Express yourself and write an erotic story! We dare you…

erotisch verhaal schrijven

Maybe you enjoy writing, maybe you don’t. Maybe you have experienced exciting and unique sex stories in real life or maybe you simply have a very active imagination. Whatever the case, writing an erotic story is always a good idea! We dare you to explore a new side of yourself. Express yourself and write and erotic story!

Writing an erotic story

By writing an erotic story you can experience an exciting me-time moment. It’s just you and your imagination, and in your story everything can happen just the way you want it to. You are in control. Perhaps there are things you fantasize about, but would never dare to try in real life. By writing it down you sort of experience it anyway! We understand that you might not have a clue where to even start, so that’s why we created a step-by-step guide for you.

Stap 1: Show don’t tell

One of the first rules that every journalist and writer learns is: show, don’t tell. This means that you should show the reader what is happening instead of telling them what is going on.

An example:

  • Tell: Tania is super aroused and feels hot. She jumps on top of Tony and they have sex while she is on top of him.
  • Show: Tania starts to breathe more heavily. Her chest is heaving up and down and her cheeks start to flush. Little beads of sweat appear on her neck and forehead. Loose strands of hair stick to her damp forehead when she wraps her legs around Tony. She leans forward with her hands on his chest when she slowly lowers herself onto him. She moans softly when she feels him inside her.

The second version is much longer, but also leaves more to the imagination. And by telling your readers what you see, you pull them into your story. This way you keep it alive and exciting. You really don’t have to be a writer to do this. Just picture your story as a film in your head and describe what you see.

erotisch verhaal schrijven

Stap 2: Play with time

You don’t have to start at the beginning. It’s perfectly fine to start an erotic story in the middle of the action! Use flashbacks to tell the story of the main characters. Play with time to keep it exciting.

Stap 3: The first impression

When you meet someone new, start a new TV series, or open a new book, you immediately know if you’re going to enjoy it. Because the first seconds are crucial! You form your opinion in the very first moments: ‘yes, this is fun’ or ‘nope, boring, not my thing’. So make sure your erotic story grabs your readers’ attention from the very first moment by starting with something very exciting, very funny, or even very confusing.

The first seconds are crucial!

Stap 4: Nice middle ground

The name ‘erotic story’ says it all; of course it has to be erotic. But you can decide how you want to go about that. If you’re not that kinky, keep it clean and use words like ‘sensitive spot’, ‘his member’, and ‘making love’. If you want to go a bit further, you can use ‘clitoris’, ‘penis’, and ‘sex’. Some people really enjoy rough, kinky words, so if that’s you, you can use words like ‘clit’, ‘cunt’, ‘dick’, and ‘fucking’.

Your choice of words sets the tone of your story, so really think about what you want. Do you want to write a romantic story about a couple in love having loving sex? Then you should stay away from kinky words. “He tenderly touched her and whispered ‘I love you’ in her ear while he pushed his dick inside her and fucked her for hours” sounds a little weird. This is better: “He touched her tenderly and whispered ‘I love you’ in her ear while he gently slid inside her. They made love like they had never done before.”

Stap 5: Surprise the reader

Predictable movies aren’t fun. Neither are predictable stories. Of course when reading an erotic story, everyone knows there’s going to be sex at some point, but try to be unpredictable anyway. Sex isn’t perfect in real life, so it doesn’t have to be perfect in your story either. A little triviality and awkwardness can actually make your story fun and unique.

Sex isn’t perfect in real life, so it doesn’t have to be perfect in your story either.

Stap 6: Enjoy

After all, you’re writing this story for yourself. The only one who has to enjoy it is you. So write your story for yourself. If you’re happy with it, share it with your (sex) partner(s). You’ll see that it can be a pleasant addition to your sex life!

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