Blind Date #1

man kisses woman

I don’t know what came over me when I planned three dates in one week. Until this week, I always kept the dating life at an arm’s length. Now I’m actually planning to go through with all of them. But how? A good friend of mine doesn’t exactly set the right example. He has three flings at the moment and at the same time also goes on dates whenever he wants. I don’t understand how he does this in terms of time and planning. It has to go wrong somewhere, right? Not that he’s cheating on them. He’s very open and honest. I’m just wondering if he never asks person 1 something that was actually meant for person 2. It seems inevitable to me, and also a little weird. It’s not like I want to have more men in my life, or multiple partners for that matter, but I do want to start dating. I want to step out of my comfort zone and really go for it. Not because I want a new relationship, but to explore the world of dating, to enjoy whatever comes of it, and to keep all my options open. But can someone please tell me how this works? I’m a rookie when it comes to dating; nervous, way too honest, and leading a very busy life. Still, a first meeting doesn’t necessarily lead to a follow-up date, let alone a relationship. So I don’t have to feel guilty and don’t have to make it complicated yet I think? What I forgot to say in this story is that my first date is already in one hour. It was a very spontaneous decision. Half an hour ago he asked if I had time. He was close to my location. I immediately said ‘yes’, so I wouldn’t have time to change my mind, and almost no time to feel nervous. So now I’m trying to make myself look nice. Sex is not in the cards, as we agreed to go on a walk together, so fortunately I don’t have to shave. But paying some extra attention to my hair and clothing is always a good idea. We decided to meet at a car park just outside the city. There are enough people around to make it safe, and quiet enough for two strangers to comfortably meet each other. When I arrive at the car park, I feel the urge to turn around and drive away. This is such a bad plan. Whoever came up with the idea that I’m ready for this, that I can do this, or that I’m going to enjoy this? It wasn’t me! Fortunately, I know that my nerves will go away after a while and if the man is nice, I can be myself again. Suddenly it hits me; what if he doesn’t look like his pictures or is not who he said he is? Oh my, what did I get myself into?! While I frantically look around, I see someone walking towards me. Hiding is not an option anymore.

What if he doesn’t look like his pictures or is not who he said he is? I heard that happens often. Oh my, what did I get myself into?!

It’s not that bad; at least he looks like his pictures. I try to get out of my car as calm and in control as possible, but as soon as he stands in front of me, my cheeks turn red and I don’t know where to look. Laughing, he asks if I’m nervous. It’s clearly noticeable. He says I have nothing to worry about and that it’s going to be fine. He starts to walk and in good faith, I go after him. In these times of Covid-19, there’s not much else to do on a first date than going on a walk together. We burn a couple of fun miles and after an hour, we are back at the car park. We hit it off right away and the past hour exceeded my expectations. However, when we walk towards my car I get nervous again. How does saying goodbye work exactly? Does he expect me to kiss him? Or is he just going to let me get in my car? Am I meant to comment on our date? Do we talk about a second date? Seriously, I have no idea! I just hope that he takes the initiative, because I’m too scared to take the first step. When we get close to the car, he takes my hand and turns me around. Before I know it, he kisses me on the mouth. It’s only one kiss, but I feel it in my whole body. I tell him I had fun and that I hope to see him again. Then I quickly get in my car without waiting for an answer. I will find out later if he also wants to see me again or not. Even before I exit the car park, I hear a new text message coming in. I’m afraid to read it, so I wait until I get home. If he didn’t like me, at least there are things I can do to distract myself there. When I finally get home, I can’t wait any longer; as soon as I close the front door behind me, I open the text message. I had fun too. Will I see you again soon? Yes! I send him a comfirmation text and we keep in contact for the rest of the day. We decide to meet again the next day. This fits perfectly in my schedule; my next date is planned for the day after that. This time, I do extensively shave my body. You never know what’s going to happen and I have needs too. I’m not necessarily keen on inviting a man into my sanctuary yet, so we decide to meet at his house.

In my head, I dance with joy. This is so much fun!

