The first time using a sex toy while with a man

De eerste keer seks met een man én een sextoy

There are countless firsts in a person’s life. Likewise in your sex life. In the series “My First Time”, women describe their first time: kissing another woman, a threesome, cheating or sex under the influence. Linda (37) works as a freelance writer for Pabo Magazine and talks about her first time using a sex toy while having sex with a man.

Sex toys: not just for solo use

Although it is often thought that vibrators and other sex toys are only suitable for solo sex, I’d like to debunk that. Of course, a vibrator is a wonderful option for penetration and stimulation if you are single and aren’t in the mood for a one-night stand. But sex toys are not just for solo sessions and don’t have to be used in secret without your partner’s knowledge. A toy for one person can just as well be used by two. And there is an increasing number of special couple’s toys on the market. More on that later.

My first time using a sex toy while having sex with a man

I already introduced you to Robin when I wrote about the the first time I cheated. Since we were still teenagers when we first met, we regularly experimented. When I got my first vibrator, he was just as curious about it as I was. The first time I showed it to him he was a bit intimidated by the size, but that quickly gave way to enthusiasm. It was a special experience: he was on his knees and fully clothed between my legs, while I lay naked in bed at my most vulnerable. With the help of some lube he pushed that lovely large vibrator, into me inch-by-inch.

I enjoyed his dominance, because he was in control.

I don’t know which one of us got off more with this. I really enjoyed the size and the vibrations of the vibrator, but I enjoyed Robin’s dominance at least as much; it was exciting that he was in control. At the same time he thought it was super exciting to see that thing disappear inside me and pleasure me in that way. Since then, we’ve repeated this form of play many times, also with other toys, so I can say it was a great success. Sending videos or voice messages while masturbating with such a toy is also an exciting way to arouse the other person. Sex with a man while using a sex toy has enriched my sex life.

Benefits of using sex toys with a partner

Using a toy with your partner can feel a little awkward, but you should at least give it a try. You might discover a whole new world or you might find out it’s not for you. In my view, these are the advantages:

You enjoy other sensations

A vibrating vibrator simply feels different than a penis. And that’s nice. Just like a cock ring makes sex feel different for him (and for you too if it’s a vibrating one).

Using a sex toy while having sex with a man: pleasure each other twice over

If he’s penetrating you with a vibrator, then you’re free to take his penis into your mouth or hands. Win-win for both of you!

It’s thrilling

It is thrilling and exciting to discover something new together. Using a sex toy while having sex with a man is a fun way for both of you to enhance your sex life. Maybe you’ll both like it and will decide to do it more often. It may also be that you won’t like it at all, but then at least you still have a nice toy for solo use.

Better communication for couples

Remarkable, but true: research shows that couples who use sex toys together communicate better. For example, couples will be more willing to tell each other what they like and where that sensitive spot is. Also, couples who use sex toys together find it easier to talk about sex than couples who don’t.

More chance of an orgasm for the woman

Many men (but not all of them!) know quite well that most women don’t cum solely from penetration. So clitoral stimulation always a good idea: whether he does it or you, with fingers or a toy. You might to use the amazing Womanizer Liberty or Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation vibrators, for example. These are air pressure vibrators that give you a wonderful, intense orgasm with little blasts of air pressure. Handy positions are the missionary with a pillow under your butt, where the man’s upper body remains upright, or doggy style.

Sex toys to use together

In fact, you can use almost any sex toy together. Whether it’s a specially designed couples toy or just a toy for solo use, it doesn’t matter much.

Duo vibrator

A duo vibrator can be used by straight couples. The vibrator has a kind of flat C-shape and is worn by the woman. There is a motor in both ends. The smallest part is inserted into the vagina and stimulates the G-spot. The thick part has the controls and vibrates against the clitoris. The uniqueness of this vibrator is that your partner can penetrate you while you’re using it and he’ll also enjoy the vibrations too.

We-Vibe was the first to launch this kind of duo vibrator on the market. The Unite is one popular model, for example. The Double Joy couple vibrator works in a similar way. It also has an app that you can use to control the vibrator.

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Vibrating cock ring

We mentioned them earlier: vibrating cock rings. This is a ring made of soft material, such as silicone, that you can slide around the semi-flaccid penis. Your partner’s erection will last longer and be firmer, which is pleasant for both of you. In addition, a vibrating cock ring has a bullet vibrator, which can stimulate your clitoris. A good position for using this is the cowgirl, where you sit on top of your partner.

Which sex toy do you prefer to use with your partner?

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