Blind date #4

Last week, I woke up in his bed feeling ashamed of myself. After weeks of not sleeping, my body decided it had had enough. I was practically comatose that night. The worst part? That I drove him from his own bed in my sleep. Because I’m not used to sleeping next to a man anymore, I got closer and closer to him during the night, until I eventually reached to other side of the bed. The poor man eventually decided to sleep in the guest room. Hours later, he woke me up with a cup of tea. Of course by then I was on my side of the bed again. After apologising ten times and him saying it was okay every time, we got in bed together to snuggle and we didn’t stop there. Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of morning sex, but this time it was great to feel that connection to him before normal life started again. 

If you count all the walks and game nights, we have had 6 dates in total. Why we decided to play Discover Your Lover instead of Ticket to Ride during our second sleepover date is still a mystery to me. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m really looking forward to it. With some courage and the right clothing, it’s going to be a sexy night, right? Fortunately, I still have some time to get ready. While I’m at work, I start thinking about the lingerie I’m going to wear. Am I going for a beautiful set, a bodysuit, or perhaps that pantyhose with open crotch?

A text message from him interrupts my thoughts. Before I even open the message, I already know what he sent me: the first tasks of the game. I’d rather keep everything a surprise, but he’s unable to resist taking a peek at the cards. We do have a deal that if he reads the tasks beforehand, he has to tell me what they are as well. I think curiosity got the better of him.
I was right, he sent a picture of a card with a task for me: Make sure that your partner gets aroused as quick as possible without touching him. The second picture is a task for him: Massage your partner’s genital area, but touch her clitoris as little as possible (touching it by accident is okay). I suddenly realise that my clothing shouldn’t just be seductive, but also practical…

When I get off work, I take some time for an extra long, hot shower. This is a ritual that I don’t just do for him, but also for myself. Apart from shaving my body to make it as smooth as possible, I also work on my curls and use a nice facial scrub. This is how I wash away the week and get ready for the weekend.

About an hour later, I step into my bedroom with a towel wrapped around me. I’m still not sure about what to wear underneath my clothing, but when it’s finally time to put on my outfit, I’ve made up my mind. I’m going for my black and purple thong bodysuit. Sexy, but also very practical. It’s just the right amount of revealing and it’s translucent in all the right places. Another advantage is that every part of my body is accessible without having to take everything off first. With a low-cut bodysuit, black trousers, and high heels, my outfit is complete. I also apply some lipstick and eyeliner. Even though it’s a game, seduction is important as well and I’m ready for it.

Like every other time, he welcomes me with a kiss. As soon as I step inside, he sees in my eyes that the game is on. He made sure the game is ready to play, so we start immediately. After reading the rules and shuffling the cards, we’re ready to play. Since you might have to take off your clothes during the game, I decide to put on socks, because I’m only wearing three pieces of clothing and that’s exactly the amount that I possibly have to take off during the game.

We’re ready to start. I move my pawn and end up on a question. The game doesn’t just consist of various tasks, but there are also various questions so you get to know each other better. These types of cards mean that you ask your partner a question about yourself. The question on my card isn’t a question about sex, but about feelings: When did I fall in love with you? There are four answers to choose from, from love at first sight to it took some time and when he chooses an answer, I have to tell him if he’s correct or not. The only problem is that we’re definitely not ready for questions about love yet!

We’re taking it slow, which is something I’m very happy with. If I commit to a relationship again, I want to feel that it’s right. I want to know where we stand and that we’re making the best of it together, that we’re building up a life together. That I’m with someone who feels like home and who I can be myself with. Having a life together, but also having our own life. An addition, not a take-over. For me, this takes time and it’s something that you create together when you have a special connection. Deep feelings come later and only grow on solid ground. Being overwhelmed by love after just two dates is not for me. Been there, done that, and that didn’t make me happy.

We do connect to each other well. We have plenty to talk about, there is quite a lot of sexual attraction, and we laugh a lot. That’s why I decided to open up to him, so we can give this a real chance and see where it leads. So yes, after a month, I feel some butterflies when I see his name pop up on my phone. During my morning ritual, I often think about him as well and I always look forward to the moment I get to see him again. But I’ve just started developing feelings and I hope that I can take my time with this. Love takes time to grow.

While all these thoughts go through my mind, I look at him. I can only hope he chooses an answer that includes time. I think he will, because he’s not ready for love either and I also don’t think he falls in love quickly. Love at first sight isn’t important to him and I also think he’s also trying to protect himself. His last long-term relationship didn’t end well, to put it mildly.

Fortunately, he chooses answer D, the answer with the most time. I tell him that I would have chosen that answer as well and we have a conversation about the ins and outs of the question and how we look at it ourselves. I don’t think this is what the game is for, but this is what happens with us everytime. We simply like talking to each other and we don’t keep quiet if we have something to say. After a while, we try to focus on the game again.

