Coming home


He rinses his mouth and takes a closer look at his teeth in the mirror. Using his mobile phone’s torch, he checks that there’s nothing left between his teeth. He rubs his hair one last time and looks at himself with confidence. After one last dash of aftershave, he puts on his jacket, walks to the living room and gives his girlfriend a kiss: “See you later!”.


As soon as he unlocks his bike, he feels the butterflies in his stomach. During the short bike ride, his heart starts beating faster, and drops of sweat trickle down his back. The closer he gets to her flat, the more nervous he becomes. The music playing through his headphones eases the tension. Besides the nerves of seeing her again, it’s extra exciting; running into an old friend means a lot of tension at home.

The city streets are quiet. The shops are closed, and most people are inside. It’s to be expected: we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and it’s cold outside. Steffen parks his bicycle against a wall, locks it and walks towards her house. He looks around. Luckily, the only thing he sees are a few fluttering pigeons startled by a passing city bus. The streetlights tint the old paving stones yellow-gold. His breath visibly evaporates into the air, but he doesn’t feel cold. His heart rate is up and he’s got a tingling sensation in the pit of his stomach. Still, he can’t wait. The closer he gets to her flat, the faster he walks.

“Shit man, what’s going to go down? Will I let myself go completely, or hold back? What if Linda finds out?” Endless questions haunt Steffen’s mind as he stands silently in front of her door. He sighs, holds out his arm, and presses the doorbell.

Big bum

The light in the hallway turns on. Steffen’s heart skips a beat. Through the small window in the door, he sees someone walking down the stairs. The moment she opens the door and smiles at him, the nerves suddenly disappear. He feels his muscles relax. After a long hug, he walks up the stairs behind her, staring at her big bum.

Once in the living room, Steffen is amazed. He looks around: “Looks nice, aye!” The living room is small, but warmly decorated: dimmed lights and candles everywhere. Soft music plays in the background. Steffen walks to the corridor to hang up his coat. “This is going to be tricky…”, he almost thinks out loud.


They pour themselves a glass of wine, and the conversation slowly takes off. Steffen looks back on their first meeting and Lynn reminisces about their endless WhatsApp conversations. “And now we’re here,”  Steffen says. Lynn smiles softly and looks down.

Two hours of chatting fly by. They discuss all kinds of things: music, work, friends, their love life, and hobbies. When Lynn stands up to get the second bottle of wine from the kitchen, Steffen reaches for his phone. He sees the photo himself with his girlfriend that’s his screen lock image. Lynn walks back into the room. Hurriedly, Steffen puts his mobile back in his pocket. ‘”Do you have to go home?” Lynn asks. “No, I’d rather not. Unless you want me to.” “Anything but that,” Lynn answers. She smiles.


Right as the next song comes up, a subtle silence falls over the living room. Steffen takes her hand. Without a word, Lynn comes and sits close to him, her feet resting on the sofa. Steffen is getting warmer. His body begins to tingle. It’s as if someone has pressed a button. When Lynn turns around, Steffen is charmed by her blushing cheeks. “You’re beautiful,” he says softly. Their heads come closer together – slightly tilted – as they slowly close their eyes. Steffen feels the warmth of her cheeks coming closer. They start kissing. With his strong arms, Steffen softly pushes her down on the sofa. Lying down, they continue kissing. All other sounds seem to disappear. It’s like nothing else exists for a moment.

“We’ve talked for far too long,” Lynn says with a soft moan. Steffen says nothing as his hand glides under her T-shirt. He gently squeezes her breast. Lynn moves her body as if a wave is flowing through it. She can feel Steffen’s increasingly hard cock pressing against her through his trousers. It turns her on so much that she can’t wait any longer. She sits up, undoes his belt, and pulls his trousers down to his ankles. She takes Steffen’s hard cock in her hand and slowly bends her head towards it. After a few teasing licks, she takes it all the way into her throat.

Oral pleasure

She slowly moves her head up and down. Steffen holds her hair up while he leans back against the sofa. He can hardly control his hips. Steffen thrusts, driving his cock deeper into her mouth. For a moment, Lynn looks up. After a fiery look, she continues to suck faster. She squeezes Steffen’s thighs with her hands.

Quickly, they both take off their clothes and start kissing passionately. Steffen caresses her clit while kissing. With two fingers, he makes small circles. Soon after, he slowly inserts one – and then two. “I want you. Now,” Lynn says as she looks at Steffen. She’s already lying on her back and raises her legs. “Just a little patience,” Steffen says before lowering his head purposefully towards her clit. After several slow but powerful licks, he sucks and then keeps licking. Meanwhile, he penetrates Lynn with two fingers. Lynn moves in waves and moans softly.

“I can’t wait”

Steffen comes up again and strokes her vagina with his cock. He slowly slides it in, going as deep as possible. Lynn moans in relief; she was looking forward to this.

It’s not long before the lovemaking turns into a passionate spectacle. Lynn’s upper body is bent over the sofa. Doggy style, Steffen takes her from behind. He penetrates her with long, deep thrusts. He slowly increases the pace while firmly holding her bum. The room echoes with the slapping of his hips against her ample behind. Lynn strokes her clit at the same time. After a few minutes, Lynn feels the arousal and internal heat reach a climax. Her muscles contract, and her mind goes completely blank. All she feels is this incredible intensity. Her legs start to tremble. She moans, sweats, and her face blushes even deeper than it has before: she groans loudly and comes.

When are you coming home?

Now it’s her turn. Steffen sits on the sofa while Lynn sits backwards on his cock. He holds her hips as she moves up and down. “You’re so hot,” Steffen says, groaning. Lynn answers by sinking in as deep as she can on his cock. It hurts a little, but she’s still turned on. Steffen can’t wait to make some moves again himself and lays Lynn on her side. He puts his cock into her, grabs her breasts, and starts thrusting. He increases the pace. With two fingers, she makes quick circles over her clit. “I’m coming,” she says. “Me too,” moans Steffen. Less than a minute later, Steffen feels her vagina tighten up inside. He can’t hold it any longer, and neither can Lynn. After a few final thrusts, they both come intensely. Fulfilled, tired, and silent, they lie on the couch.

A while later, Lynn turns to Steffen and looks at him. They kiss briefly after which she lies down on his chest. Steffen sees his phone light up. He’s got a text: “When are you coming home?”

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