The best high-end sex toys for women


In the UK, we generally live a life of luxury; we own many material things and we spend much money on relaxation. Considering the taboo on sex toys slowly starts to fade, there is a noteable shift in that area as well: more and more people buy sex toys. After all, that’s one of the purest forms of relaxation. Are you looking for the cream of the crop of sex toys for women? Read on and discover the best high-end sex toys for women that are available today. 

High-end sex toys: what are they exactly?

High-end sex toys are luxury toys that offer better quality, more options, and a beautiful design. Think of more intensity levels for example, or more powerful vibrations, a better fit, high quality materials, auto shutdown, and quality storage options. A couple of the most well-known brands that produce high-end sex toys are LELO, Womanizer, We-Vibe, Lora DiCarlo, and Kiiroo. These toys have price tags starting at 130 pounds.

Quality sex toys for women

Air pressure vibrators

It’s the toy for women: the air pressure vibrator. This type of sex toy stimulates the clitoris with air pressure waves, which is a technique that gives many women an orgasm very quickly.

Womanizer was the first brand to use air pressure technology in the production of sex toys and since then they have launched many different innovative designs. The sex toys by this brand definitely belong in the high-end category. The Womanizer Duo is one of the most popular toys. It not only allows you to enjoy clitoris stimulation, but also G-spot stimulation and the feeling of penetration. The vibrator only turns on if it touches your body and it turns off automatically if you remove it from your body. The intensity of the clitoris vibrator and the G-spot vibrator can be controlled seperately and you can choose from various surprising vibration patterns. Do you prefer a toy that only stimulates the clitoris? Then a good option is the Womanizer Premium, which has no less than 12 settings and is available in many stylish colours.

Another popular vibrator with air pressure technology is double vibrator Osé 2 by Lora DiCarlo. This is a vibrator that stimulates both your clitoris and your G-spot. It is made of silky soft silicone, is bendable, and has two motor that can be controlled seperately. Do you prefer a clitoris vibrator? In that case, you might want to take a look at the compact Baci air pressure vibrator by Lora DiCarlo. This vibrator gently sucks your clitoris inside for an intense stimulation.

G-spot vibrator

It’s easy to stimulate your clitoris with your fingers, but your G-spot is a different story. This spot, which is the other end of your clitoris, is easier to reach when you use a vibrator. You can do that with the Soraya Wave G-spot vibrator by LELO for example. This unique, high-quality rabbit vibrator features WaveMotion technology, which feels like the stroke of a finger. It stimulates both your clitoris and G-spot, and it has no less than 8 different vibration settings. The vibrator is waterproof, so you can warm it up in water or use it while you’re taking a bath.

The Onda vibrator by Lora DiCarlo is specially designed to stimulate the G-spot. It’s a unique vibrator thanks to the pulsating and moving element in the shaft that stimulates your G-spot.

High-end sex toys for him and her

If you want to enjoy an exciting toy together with your partner, go for two seperate sex toys that you can use at the same time. The Cliona vibrator by Kiiroo can be used seperately as a clitoris vibrator, but you can also connect it with the Titan masturbator for men. You can connect both toys to the website, where you can watch porn videos and feel the movements in the video through your sex toy. That way you can really experience what is happening in the video. If you prefer using a G-spot vibrator, a good option is the Kiiroo set with Pearl2 G-spot vibrator and the Onyx 2 masturbator.

The Chorus by We-Vibe is a different type of couple toy. It is worn by the woman, but can be used together with your partner in different ways. The vibrations can be controlled with the We-Connect app, which you can do yourself, but you can also hand over control to your partner. Additionally, your partner will feel the vibrations of the two motors when you wear the Chorus and he penetrates you. There are 10 different vibration settings for each motor.

Vibrators with app

More and more vibrators can be controlled with an app. Especially with high-end, high-quality sex toys this works really well. There’s no hassle with buttons on the vibrator anymore, you can simply use your phone to change the vibration speed or pattern of your toy. This also gives you the option to let your partner control your toy, even if your partner is on the other side of the world. Many We-Vibe toys include this special option, like the previously mentioned Chorus couple toy.

The Ohmibod Fuse vibrator stimulates your clitoris and G-spot with vibrations. It features unique ‘touch sensitive’ technology, which means that the vibrations automatically increase when you insert your vibrator deeper into your vagina and automatically decrease when you remove it. Like all other Kiiroo toys, you can connect the Ohmibod Fuse to the website, so you can watch and feel porn videos.

Sex machines and sex pillows

If you enjoy penetration, go for a sex machine like the MotorBunny Premium Pack. This is a complete sex machine with various attachments. The machine can be used by both men and women. You, or your partner, can control the thrusting speed and vibrations with the accompanying app.

A simpler and much cheaper alternative is the iRide Stimulator. This is a kind of sex pillow with a clitoris stimulator and a penis-shaped shaft in the middle. The round shape allows you to rock back and forth while the rumbling motors stimulate your vagina, clitoris, and/or anus.

Go for the Dark Magic Thrusting Bed sex machine if you want to enjoy hands-free pleasure. This is a comfortable inflatable bed that you can lie down on. Choose one of the three vibrator sizes that are included and turn on the thrusting function with the remote control. The only thing you have to do is lie on your back and enjoy.

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