Long-distance sex: these toys make it possible

Seks op afstand deze sekstoys maken het mogelijk

Is your lover on a business trip? Are you in a long-distance relationship? Then long-distance sex is a great option. You can do this in various ways: sexting, video calling, or using a sex toy with remote control options. Read everything you want to know about long-distance sex in this article!

Sex toy with app: how does it work?

Most sex toys can be controlled manually with buttons on the toy itself. If you go for a sex toy with app, you have the extra option of controlling your sex toy with an application on your phone. You can do this yourself, but it’s also a great solution for long-distance sex since your partner can control your sex toy with the app as well, even if they are on the other side of the world.

Long-distance sex: sex toys with app for women

The range of sex toys with apps for women that you can choose from is ever-expanding; from vibrating eggs to air pressure vibrators. Below are a couple of the most popular toys with app for the most arousing long-distance sexual experiences.

Air pressure vibrator with app

An air pressure vibrator simulates oral sex. The silicone cap covers your clitoris and the toy uses air pressure technology to suck your clitoris inside and stimulate it with air pressure waves. The Dual Love air pressure vibrator by Satisfyer even adds vibrations to the mix. This vibrator comes with an app that allows you to create your own vibration patterns and hand over control to your partner for great long-distance sex.

Set with clitoris vibrator and cock ring

Enjoying a sex toy together, even if you’re apart? It’s possible (for heterosexual couples) with the Candy & Dante kit by Magic Motion. In this set, you will find the Candy clitoris vibrator and the Dante cock ring. Although a cock ring is usually meant to be used with a partner, a man can enjoy it on his own as well. You do expect to receive a photo or video from your partner while he’s wearing the ring of course. In the meantime, you can enjoy the pleasure of the Candy vibrator. This is a stimulator that you place inside your panties and stimulates your clitoris. You can control each other’s toy with the app.

Long-distance sex with a vibrating egg

Enjoy the sensations of a vibrating egg, deep inside your vagina. The Magic Sunday vibrating egg by Magic Motion is an egg-shaped sex toy that you insert in your vagina. The various vibration speeds and patterns provide great internal pleasure. You can even wear it in public if you want without anyone noticing. With the app, you or your lover can control the Magic Sunday. Of course you can also use the egg for external stimulation of your clitoris.

Another fun toy in this category is the Ella vibrating egg by Svakom. With the FeelConnect 3 app, you can create your own vibration patterns. Hand over control and enjoy your lover stimulating you from a distance. The egg itself has no less than 11 vibration settings.

Rabbit vibrator with app

Enjoy double stimulation with the Nova 2 vibrator by We-Vibe. This is a rabbit vibrator: it stimulates your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. The two ‘arms’ are flexible, so they always reach your sensitive spots. You can control this rabbit vibrator with the buttons on the handle, but also with the We-Connect app.

High-end clitoris vibrator

Clitoris vibrators are available in various shapes and sizes. Gala by We-Vibe has two arms made of soft silicone that both feature a powerful motor. This allows you to easily stimulate your clitoris and other sensitive areas. Try stimulating your nipples with the toy for example. Gala can of course also be controlled from a distance with the We-Connect app.

Small vibrator for long-distance sex

Do you secretly want to enjoy vibrations in public or when you have company? It’s possible with the Ferri panty vibrator by Lovense. This exciting stimulator is not for internal use, but should be placed between your labia, on your clitoris. You can even attach it to your underwear with the little magnet. Control the toy with the app, or let your partner control it. Now you have a shared secret together, even if you’re surrounded by other people.

Sex toys with app for men

Do you want surprise your boyfriend or husband with an arousing gift? Sex toys with app aren’t just for women, there are many sex toys for men that you can control from a distance as well!

Masturbator with app

Long-distance sex is even more sexy if he uses the Alex Neo masturbator and you use the FeelConnect 3 app to control it. This masturbator is automatic; your partner can enjoy the various sucking settings without using his hands. It can even be connected to interactive porn videos. If he uses the masturbator and you use a toy with app as well, it’ll feel like you’re having sex together.

Remote-controlled prostate vibrator

Let’s be honest, a man’s prostate is much easier to reach with a vibrator than with your fingers. And the Edge prostate vibrator by Lovense makes it even more pleasurable. This prostate vibrator is made of silky soft silicone, making it easy to insert anally, and comes with various fun features. For long-distance sex, you can use the app. The app even allows you make the toy vibrate in the rhythm of your favourite music. Perfect for that sexy playlist you created earlier.

Hush butt plug with app

The Hush butt plug by Lovense can of course be used by both men and women. This high-end toy has many options: vibrating to music, creating your own vibration patterns, and controlling the toy with the app. Thanks to the soft silicone material and tapered shape, it’s safe and easy to use.

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