Combining sex toys: these are the best combinations

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Do you ever consider experimenting with multiple sex toys at the same time? For example, a vibrating butt plug and an air pressure vibrator? Or together with your partner: a vibrator for you, a cock ring for him? You’ll find these and other fabulous sex-toy combinations in this article.

How couples can combine sex toys

Combining sex toys can be done in different ways. There are very innovative toys that you can link to an app or even an interactive porn movie that you can watch together. But ordinary, offline sex toys are also wonderful to use together.

Vibrator + cock ring

The Magic Motion set with the Candy lay-on vibrator and the Dante cock ring is perfect for straight couples. It will make his dick extra hard and he’ll enjoy the vibrations of the cock ring. And you can enjoy the vibrations of the lay-on vibrator, which you place between your labia. Both sex toys can be linked to the special app so you can also pleasure each other remotely. You can control his cock ring and he your vibrator. The Candy lay-on vibrator also comes with a magnet which allows you to attach it to your panties. That way you can wear it out in public too.

Double dildo for double pleasure

The double dildo provides double the fun. This sex toy can pleasure more than one person at the same time! A double dildo comes in different shapes, but we’re talking about the long one with a glans at both ends. With this you can stimulate both yourself and your partner. The double dildo is suitable for every couple, because you can use it both vaginally and anally.

Vibrator and masturbator for him and her

Is penetration your favourite part of sex? For straight couples, this is easy to simulate by combining sex toys. For women we recommend an exciting Tarzan vibrator. The pulsating G-spot vibrator from Inmi, for example. It has two powerful motors and makes a ‘come here’ movement, stimulating your G-spot. For him, we recommend the sexy Fleshlight masturbators. These are masturbators made of lifelike material, with an opening that resembles the vagina, anus, or mouth of a well-known porn star. The structure in the sleeve makes it feel like you’re penetrating a real person.

Vaginal and anal pleasure

Penetrating your partner, while enjoying stimulation yourself? This is possible with the combination of a strap-on dildo and a vaginal egg. Of course the vaginal egg is worn by the woman and can be controlled remotely with an app or remote control. Enjoy the internal vibrations while you pleasure your male or female partner with the strap-on.

Anus-like masturbator for male couples

Both of you can enjoy a willing ass at the same time, with the FPPR penis masturbator, anus edition. This masturbator has a sleeve with studs and ribbing and is made of material that feels like real skin. The opening is shaped like an anus. You can satisfy each other with this masturbator, by moving each other’s sleeve up and down. But it’s also very exciting for both of you to pleasure yourselves with your own masturbator, at the same time.

How singles can combine sex toys

Do you enjoy solo sex and do you have multiple toys to make your sex life more exciting? There are several toys that you can combine for even more fun in bed.

Nipple suckers and clitoral vibrator

Do you go wild when someone sucks on your nipples? With you can simulate this feeling. You apply the vacuum clamps to your nipples and adjust them in such a way that they have the correct suction power. Enjoy this feeling while you stimulate that other sensitive spot with a clitoral vibrator. We recommend, for example, the Liberty from Womanizer or the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation.

Womanizer Duo: 2-in-1

Some toys combine the best of both worlds. The Womanizer designers are well aware that clitoral stimulation is important for women. With the Womanizer Duo, you can enjoy both internal stimulation of your G-spot and external stimulation of your clitoris. The vibrator has two different motors, which you can operate separately.

Double penetration for her

Is it your dream to enjoy double penetration? The Anal Probe prostate dildo is perfect for spoiling yourself anally. At the same time, you can use a mini G-spot vibrator to stimulate yourself vaginally. This vibrator is very suitable for women who want to double penetrate themselves for the first time, because of its small size.

Enjoying a hands-free dildo thanks to the suction cup

You can stimulate yourself vaginally or anally using a dildo with a suction cup. The suction cup can be attached to a smooth surface, such as a wall or floor, and then you lower yourself onto it. In addition, you can stimulate your clitoris with the Tedy clitoris vibrator.

Double stimulation for men

If you enjoy being very intensely stimulated, you can choose to pleasure yourself twice over. For example, choose the Pounding Pete prostate vibrator for anal pleasure. You can combine this with the Tenga masturbator: a kind of elastic, egg-shaped sleeve with which you can satisfy yourself. The soft material and fine structure will take your masturbation session to a whole new level. Now you’ll understand how easily you can combine sex toys on your own.

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