Blind date #3

man and woman kissing

I cancelled my date for tonight. Three dates in one week sounded promising, but the need is gone. I’d rather go on a date with the same man again. Not that I’m already in love, but there is something between us. If it was up to me, we’d take our time to find out what is going on between us. I think he feels the same way. No rush, no obligations, but really getting to know each other and finding out where it leads. And, most importantly, having fun together. 

‘If you want, you can stay the night…’ His text message swirls around in my head. On the one hand, I want nothing more than that, but on the other hand, I’m terrified. Having sex is not a problem, but sleeping together? That’s intimate and uncontrollable, and you just have to wait and see how you feel about each other the next morning. Besides, I’m not used to sleeping next to a man anymore. It makes me feel insecure, but at the same time, I also long for it. The advantage is that I have to go to work the next morning. So apart from taking a shower and getting ready for work, I don’t have to stick around to find out if he likes to watch TV in the morning for example, which is something that annoys me to no end. Getting to know each other’s morning rituals will have to wait.

We’re going to have a game night. We both love board games, so it seemed like a good activity for our second date. There’s a catch however; we both have to buy the other person a gift in case he or she wins. I thought about it for two days, and then decided that it’s okay to cheat a little beforehand. So now I don’t have one, but two gifts in my bag. One innocent gift and one gift that’s a little naughty: a new game and a massage candle. We’ll see what happens. The best option is to win the game myself of course, so I don’t have to worry about my gifts at all.

Let’s start with the first step: getting out of the car, walking to the front door, and ringing the doorbell. Staring at my overnight bag while sitting in my car will take me nowhere. After looking in the mirror one last ime, I finally get out of the car. I shake off my reluctance, straighten my back, and walk to the front door. It swings open and with a kiss, he welcomes me inside. After I put away my bag and take off my coat and shoes, I step into the living room. I always feel uncomfortable at first. Do I sit down, do I stand? After some considerarion, I decide to sit down on the sofa. We probably won’t start playing board games right away. However, I hope it doesn’t take too long, because I have other plans with him as well.

In the meantime, an erotic image of what will happen after our board game appears in my mind.

Just like the last time, we have a lot to tell each other. Only this time it doesn’t take long for us to make physical contact. It’s not necessary anymore to sit on opposite ends of the sofa and slowly move closer over time. Knee contact, a touch of the hand every now and then, and a couple of kisses; it’s all allowed. The small electric shocks that pass through me every time he touches me feel great and familiar. It’s still exciting, but not scary anymore.

I secretly study his face. When he is busy telling a story and is enthousiastic about it, I can see it in his eyes. They shine in a certain way and the corners of his mouth lift up more often. I know he enjoys telling his stories, but the truth is that he doesn’t really need me to listen. He completely disappears inside his story and even provides his own comments. My contribution consists of short questions and a small sound every now and then. I love that passion and lust for life. His singularity appeals to me.

The longer I look at him, the more handsome he becomes.

Before we know it, it’s three and a half hours later and we eventually start our game when it’s already midnight. Whoever has the most points after a game of Ticket to Ride receives a gift from the other person. I decide that offense is the best tactic, so I immediately start claiming a couple of routes. This takes him out of his own game and he has no choice but play along with mine. This gives me a small advantage, but not for long. I know he’s also very skilled at this and will do anything to win. It doesn’t take long for the game to evolve into a battle of tactics that heavily involves thwarting each other’s plans.
When the game is almost done, he thinks he will win. He definitely has the most cards, but he doesn’t know how I play the game and that I collect my points another way. We’re both very close to victory, we both have over one hundred points, but with my final move, I surpass him and win the game.

When he pulls out his gift, I’m very curious. What did he come up with? How did he approach it? How should I react? I takes some effort to contain my nervousness and I slowly pull off the wrapping paper. When I see he bought me massage oil, I can’t help but laugh. Of course he doesn’t know what’s in my bag, but it’s funny to me that we both had the same idea, even though I also brought something else just in case.
I ask if he wants a rematch so he can find out what I bought for him. He immediately accepts the offer and he wins the second game by a landslide. When he opens my gift, he immediately knows what the prize for the winner of the next game is: the massage itself. Laughing, I agree to this. This means that there’s going to be at least one follow-up date.

