Coming home: her side of the story

Thuiskomen haar kant

After getting ready in the bathroom, Steffen comes back into the living room. I can already smell his aftershave before I see him. He kisses me and says, “See you tonight!” I wish him a nice evening and wait until I hear the door close behind him. Then I grab my phone. I send a short and completely casual message to my lover: “Hey.” Nothing explicit of course, to avoid his wife getting suspicious. He quickly responds: “You in the mood?” We agree that he’ll drop by right away. He’ll undoubtedly tell her that he’s “going for a pint with the mates”, the same thing my boyfriend just told me.

A long affair

As soon as Steffen tells me he’s going to the pub with friends, I get suspicious. He’s been on his phone more than usual lately, and he’s generally acting nervous. Still, I also see an opportunity: this is the perfect chance to see Nick again. My favourite fling from the past, whom I’ve never been able – or willing – to forget. And though he’s married now, he feels the same way about me. When we’re together in a room, you can almost physically sense the tension. We see each other almost every week. Sometimes in a hotel, other times at his place or mine. We’ve stopped saying “this can’t go on anymore”. We long for each other, we don’t hide our old feelings, and I genuinely love him. There’s just no future for us together. We’re not compatible at all, except in bed. And with that idea in mind, I rush into the bathroom. I quickly run a razor along my legs and bikini line; Nick loves it if I’m completely shaved.

Let’s hop in the shower

As the doorbell rings, I feel the butterflies in my stomach. What if our neighbours see him? I open the door and there he is. His stiff cock is visible through his sweatpants. As he walks in, I try my best not to rip off his clothes right away. First, I lock the door and leave the key in: that way, Steffen won’t be able to get in if he comes home unexpectedly early. Then I follow Nick to the kitchen – no one can see us here. He pulls me close to him and I smell the familiar scent of his skin and hair. He kisses me eagerly. His hands immediately find their way under my shirt, and he quickly unfastens my bra. He knows exactly what I like and plays with my nipples. “Let’s hop in the shower”, I pant in his ear.

Sweet memories

We’ve got so many great memories of showering together. When I was a student, he still lived with his parents, so we usually met at my place. In the shower, my housemates couldn’t (really) hear us, and it’s become our favourite spot. I dim the light, step into the shower first, and feel the warm water jets running over my skin. Nick joins me, and we kiss passionately. I let my tongue slide over his cheek, to his ear, his neck, and move my way around. While I’m on my knees, I wash his delicious cock and lick it. Meanwhile, I wonder how long Steffen will be away, and who he’s really with. Nick makes thrusting movements, and I continue to suck him. When he puts his hand on the back of my head, I slap it away, let his penis slip out of my mouth and say, “Do that with your wife.” He grins, helps me up, and grabs my bum. “You’re so fucking good, with those juicy lips,” he says. Then he turns me around and grabs my favourite shower gel. As his hands slide down the front of my body to lather me up, he presses his hard-on against my ass. Confession: I love having sex in the shower, it all glides so smoothly. But the real sex hasn’t happened yet.

From the bathroom to the bed

After quickly drying ourselves off, we head for the bedroom. I realise it’s wrong to have sex with your lover in the marital bed, but oh well, it’s all wrong anyway. Nick jumps on top of me and kisses my neck while my hands move through his hair. I press my hips against him. He sucks on my nipples and squeezes them hard. “You like that?”, he asks with a horny look. I wink and tell him I’m only missing one thing. With a wide grin, he moves his cock along my clitoris and vagina. I’m so wet, and I can’t wait to feel him inside me. “Show me your new vibrator,” he commands. Alright, another confession: I love dominant men. I love to be taken by a man who tells me exactly what to do. With my left hand, I reach into the drawer of my bedside table and pull out my Womanizer. I explain that it works just like my other vibrator, and that he has to operate it. With a little guidance, the cap is in the right place in no time. Nick lies half bent over me with the Womanizer in his right hand and leaning on his left elbow. His mouth caresses my nipples while I squirm with pleasure under him. He teases me by changing the vibrations from hard to soft.

I’m coming…

I let myself go completely, and after only a few minutes, I feel the familiar and intense sensation of my impending orgasm. “I’m coming!”, I yell. “Moan, baby, let me hear how much you like it,” he says, and I gladly comply. It’s liberating to make yourself heard during your climax. I feel my clitoris throbbing as Nick lies on top of me and thrusts his hard cock into me. His stubble tickles my neck: my body is extremely sensitive now. I move my lower body back and forth: he teases me by moving gently, while I want nothing more than to be taken hard. I push him away so he ends up on his knees. I lift my bum and he grabs me by my hips. And there it is again: that magical moment when he takes me hard and I just completely let go. As our bodies are pounding against each other I enjoy his lustful gaze. We don’t use condoms, we got rid of those years ago.

“Turn around,” he says

“Turn around,” he says, and I do. Doggystyle: our favourite position. I bend over and jiggle my ass to tease him. Although I normally feel vulnerable in this position, it doesn’t bother me with him. That’s because of how eagerly he touches me: he touches me as if I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. He slaps my ass hard and I silently remind myself to put on knickers that will cover any marks before Steffen comes home. While he gently grabs my hair and pulls my head back, he moves faster and faster, and I notice that he’s almost coming. To stimulate him even more, I moan just a bit louder. He squirts into me, something that’s both sexy and stupid. After he’s finished, he pulls his cock out of me in one go and plops down on his back in bed.

Alright, just one more time

I get out of bed and walk straight to the bathroom to pee and wash myself. After that, I get back into bed, naked. While Nick goes to the toilet, I quickly send Steffen a message: “When are you coming home?” He’s been gone for hours now, and I have to get Nick out the door before he returns. I lean on my elbow as I read his response, “Not yet, we’re having a lot of fun. Don’t wait up for me, sleep tight in a bit xx.” Meanwhile, Nick has gotten back into bed and kisses the back of my neck as I read the text. “Looks like we can go for round two,” he grins. He gently plays with my nipples and presses his lower body against me. He doesn’t get hard right away, but as soon as I rub my bum against his crotch, I can feel him growing. “Have fun babe, see you later!” I manage to text back to Steffen just in time.

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