Blind date #2

knees hands touch

Yesterday, I went on a lovely date with an even lovelier man. A couple of hours later, it was clear that we don’t have a future together, even though we do have a great time together. Children, lifestyle… we don’t agree on any of those things. Of course that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time right now, but it doesn’t work as a relationship. So now that I know there are no expectations, I can focus on and look forward to my next date. Although, looking forward to it… more like getting overwhelmed with nerves. Even though I’m not actively looking for a relationship and I just want to spend some time exploring, I do feel like I have a real connection with this man. Even when we text each other, we have long, uninterrupted conversations and I don’t feel like I have to keep asking him questions or that I’m being interrogated. A man who you can have a real conversation with, imagine that. And it’s fun too! I burst out laughing a couple of times, even though I’m alone.

Just like on our first blind date, we are going for a walk together. This might sound boring to some people, but I love it! It helps with the nerves and I don’t feel like I’m being watched every second. Going out for drinks or dinner on a first date are a no-go for me! And a huge plus: I don’t look my best when I go for a walk, so if he wants to go on second date, I know it’s because of me and not because I know how to perfectly combine high heels with a beautiful dress. No, jeans and sneakers are the way to go.

I always have a hard time showing who I am when someone else is trying to get to know me. Clothing and make-up quickly become a mask for me. So I decided not to bother with those things anymore. This is me! 

Besides the fact that I find dating and meeting someone new nerve-racking, actually finding the man I’m going on a date with is also difficult. My eyesight is not great, so I don’t recognise people at a distance. Because I’m not the only one at the car park, I decide to wait until someone approaches me. Not much later, my date greets me with three kisses and for the first time ever I don’t mind that there is physical contact immediately.

While we’re walking through the streets of the small town, I take advantage of the street lights to take a good look at him. That’s an advantage of being a woman; being able to multitask. While I’m listening to his story, I size him up. My colleague immediately said that he isn’t my type, but I like men with eyes that can tell a story. His certainly do. Whether he’s my type or not, I like how he looks.

After two hours, we’ve seen everything there is to see in the small town and we’re back at the car park again. We haven’t finished our conversation yet, but it’s time to go home. I get nervous again. How will we say goodbye? Is it just friendly fun or does the connection run deeper than that? Eventually, we say goodbye the same way we greeted each other, with three kisses, and I get in my car and drive home. Now what?

The next day we text each other just like the days before. We continuously tell each other stories. This makes me feel comfortable enough to ask him about a potential next date. He immediately responds positively and we agree to meet again in three days. I look forward to it and I notice that I only feel positive vibes. No nerves and insecurity, just pleasant excitement.

This date feels different than usual. No fear, just fun. No knot in my stomach, but huge excitement.

Finally, the day has come. I get in my car, ready for the second date. Of course I’m late, because I couldn’t find the right outfit and I spent a little too much time on my appearance. I cheerfully sing along to my playlist while driving to his house. I’m looking forward to it. As soon as I park my car, I start looking for his house, but the number are hard for me to see in the dark. I know I found the right house when he opens the front door. He looks very happy.
We immediately pick up the conversation where we left off and we get settled on the sofa. Without realising it, we get closer and closer until our knees touch. We look at each other and then he gives me our real first kiss.

When he kisses me for the second time, he lets his hand glide in my hair. My whole body starts to tingle. One simple kiss, one simple hand movement and I’m under his spell. Desire surges through me. Not the desire for a quick orgasm and explosive sex, it goes deeper than that. I want to explore and expose every part of him. Enjoy him and his body, and just have a lot of fun. While these thoughts go through my head, I look at him. What is in his eyes is a mystery to me, but I want to find out what is hidden there. My lips part unconsciously, like my body knows what to do better than my brain does. He kisses me again, this time even deeper. Our tongues explore each other until we find the right rhythm. My hand, which was on his leg the entire time, also starts exploring. I slowly move it up, over his leg and his arm, until I reach his neck. I gently caress it and move my fingers under his shirt so I can pull myself in closer. He has other plans though. Before I know it, he pushes me back and I’m lying with my back on the armrest. Leaning on one hand, he lets his other hand glide under my shirt. His thumb touches my nipple and I softly bite his lower lip.

His touch sets off the first fireworks within me. Every contact with his body sends shockwaves through mine.

I move my hand to the top of his trousers. I want to touch him and taste him, but I don’t get that chance. He grabs my wrist and pins it above my head. He also pushes his hips against mine to tease me. He wants me to know how aroused he is and what I’m missing.
I love that he’s dominant, but at the same time it also brings out the lioness in me. Foreplay and sex are a game of bliss for me. With the right person it’s a game of giving and taking, teasing, driving each other crazy, laughing, and loving. Now that I can’t use my hands, I have to think of something else to tease and arouse him. I put my legs around him and tilt my pelvis. I slowly move my hips so they glide back and forth over his entire length.

He growls with desire and in one swift move he pulls my shirt over my head. My bra immediately follows after it. I see this as my chance to use my hands again, but no… Even before I can touch him, he pins my hands above my head again. In the meantime, he uses his mouth to trace a line from my neck to my breast. While he takes my nipple in his mouth and gently licks, sucks, and bites it, he uses his free hand to caress my other breast. My arousal is so overwhelming that I try to escape from his grip, but it’s useless. He holds me even tighter and throws himself on me with even more conviction. When he moves his mouth to my other breast, he lets his hand glide between my legs.

He feels how hot I am and starts to caress me between my legs. He uses one finger at first. My loins, my pubic mound, my labia; he lightly touches everything. Then he adds a little more pressure and uses his whole hand to stroke my clitoris. I wonder how long I can hold on. My body squirms under him. I want more, I want him, but I can’t move. When he removes his hand, I hold my breath and wait for what’s coming next. Expectingly, I look at him. Then I feel his hand glide inside my trousers and thong and he slides his finger over my clitoris. He feels how wet I am. I’m almost ashamed of it, but he loves it. His touches feel like a relief, a liberation. My body craves as much body-to-body contact as possible. While he caresses my clitoris with his thumb, he inserts one finger into my vagina.

Having a finger inside me never felt this good before. Heat spreads through my entire body.

One finger isn’t enough for me however. “More”, I moan and he responds to it. He inserts another finger and massages my g-spot. Slow and fast, soft and intense, increasing and decreasing; he completely drives me crazy. Again and again I feel the sensation rush through my body and I know that I’m close to my orgasm.

With my trousers still on, but his fingers buried deep inside me, I feel myself going towards a climax. I gently move against his hand. When I’m almost there, I have no control over my body anymore. He firmly keeps me in place with his one hand and he uses his other hand to touch my g-spot and clitoris. A scream rolls off my lips and my body shocks when I come all over his hand.

When the last waves of my orgasm leave my body, I catch my breath and when I find the strength to look at him again, I want to satisfy him. Sex works both ways and besides, my hunger for him hasn’t been completely satisfied yet. I look forward to feeling him inside me, feeling his body weight on top of me, and, if possible, I want to give him an orgasm while I’m on top. However, all my plans go out the window tonight. He kisses me once and then pulls back. “Next time”, he promises. Not everything has to be done in one night…

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