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Do you know that feeling where you’re so aroused that you almost explode, but you can’t reach an orgasm? There isn’t much more frustrating than that, unless you’re a fan of tantra sex of course. Whether or not you have problems reaching a climax, here are some tips for an overwhelming orgasm!

Orgasms are healthy

Climaxing is fun, enjoyable, and super healthy. When you have sex, the hormone oxytocin is released in your brain. That love hormone doesn’t just make you feel closer to your partner, but also stimulates the production and recovery of the cells in your body.

The benefits? There are many:

  • No need for botox! Oxytocin does wonders for your skin and it delays the againg process. So sex and orgasms makes you more attractive and because you feel good about yourself, you’re probably in the mood for sex more often. It’s a sort of vicious circle that you never want to escape from.
  • Having an orgasm regularly is good for your immune system. People who often reach a climax have more immunoglobuline A in their saliva, which decreases their chances of falling ill.
  • Explosive headache? Ask your partner to help you out or give yourself an orgasm. The combination of oxytocin and endorfine will ease the pain.
  • When you’re completely stressed, you’re generally not your best self. Nobody likes to be grumpy all day, so touch yourself every now and then. Or take your partner to the bedroom for a good shag. That wave of relaxation you will get at the end will stay with you for hours.
  • Stress has a negative effect on your sleep pattern. Luckily, there is a simple remedy for those sleepless nights. An orgasm relaxes your body and mind, making it easier to fall asleep.

Climaxing? Nope, not always

Unfortunately not every woman can effortlessly reach a climax. A study from Finland shows that 6 percent of all 8,000 female participants always reached a climax during sex. About 40 percent almost always had an orgasm, 16 percent said it was about 50/50, and 38 percent only sometimes reached a climax. Among women younger than 35, 14 percent had never had an orgasm. Do you have trouble reaching a climax? Try one of the high-end sex toys for women below.

Why do some women have trouble reaching a climax? It sounds cliché, but women really do need more time for foreplay than men. Some men can get in the mood just by looking at a bra strap, but women generally need about twelve minutes to reach a state of arousal that is sufficient in order to have an orgasm. The average time it takes for a woman to reach a climax is nearly 14 minutes!

Fatigue and stress

No wonder so many women don’t have an orgasm during vaginal sex. By the time you’re ready to go, your partner is already done. And even though many men now understand the importance of foreplay, that doesn’t mean that the female orgasm has become just as obvious and natural as the male orgasm during sex. In fact, in 1999 it was easier to reach a climax than in 2015, the Finnish researchers said.

”In 1999 it was easier to reach a climax than in 2015.”

The reasons for this? It mostly has to do with mental and emotional states. Most women who had trouble reaching a climax indicated that they felt stressed and tired. The researchers discovered that women have started to rationalize sex more and more, especially because of the impact of social expectations and images in the media.

Fun with the clitoris

If you’re wondering how you can have an orgasm as quickly as possible, the answer is quite simple. In your clitoris, that little pleasure knob between your labia, there are about 8,000 nerve endings. That’s twice as much as the penis, which explains why it’s so sensitive and why it’s the secret to a thrilling orgasm.

Do you and your partner know exactly where to find that small knob? And do still have trouble reaching a climax? Every body works differently and your anatomy decides how easy it is for you to have an orgasm. A large or exposed clitoris is of course easier to stimulate than a small, hidden clitoris. That is why many women can more easily reach a climax when they’re on top during sex; they have control over their movements and they can rub their clitoris on their partner’s body. Another possibility is to buy a sex toy for couples, which stimulates your clitoris as well as other pleasure spots.

Something to keep in mind: because the clitoris contains thousands of nerve endings, it’s an extremely sensitive spot. This means that it’s easy to overstimulate. Do you know that feeling when your approaching orgasm is suddenly gone? Because your clitoris suddenly hurts? In that case, try to go around your clitoris and don’t use too much direct stimulation.

Vaginal orgasm

Whether or not it’s possible for a woman to have an orgasm without stimulating the clitoris is still unclear. But it’s obvious that the vaginal orgasm, like the G-spot, is a great addition to clitoral stimulation. The term ‘vaginal’ is a bit misleading in this context considering the G-spot is the other end of the clitoris. However, stimulating it can lead to an especially ecstatic climax.

You have to put in some effort for that to happen though. One of the best ways to make it easier to have an orgasm is by exploring your own body, and especially allowing yourself to enjoy your body. So go on an adventure with your erogenous zones. Get a mirror, use one of the many sex toys for women, and discover what works for you. Dare to experiment, for example by stroking yourself and trying out various toys and sex positions. This helps you find your personal ‘hot spots’, even if doesn’t include the G-spot.

Tips for a mind-blowing orgasm

First things first: it may sound a little strange considering the context of this article, but don’t let having an orgasm be your sole purpose. If you’re completely focussed on having an orgasm during sex, it’s only going to work against you. Let this go and you will find yourself in that arousing flow that inevitably leads to a climax before you know it.

Of course a couple of tips are always helpful! Here they are:

  1. If you want to enjoy sex, you have to try to relax. Pay attention to your breath. By slowly breathing in an out, you decrease the tension in your body, which allows you to be more open to sex. If you’ve spend some time building up to an orgasm and you’re ready for your climax, start breathing faster. This increases your arousal. If you also start to moan a bit, you’ll automatically be dragged along that thrilling road to an intense climax.
  2. Make sure the atmosphere is relaxed. Cuddle, kiss, and massage each other and don’t solely focus on having an orgasm. Enjoy having sex without worrying about a climax that may or may not happen. Hold your partner, listen to his breath, imagine how aroused he is because of you, and forget everything around you.
  3. Use your imagination to think away tension and stress. Play a sexy scene in your head, it doesn’t matter if it’s from a porn video or a real-life setting, and let those images take you along for the ride. This helps you get closer to an orgasm. Don’t feel guilty if the main character in your metal dirty movie isn’t your partner. This moment is all about you.
  4. Take charge and don’t expect your partner to make sure you get an orgasm. Set the rhythm, tell your partner what you like, and make sure you’re aroused enough when you start penetration. Women are often more concerned about their partnern needs than their own in the bedroom. Don’t do this. If you want to reach a climax, you have to be a little selfish at times. Don’t be afraid to focus on your own pleasure and sensations in your body.
  5. Again: don’t forget your clitoris. Go for sex positions where you can stimulate your clitoris and don’t stay still. Movement and friction are key. Rub your clitoris on your partner’s lower belly when you’re on top for example. Or make sure your partner stimulates your clitoris with his fingers when you go for doggy style. The first couple of centimeters inside your vagina are the most sensitive. Deep penetration may be the dream for men, but for women, short and undeep thrusts are usually much more stimulating (if you throw in some slow, deep thrusts here and there as well).

Masturbate more!

The best tip? Get to know your body and masturbate more. Women who often play with themselves have more confidence in the bedroom, know what they want, and are less ashamed of their bodies. Apart from that, it’s simply healthy to have an orgasm. So go on, get those toys out and take your time for some unrestrained me-time!

Did you know that some sex toys help you get better orgasms? For example, Ben Wa balls can be used to train and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for intense orgasms and more pleasure and stimulation during sex. And of course there are countless vibrators, dildos, vibrating eggs, and love balls that help you set your erogenous zones alight. Looking for a way to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time? Then the high-end sex toy Womanizer Duo may be the choice for you. If your fingers can’t make it work, this little guy certainly will.

Keep in mind that sex should be a relaxing experience and not a hectic race to the finish line. In the end, it’s about feeling a deep connection with your lover. And that amazing climax will automatically follow.

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