The main sex toy trends of 2021

sextoy trends

Sex toy sales have been going up for a couple of years now, but especially in 2020. Sex toy manufacturers reap the benefits of that, which allows them the freedom to produce next level toys. Thanks to these developments, we can expect much from the future of sex toys. We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves, so here are the main sex toy trends of 2021.

Air pressure vibrators

The first air pressure vibrator was released at the end of 2014. German inventor M. Lenke ran with the fact that most women don’t reach their climax solely through penetration. His determination to find a solution for that resulted in a sex toy that produces air pressure waves. It is said that he created the first prototype using an aquarium pump. The idea worked perfectly and not much later the first air pressure vibrator by the brand Womanizer was released. Just not with an aquarium pump ๐Ÿ˜‰

”The first prototype of the air pressure vibrator was made out of an aquarium pump.”

Sex toys that work with air pressure have been increasingly popular in the last couple of years and will be even more popular in the coming year. The most well-known, and best-selling, air pressure toy is the Satisfyer Pro. There aren’t many women who don’t like this toy. Instead of vibrations, this toy produces contactless air pressure waves. This technique will be one of the main sex toy trends of 2021.

Niche products

When it comes to sex toys, you probably immediately think of vibrators, dildos, cock rings, butt plugs, and penis sleeves. But did you know that there are many different toys for many different sexual preferences? This extensive range of products will only expand in 2021; manufacturers will focus more on niche products. That way, people with specific preferences and fetishes will also be able to find their perfect toy. Think of BDSM, fisting dildos, sex dolls, and lifelike body parts for example.

Silent sex toys

Sex toy shops often get complaints from customers about certain sex toys producing too much noise. People don’t like pleasuring themselves when it sounds like a helicopter is taking off next to their beds. But not to worry: sex toys will feature increasingly silent motors in the coming years. Expensive sex toys already feature a very silent motor of course, but in the coming year, the more affordable toys will go down the ‘silent route’ as well. The air pressure trend helps with this, as air pressure stimulation produces very little sound.

Can’t wait to purchase silent sex toys? View the silent vibrators in our online shop. Couples can quietly enjoy the LELO couple vibrator while women can satisfy themselves with this whisper-quiet thrusting vibrator.


No matter the industry, there’s no way to avoid sustainability. In the world of sex toys, sustainability will play an important part in 2021 as well. Recently, the world’s first biodegradable sex toy was released: the Gaia Eco Vibrator. With this toy, the brand Blush takes the lead in the industry. We expect more and more brands will produce durable toys that are either recyclable or biodegradable.

Deeper stimulation (A-spot)

In order to help people push their own sexual boundaries, more and more sex toys for experienced users are available on the market. Nowadays, the search term ‘soft bdsm’ is has become increasingly popular and people often search for large dildos with suction cup and large thrusting vibrators. Apart from satisfying curiosity by testing newer (larger) toys, deep penetration has another advantage; it stimulates your A-spot. This piece of tissue, also called the female prostate, is located much deeper in the vagina than the G-spot and will make you aroused and wet very quickly.

”The A-spot is also called the female prostate.”

You can reach the A-spot by inserting a toy relatively deep into the vagina, preferably a G-spot vibrator with bent tip. Considering this spot is close to the G-spot, it can sometimes be difficult for women to determine if they found the right spot.

Focussed stimulation

The experience and sensation of using sex toys contributes to the process of discovering your body and enriching your sex life. Toys can make you experience a certain intensity that you won’t be able to simulate with any other type of stimulation. From that point of view, manufacturers keep producing new sex toys. Pabo, among others, wants to show you that your body has more intimate spots than you might think. It’s great that people are open to that and are willing to go on a sexual journey.

That is why toys that provide focussed stimulation will become popular in 2021. Think of G-spot stimulation, clitoris stimulation, A-spot stimulatie, and P-spot stimulatie.

Rechargeable sex toys

Toys that are powered by batteries are somewhat dated and not as user-friendly. Like your phone and laptop, if your toy is empty, you want to simply charge it. In 2021, more and more toys will be rechargeable and will include a USB charging cable. This saves a lot of trouble and disappointment. Because what if your toy is empty and you don’t have any batteries lying around…? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Warming sex toys

You probably recognise this situation: you’re getting in the mood and you turn up the heat in the bedroom. Your body temperature rises, until you open your nightstand and take out your toy. Then it turns out your toy is cold and it doesn’t feel good if you want to use it immediately. You have to warm it up with your hands or between your thighs first. Not very practical!

Fortunately, in the near future there will be an increase in warming vibrators. We predict that warming vibrators will be one of the main sex toy trends of 2021. A toy that’s at body temperature, or even warmer, is much more comfortable to use, and can be used sooner.

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Couple toys

Originally, sex toys were mainly for individual use. Single people could use sex toys to enjoy sex on their own. But it quickly became clear that people who are in a relationship also have a need for sex toys. Playing with female or male toys is fun, but couple toys are even more fun! Sex toy manufacturers and sellers also started to realise this. The last couple of years, the production of couple toys went up, which means that the range of toys will only become more diverse in 2021.

”The range of couple toys will only become more diverse in 2021.”

Sex toys for couples also sell increasingly well in our own online shop. Popular toys are: vibrating eggs, duo vibrator, and vibrating cock rings with clitoris stimulator.

Sex toys with app

Controlling the vibrations of your sex toy has always been done with push buttons on the toy itself. But nowadays, more and more toys can be controlled with a remote control. Sometimes wireless, sometimes with wire. The more expensive toys can even be controlled with an app! This trend will develop even more in 2021. With an app, you or someone else can control your toy from anywhere in the world. Sexy, right?

Still, there is much progress to be made when it comes to remote-controlled sex toys. The range of the remote control often leaves much to be desired, especially with inexpensive toys. But we believe that there will be more and better remote-controlled sex toys with remote controls and apps in the future. It will make your (solo) sex adventure that much easier!

Virtual reality sex toys

Lastly, we definitely have to mention virtual reality sex toys. There aren’t many VR sex toys available yet, but this will certainly change in the future. The possibilities are endless. The toys feature movement sensors that connect with what you see through your VR headset. This way you can experience the pleasure of ‘real’ sex, but virtually.

”VR toys feature movement sensors that connect with what you see through your VR headset.”

VR toys are perfect in combination with apps and porn/porna (female-friendly porn) as well. You can create your ideal sex partner in no time at all and let him or her take any position you want. Next level masturbation!

Which sex toy trends appeal to you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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