Sexnology: safely enjoying smart sex toys


Research shows that a couple of popular advanced sex toys presented a security risk recently. A number of remote-controlled toys were easy to hack and leaked personal data. Luckily these security breaches have been fixed and manufacturers have started to invest even more into the safety of modern sex toys. In this article, we’ll explain how you can safely enjoy sexnology.

High-end sex toys are extremely popular

The sale of sex toys increased nearly 50 percent in the past year compared to the year before. Data from our online shop shows that high-end ‘smart’ sex toys increase in popularity. One of the possible reasons is the pandemic: people long for intimacy and buy a smart sex toy that can be controlled remotely. The growth of the sexual wellness branche goes hand in hand with innovation. In other words, sex toys are quickly becoming more high-end, more advanced, and smarter. This ‘sexnology’ requires vigilance. The smarter the toy, the more chance of leaving digital footprints. That’s the last thing we want.

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What are smart sex toys?

Smart sex toys push boundaries. Literally and figuratively. Advanced sexnology makes it possible to control a sex toy from a distance via Bluetooth or even with an app. This wireless connection comes with certain risks. They are sensitive to data leaks and cyber criminals can use sex toys to gain access to sensitive information. This report shows that, until recently, it was even possible to hijack the connection of an smart sex toy. Thanks to internet security company ESET, the problems have been detected and solved. It opened the eyes of many sex toy companies to pay even closer attention to the cyber security of advanced sex toys.

Safely enjoying smart sex toys

Despite the fact that most of the responsibility for the cyber security of sex toys is in the hands of manufacturers, you can do some things yourself as well to protect your privacy. Together with ESET, a list of do’s en don’ts has been created. So if you use a smart sex toy, keep the following in mind:


  • More and more apps that are created for smart sex toys include a (video) chat feature. If you want to use this feature, make sure not to film your face or any of your other recognisable physical features, like tattoos.
  • Keep your sex toy connected to your phone. If your toy isn’t connected but on stand-by mode, someone else can connect their phone to your toy via Bluetooth.
  • Regularly update the apps of your smart toys.
  • Research the safety of a specific sex toy before you buy it. Read the reviews, do a Google search, or contact the customer service.
  • Install and try out your toy in a safe place.
  • Only share your information with people you know and trust. Be very careful with sharing (access) codes that allows others to control your toy.
  • Using smart sex toys in public locations comes with certain risks.


  • Don’t share your name and email address with just any company. Even though it’s boring, always read the terms of agreement, especially the part that mentions what information the company keeps a record of and what they use it for. Also, make sure the company regularly updates the privacy policy.
  • Turn off the device and close the app after use. This ensures that the device isn’t available for Bluetooth connection.
  • Never use the remote control feature if there are privacy risks.

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