No massage tonight, but I’m sure we’re going to do other exciting things…

Then he takes me by the hand and leads me upstairs. Time for a house tour. Of course I know that when we arrive at the bedroom, the tour is over and the only thing we will be exploring from that moment on is the bed itself. Fortunately, his bedroom is in the attic, so first he leads me to other important rooms, like the toilet and the bathroom. I have to admit that I’m impressed. He remodelled the house himself and it looks really good. Everything is done with care.

Time for the final floor. As soon as I set foot in the bedroom, I feel really calm, but at the same time also a little tense. My eyes are drawn to the ceiling where I can see a couple of hooks. If those are for what I think they are for, we can definitely have some exciting times together in the future. But we’re not ready for that yet. First, it’s time to explore him.

I want to find out what he responds to, what he likes, and what drives him crazy with pleasure.

We quickly get ready and then the moment is there; taking off our clothes and getting in bed together. Before I can even blink, he has taken off everything but his boxers and he looks at me. My cheeks flush red. Luckily, I’m wearing clothes that are easy to take off, so I quickly slide my trousers down and pull my sweater over my head. In the split second that my sweater blocks my view, he steps right in front of me. He uses his finger to trace a line from my neck to my bra, and from my belly all the way down. When he arrives at my hips, he pushes me onto the bed and pulls the covers over us. I can no longer contain myself and while I kiss him intensely, I put my leg around him. I explore his body with my hands. I touch his shoulders, his back, and his chest, and then I let my hands glide inside his boxers, over his buttocks. I pull him in closer, I want to feel his body against mine. As soon as I do this, I feel his arousal push into my belly. We look at each other and we can clearly see the lust in each other’s eyes. It’s happening tonight. Tonight we belong to each other.

He unhooks my bra and lets the straps slide off my shoulders. As soon as my bra is off, he takes my breasts into his heads. I shiver when he touches my nipple with this thunb. When he gently squeezes it, I push my hips forward. I want so much more from him. He bows his head and takes my nipple into his mouth. I gently push my nails into his back.  The sensation I’m feeling right now is indescribable. While he gently bites my nipple and sucks it, the arousal between my legs keeps building up. I can feel myself getting hotter and my thong getting wetter.

In the meantime, I keep exploring his body. I go down lower and lower and when I reach his boxers, I let my fingers glide over his length and add some pressure. I can feel him reacting to his. I slide my hand between his legs and massage his balls. His heavy breathing indicates that he’s enjoying it. Skin-to-skin contact would be even better. I push his boxers down a little and take him into my hand. I slowly give him a handjob while varying the pressure on his penis. Every now and then, I let my thumb glide over his glans. As soon as I feel his pre-cum, I go down on him and lick it off. Then I lick his entire length before I take him into my mouth. I start with the tip. I lick and suck it, and make sure he wants more. Then I go deeper and deeper while I look into his eyes. This way I can see the pleasure in his eyes.

I can see his desire grow in his eyes and I feel that he’s getting close to his climax.

When he almost can’t hold on anymore, I pull myself up. His hand disappears between my legs and he strokes my labia and clitoris. I feel hotter and hotter. His touch lights a fire within me. He knows exactly how to touch me in the right ways. I move my body against his hand and I almost lose control. It’s amazing, but I can’t wait to feel him inside me.

Neither of us can take it slow anymore. The moment has arrived. Even though we want to enjoy each other for as long as possible, the sexual tension has become too much. He quickly takes off his boxers and my thong and he spreads my legs. While he gazes deep into my eyes, he pushes himself inside me. I put my legs around him and lift my hips up. It feels so good to feel him inside me.
We want to start slow, but we’re only able to do this for the first two thrusts. Then I arch my back and throw my head back. I want him and I want him hard. He thrusts harder and deeper every time. My climax builds up and I let myself go completely. When I reach my climax, he lets go as well. After a couple of final thrusts, I feel him coming inside me. I hold him tight until his orgasm has completely faded away.

We look at each other, speechless. It takes a moment before we can catch our breaths and then we start laughing. Neither of us expected our first time to be that intense. He turn to his side and pulls me with him. We lie in each other’s arms, enjoying the moment. I’m sure this won’t be the last time.

It’s addictive. Even after our climax, I can’t get enough of him. I want to be closer to him, feel every inch of his body, and drown in his eyes. He awakens something inside me, something I didn’t know I had. It’s not reckless infatuation, not my insatiable hunger for sex, but something much calmer. If I try to find the words for it, it almost sounds boring. But this is anything but…

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