I arrive at his doorstep five minutes too late. I thought that would be better than arriving too early or exactly on time. To be honest, I have been procrastinating as well because of my nerves. I lift my hand to ring the doorbell, but he opens the door before I have a chance to. He invites me inside and helps me out of my coat. Then he turns me around. “Let me look at you.” I turn red immediately. I’m not used to this. Apparently he likes what he sees, because he pulls me into his arms and raises my head to kiss me. I let it happen and part my lips a little. This shows him that I want more. He understands my intentions and kisses me back. He lets his tongue glide between my lips, looking for mine. DAMN, this is a great match! I feel more confident, fold my hands around his neck, and push my body against his. The encourages him even more. He puts one hand on my bum while he pulls me into him even more firmly, and he lets his other hand glide in my hair. I know myself and I know what he can see in my eyes. Somehow I get very turned on when a man does this. He catches my gaze and a smile appears on his face; the game is on. He gently pulls my hair and moves me towards the wall. When I feel it against my back, he maneuvers his knee between my legs. His hand moves to my breast and he strokes me. A moan escapes my lips. He goes a step further and lets his hand glide inside my blouse. Playing with my nipples, he puts more pressure on his leg. Sex on the second date, on the first date… I no longer care. I know what my body needs and that’s having this man between my legs. Naked, of course! I pull his shirt over his head and admire his muscles. I trace them with my finger. He lowers his head and gently licks and bites the dimple near my collarbone. This makes me throw my head back and press my nails into his shoulders. This is so great! He slowly glides over my body with his mouth while he unbuttons my blouse. The lace of my bra appears and he lets his mouth glide over that as well. He gently bites my nipple and I can see them getting hard through the fabric. When all the buttons of my blouse are open, he lets it glide off my shoulders without taking his mouth off my body. This man has experience! With his lips, teeth, and tongue, he continues his path downwards. He gets closer  and closer to my sensitive spot and I want nothing more than him touching me there, but he waits. The top of my trousers, my upper legs; he pays an extensive amount of attention to them. I wiggle around to get to his fingers, but he dodges me expertly. I growl with frustration. He looks up and asks me if I don’t like it. He knows exactly what he does to me! Then it’s my turn and I don’t play his game. I let my fingers glide over the top of his trousers and I feel him getting hard. Every now and then, I let a finger slip inside his trousers and stroke the tip of his penis. I feel that it’s wet and I decide to free him. In one swift move I unzip and unbutton his trousers and pull it down a little. In his black boxer shorts, I can now see his size.  When I take off his trousers, I kiss his glans and lick it. I feel a shockwave travel through his body.

Seeing that I affect him just as much as he affects me feels amazing. Fantastic, powerful, sexy!

The excellent control he had just moments ago has disappeared. He picks me up and puts me on the sofa. He also immediately removes the rest of my clothing, although he does take a moment to look at me from top to bottom when I’m naked. I feel a shiver run through my body. Not out of shame, but out of arousal. He wants me and enjoys my body. He takes off his boxer shorts and spreads my legs. Before he puts himself inside me, he first puts his mouth on my clitoris. He plays with it for a moment; he blows on it, licks it, and nibbles on it, and every now and then, he lets his tongue slip inside me. If he’s not careful, he won’t just take me to the edge, but over it as well. I feel an orgasm coming on. Before  it reaches me however, he pulls himself up and puts his mouth on mine. He kisses me passionately; this man really can do everything. In the meantime, he takes his penis into his hand and strokes my clitoris a couple of times before he slowly glides inside me. My body is completely ready for him. I push my hips up and ask him to increase the speed. He does what I ask and pushes himself inside me faster, harder, and deeper. I can feel that I’m close to my orgasm, but every time I want to give in to it, he slows down so it’s just out of reach. Then he thrusts his full length in and out of me.

We don’t have to be careful, my body is completely ready for him.

After the third time, I start to protest. I want my climax and I want it now! He looks at me with a raised eyebrow. “Please”, I manage to say. Then he asks me what I want. He clearly wants to hear the words come out of my mouth, wants me to ask him to take me to the edge of the world and back again. In the meantime, he keeps teasing me and lets his hands glide over my breasts. I look into his eyes intensely. I want you to take me, completely. Please, let me come. He grants my wish and slowly builds up the rhythm again, so my orgasm can build. For the final push, he puts his hands under my bum and lifts up my hips a little. This pushes me over the edge and my orgasm floods over me in powerful waves. The contraction of the muscles in my vagina also take him to the point of no return and while my body still shocks a little, I can feel him coming inside me, amazing! He lowers his body onto mine and for a while, we just lay there, speachless. Until I start to giggle. What a first second date! I’m laying there, completely satisfied by a man I barely know in a house I’ve never been before. Is it bad? No, I doesn’t feel bad at all. It was heavenly! Why didn’t anyone tell me this six months ago? 

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