Erotic story: with a celebrity in the pub’s toilet

Erotisch verhaal

In my view, there are two kinds of fans. People who are perfectly capable of admiring an actor, athlete, or singer for their achievements, but who don’t want anything else from them. And then there’s people who’d love to have that person into their bed. I’m definitely that kind of gal. So when a celebrity flirted with me during a performance, I made sure I ran into him at the toilets for an erotic adventure. And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share this story with you…

From the cinema to the stage

“If he looks at me, I’ll drag him home,” I tell my friend. Meanwhile, I apply mascara to my lashes with my mouth open. The familiar one, with the pink sleeve and bright green cap, because I wasn’t born with long eyelashes, and that’s all my student budget can handle. “I’ll let him feel why a young student is so much more fun than a boring married woman,” I laugh. It’s Thursday night, and my friend M. and I are getting ready to go to town. She looks at me and rolls her eyes, “Yeah, right.” She remains silent for a moment and then says, “Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually succeeded.” She’s right: getting with men is no problem for me at all.

From actor to singer

After we’ve gotten ready and had a few drinks at home, we walk to the city. It’s cold, but that shouldn’t spoil the fun. We walk for about ten minutes, until we arrive at a pub we normally don’t go to. The reason we go there this time has everything to do with the celebrity who played a famous singer in a movie. He’ll be performing as that character tonight. As he’s successful, handsome and famous, I told my girlfriend that we just had to go there, so off we went. “Two beers please,” I say to the bartender, while M. takes our coats to the cloakroom. This turns out to be upstairs, as are the toilets. “As long as we don’t fall down the stairs again!” we giggle. It has happened before that one of us ends up on the floor during a night out.

Hi handsome hottie!

Armed with cool beers in our hands, we walk towards the stage. “Lots of older people here,” M. remarks, “but, you know, I guess it suits him.” “Come, let’s walk up there,” I push her. As far as I’m concerned, a gig isn’t worth it if you haven’t managed to make eye contact with the handsome singer. While we’re having our second drink, the band is announced. “Damn, he’s even hotter than I thought,” I shout in M.’s ear as they take the stage. “And married, remember? And old!” is her response. I stick out my tongue and know we’re both thinking the same thing: I don’t care. I’m not responsible for his actions and the fact that he’s in his late thirties and I’m only 22 is just SEXY. The pub is steaming with wet coats and heat and we are dancing, drinking and singing along. It doesn’t take long before his eyes meet mine. I dance, flirt and smile at him and all the other handsome men around us.

He’s married, you know…

“Are you really going to do it?” M. asks when the band is on break and we’re looking for the toilets. I shrug. “I’ll get whatever I can, he’s smoking hot.” “He kept looking at you, I could tell.” “Let’s go downstairs,” I say, as we reclaim our spot at the front. The gig goes on for another half hour and we have fun, even though it’s not our type of music. “Would he still come here, you think?” I ask my friend, as the band finishes playing. “I imagine they don’t fancy all those people.” “Yeah, but Lin, he’s not that famous.” “That’s true, although I think most women here know him from that popular show on TV.”

“Hey, I saw you standing there.”

Meanwhile, I look around, but I don’t see him. I do see the other band members. It can’t be that he slipped out the back door? I feel bad: if I have set my mind to something, my evening has not succeeded before I’ve reached my goal, despite the great performance and the fun evening. I decide to take a walk around and go straight to the toilet, at the top of those scary stairs. I’m just about done when I come out of the stall and look right into his eyes. “Hey, I saw you standing there,” he says. “And I came here just for you,” I wink. He’s smaller than I expected, on stage he seemed a bit taller. We’re about the same height. The eye contact lasts for a few seconds, and I feel the tingles in my stomach. “Well, I’m honoured,” he says. “What kind of plans do you have?”

“Come with me.”

“Come with me,” I whisper in his ear and hook my finger behind his waistband. To my surprise, he doesn’t protest and allows himself to be carried into the cramped toilet cubicle. Within a minute of exchanging our first words, we’re facing each other in an enclosed toilet. “A woman who knows what she wants, I like that,” he says, slowly moving closer. His kiss is passionate, and I immediately know where this little adventure with this handsome man will lead. His hands are everywhere: on my bum and hips, while his hard penis can clearly be felt through his pants. My hand goes through his dark hair, which is long enough for me to grab it and he kisses me in my neck. I rub my left hand over his penis, which feels more and more impressive. Meanwhile, he pulls the strap of my top aside with his teeth.

He takes my nipple between his lips and sucks it hard

His hands expertly open my bra and throw it on the floor. “As delicious as I expected,” he moans into my neck. This man, all powerful, he makes me crazy horny. Meanwhile, I open his belt and then his zipper. He takes my nipple between his lips and sucks hard on it. I moan, “This is what I like best.” “Oh yeah,” he asks with raised eyebrows. “How about this then?” With his boxers pulled halfway down, he kneels, unzipping my pants. “Put your foot on the edge,” he commands, and I follow him like a tame lamb. He spreads my labia and licks me from front to back with a long stroke. And again. For a moment, he tickles my clitoris with his tongue and then moves to explore my most intimate parts with his mouth. I’m going crazy with pleasure, but also thinking: “Holy shit, I’m standing here with this celebrity in this obscene toilet booth and he’ll be fucking me really soon.”

His penis is gorgeous

I pull him up by his hair and fiercely kiss him. “I’m going to spoil that delicious cock of yours,” I whisper in his ear, and he moans. His beautiful cock is gleaming with pre-cum and slides in past my lips. I can hardly believe it when I look up. There he is: that handsome guy, his eyes closed in pleasure, while I suck him hard. With my tongue, I run circles over his glans, while I hold his bum with my hands. He’s leaning against the door and with my slightly intoxicated mind, I hope the door is sturdy enough. As he begins to moan louder and louder, I stand up. “It’s your turn again,” I tell him, and he turns me around against the wall.

Sex with the celeb

His hands squeeze my breasts just the way I like it: wild, firm, demanding. “You’re a lot less proper in real life than you are on TV,” I whisper as he pulls my head back and kisses me on the neck. His stubble grazes my neck, and his hands pull my hips back. “Wait,” I say, quickly sinking through my knees to grab the condom I’d brought just in case. I feel his cock slide along my bum and I know this is the moment. We’re going to do it. He gives me a horny look while unrolling the condom and then turns me against the wall again. Our equal length is quite convenient now. I push my bum back and feel his fingers slide along my labia.

I want you to like it too

Teasingly, he presses his cock against my vagina and then, in one hard thrust, he’s inside me. With his one hand he plays with my clit, while the other is on my hip. His big cock causes a wonderful tingling and I don’t want this to stop. Judging by his moans, he, that handsome celeb, is about to cum. I let him do it, move along with him and enjoying the excitement. With a heavy moan he climaxes, and for the first time I wonder: could people hear us, here outside the booth? But he doesn’t seem to be worried about that. He sits down on the pot and pulls one of my legs over his shoulder. Then he eagerly dives between my legs again with his mouth. I’m hot, wet and my clit is swollen. As he slides two fingers inside of me, I cum like never before. I pull his face close to mine, kiss him, and then wipe his face.

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“Where were you?”

At least 20 minutes after I went for my walk around, I get back to my friend again. “Where were you?” she asks. I look at her tellingly and say, “I’m hot and I need a drink. You want one?” “Yeah, and then you tell me all about it!”. Every time we see that hot guy on TV now, I think back to my exciting adventure in that naughty toilet cubicle. It’s been 15 years, but the exciting memory never fades away.

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