His pawn lands on a task. It’s a great start: Touch your partner’s ear with your mouth/tongue for 30 seconds and make sure she enjoys it. What a challenge! I really don’t enjoy the feeling of a tongue in my ear. The chance that he succeeds in this task is very slim. I’m honest enough to tell him this and I wish him luck.

As soon as he turns over the hourglass and wipes my curls behind my ear, a shiver runs through my body. I automatically lean into him. Even though I’m not looking forward to it, I’m curious what he will do and besides, I always enjoy him touching me. Before I know it, the thirty seconds are over and I look at him with a surprised look on my face. He completed the task with flying colours! This was far from unpleasant, it actually felt good. It felt so good that I don’t immediately resume to the game, but lean forward to kiss him properly first.

My next card has a very sexy task written on it. The accompanying illustration leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s a complicated sex position. Even though I’m looking forward to trying it with him, I decide to refuse the task for now, so we can keep building tension and try it later in the bedroom. If we have sex right now, we both know that we won’t finish the game.

It’s his turn and his card has the same task written on it that I already read on my phone easlier: Massage your partner’s genital area by (gently) squeezing and rubbing, but touch her clitoris as little as possible (touching it by accident is okay). Use massage oil if possible and, if necessary, undress your partner in a sensual way.
He takes my hand and stands in front of me. First, he slowly undresses me until my bodysuit is the only piece of clothing left. Then he pushes me onto the sofa until I’m lying down and he sits between my legs. He opens the bottom part of my bodysuit and starts his massage. It doesn’t take long for me to get aroused. Because he avoids touching my clitoris, I want nothing more than for him to touch me there. He keeps to the rules on the card however by caressing my labia and gently squeezing and massaging them every now and then.
I start to get wet between my legs and I beg for more with my eyes. It doesn’t matter to me anymore if it’s part of the task or not. Fortunately, he does what I want and he starts to touch my clitoris as well, after which he inserts two fingers and massages my g-spot. While he makes me more and more horny, he keeps looking at me. I’m trapped in this gaze until he finally looks away. With a smile on his face and a raised eyebrow, he asks me if he successfully completed the task. I pretend to be unsure, but as soon as I close my bodysuit again, I move his pawn two steps forward. What a great guy.

The next task is also something I’ll gladly do. Take off your partner’s underwear with your mouth, don’t use your hands. He’s allowed to use the hourglass, but I’m 100% sure I can do this well within that timeframe, which is exactly what happens. Now that I’ve completed the task, I feel like I’m allowed to use my hands again, so while I’m on my knees in front of him, I start touching him. I leave no spot untouched and when he gets hard, I take him in my mouth. I love giving him a blowjob and using my fingers to explore his body. This way I find out what I can do to give him the most pleasure. While licking and sucking, he gets even harder and I decide to increase the speed.

However, he puts his hand under my chin and pulls me up until I’m on my feet again. His eyes have become darker and I can see that we won’t finish our game. His passion comes to the surface with the kiss he gives me. I automatically put my arms around his neck. I want to taste more of him. He puts me down on the sofa and lies on top of me. Entangled in each other’s arms, we keep kissing each other.
His penis rubs against my clitoris and I want nothing more than our bodies melting into one. In one swift move, I take off my bodysuit to give him free access. We’re both ready for the next step and while he moves my hips upwards slightly by putting his hands below my bum, he lets himself glide inside me. As soon as he has filled me up completely, we lie still for a couple of seconds and look at each other. I feel him pulsating inside me and my muscles tighten around him. Then I slowly move my hips up and down, so only the tip is still inside me before he fills me up again completely.
The moment he starts to move, I put my legs around him so he doesn’t get the chance. I’ll only give him free reign again when neither of us can hold back anymore. For now, I want to tease and pleasure him. However, it’s never one-sided with us. While I slowly move up and down, he massages my clitoris with his thumb. I keep going, but I feel my arousal building up inside me and I know that I’m about to reach that point of no return. He takes over control and continues to thrust in the same slow rhythm. When I almost reach my climax, he increases the speed while he stays inside me a little longer after every thrust. My orgasm travels through my whole body and all my muscles contract.

I look at him with a twinkle in my eye. I love that I can let myself go when I’m with him. When he pulls himself out of me, I turn around and sit on my knees in front of him. Before he glides inside me, he bites my bum. This makes me laugh. I didn’t expect that I get pleasure from every type of touch from him. After my climax, my body is still very sensitive. As soon as he is inside me, I can feel my whole body again. He builds up the speed and I push my bum against his body. He touches my g-spot with every thrust and I feel a second wave travel through my body. My muscles tighten around him and I feel myself climaxing on him. This pushes him over the edge as well and he lets himself go completely with a couple of final thrusts. We may not have finished the game, but I think it’s worth playing it again!

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