

‘I dreamed about this’

‘I wanted you from the first moment I saw you,’ he says and kisses me. His hands are everywhere. A split-second later, he loosens the strings of my bikini top and slides his hands over my naked breasts. My nipples grow even harder than they already were. ‘I dreamed about this,’ he says. His hands glide easily all over my oily body. ‘You’re still slippery.’ ‘Not just there,’ I moan. He doesn’t need to be told twice. My bikini bottom falls to the ground as my boyfriend’s little brother fingers my vagina for the first time. I close my eyes with pleasure as I lean back against the flimsy cubicle wall. Meanwhile, his tongue finds my left nipple, tracing slow, lazy circles as he rubs my clitoris and slides two fingers inside of me.

I want him to fuck me in this shabby bathing cubicle

The entire situation is making me horny as hell. ‘I want you,’ I whisper in his ear as I pull down his swimming trunks and take his penis in my hand. I rub the pre-cum over his cock and sink down to my knees. Aaron looks at me, his eyes wide. I trace circles around his cock with my tongue and wet my lips. I slowly slide my wet lips down to the tip of his penis and softly start sucking the tip. I only want one thing: for him to fuck me in this shabby bathing cubicle. But we don’t have any condoms with us. And what’s more: he’s my boyfriend’s little brother! As I lick his penis and massage his balls with my right hand, Aaron sits down on the tiny cubicle seat. What little common sense I have is long gone: I turn around, take his penis and hold it against the opening of my vagina.

‘Do you want this?’

‘Do you want this?’ I ask, as he pulls me down by my hips. A fire explodes in my belly as I feel his penis enter me. He moans, and I bend over further so he can move inside me. His fingers squeeze my nipples roughly and I can hear his body smack against mine, when we suddenly hear a loud banging on the door. ‘What do you think you’re doing? Stop that immediately or I will open the door!’ a male voice booms through the door. I jump up, startled, and see how Aaron’s hard dick snaps back against his belly in one hilarious move. ‘Sorry, we’re coming,’ I say as I quickly pull on my bottoms. Aaron takes the opportunity to slide his finger between my labia and I shiver with pleasure. As soon as we are dressed, we head out in different directions, shamefaced and relieved, so that we arrive at the restaurant separately.

I press the remote into Aaron’s hands

Still aroused and craving satisfaction, I change clothes in anticipation of whatever the night would bring. We’re supposed to go out tonight to a café. I’m wearing my tightest jeans with a loose top. But that’s not the only thing I’m wearing. Kevin and I love sex toys and I had brought my vibrating egg with me to spice up our weekend with the family. But instead of handing the remote control to Kevin, I press the remote into Aaron’s hands. ‘Make sure that Kevin doesn’t see this and don’t use it until we’re in the café,’ I whisper in his ear, as I give his butt a squeeze and feel his hard cock press against me. ‘See, you are a tease…’ he says as he slides the remote control into his trouser pocket.

The vibrations are making me horny

The vibrations start softly, but soon gain in strength. From a distance, I can see Aaron having an animated conversation with his cousin, his hand in his trouser pocket. I can see that he has a hard-on and the vibrations are making me horny. So horny, that I briefly consider going to the bathroom to finger myself. But this isn’t my first rodeo and I know that if I hold on just a bit longer, the orgasm will be even more intense and mind-blowing. ‘Can you please turn it off for a while?’ I ask Aaron a little later. He looks at me with a gaze filled with pure lust, but I can’t even hold a normal conversation and I want a break. When I return from the bathroom, he’s there, waiting for me. He softly brushes his fingers against my breasts, but the slightest touch sets my body on fire. ‘Tonight…’ I promise him.

Sorry, I’ve got a headache

‘I’m sorry, but I’ve got a headache,’ I say to Kevin as I return from the bathroom. ‘I think I’ll go home.’ I pull on my coat, doing my best to look dejected. Meanwhile, my father-in-law is singing at the top of his lungs along to the music and I assure Kevin that I don’t mind it if everyone decides to stay at the café. ‘I’m leaving too. I want to go to the gym early tomorrow morning,’ Aaron chimes in. His aunt decides to walk home with us. That wasn’t quite what we’d hoped for, but there’s nothing we can do about it. As we walk home, Aaron secretly squeezes my buttocks, and my vibrating egg is turned back on again. I clench my pelvic muscles to keep it from slipping out of my soaking wet vagina.

I tiptoe to his room in my jogging bottoms

As soon as we enter the house, I immediately head to my bedroom, supposedly to go to bed. I take off my clothes and lingerie and pull on a pair of jogging bottoms and a skimpy top. And then I tiptoe silently across the landing to Aaron’s room. He is sitting on the bed and immediately gets up to pull off his trousers. With I smile, I push him back onto the bed and sit on his lap. His hands glide over my buttocks as he kisses me. His mouth traces a line from my neck towards my breasts. With his teeth, he bites through the soft fabric into my rock-hard nipples. I rub my lower body against him: my clitoris is aching for his touch.

‘Fuck, I want you so hard’

Aaron takes off my top and starts to play with my breasts. But I want more, and get up. As I pull down my bottoms, he smiles. ‘Feeling horny, are we?’ he says, as he presses me down onto the bed. He is wonderfully dominant, despite the fact that he’s four years younger and he dives down between my legs. ‘This has taken far too long…’ he says, before drawing circles around my clitoris with his tongue and sliding two fingers inside me. I raise my hips and press his head firmly against my body. He sucks my clitoris and I can feel myself hovering on the verge of orgasm. ‘Fuck me, hard,’ I demand and my boyfriend’s little brother is only too willing to obey.

I cry out as I come

He kisses me and presses his cock against the entrance to my vagina. He slides in just a little before quickly drawing back. ‘My breasts,’ I moan, because those are my most sensitive spots. He takes my nipple in his mouth and squeezes the other with his free hand. And all the while, he continues to tease me: I haven’t felt his cock inside me since this afternoon. I can’t hold on any longer: ‘Fuck me, dammit! Now!’ He doesn’t need any more encouragement. He thrusts deep inside me, just like I had asked him to, and I move with him. He pins my hands above my head and has never looked so desirable as he does now. His body moves with supply grace against mine, and as he draws my buttocks up with his hands, I play with my clitoris. It only takes a couple of seconds before I come, crying out with pleasure. My clitoris still throbs as he finishes inside me. As he kisses me in my neck, I say: ‘I need to get back to my room.’ I’m worried: my orgasm was so intense that I wasn’t exactly quiet about it. Did his aunt hear us? And now the heat of the moment had passed, I was wondering whether my decision to sleep with my boyfriend’s little brother had been a smart one.

*To be continued*

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