‘Picnic sex’: long live freedom of choice


The world of sex is huge and diverse, but it sometimes feels really small. The cause? Habits and routines that are considered to be the norm. Sex usually follows a fixed pattern; kissing, foreplay, penetration, orgasm. Every now and then you might try something new, but you don’t go overboard with it. It’s a shame really, but also very understandable. Now is the time to overcome obstacles and discover the diversity and variation that sex has to offer you. Suprise yourself with new possibilities and the freedom of choice.

What is picnic sex?

We as humans, as well as some animals, have the privilege of being able to enjoy sex. In other words: when humans have sex, it isn’t necessarily about procreation, but mostly about fun and pleasure. However, many people can get much more out of it than they do now. Especially when it comes to women’s self-development during sex, there is much to gain. The goal of having sex is often for the male partner to have an orgasm. Also, the fixed sex pattern (kissing, foreplay, penetration, and the climax) will lose it’s appeal sooner or later.

Did you know… humans are one of the very few animal species who enjoy having sex?

Time for change! Treat sex like a picnic from now on. There are many options on your picnic blanket. You decide what you want and in what order. Nothing is too weird and there are no right choices. The notion that there is a ‘right way’ to have sex is just something that we taught ourselves based on our ancient reproduction drive.

Freedom of choice during sex

When you have sex with yourself, you have a lot of freedom of choice. You can do whatever you like in any order that feels right at that moment. Just like with a picnic. Achieving this unrestrained vibe with your partner takes time and attention. Say goodbye to old habits and initiate a free sexual atmosphere where anything is possible. Considering this can’t be done overnight, it’s important to go over your sex life together at a quiet moment. An open and free attitude helps you understand each other’s wishes better. There’s a good chance that your wish to have more diverse sex is welcomed with open arms by your partner. If your partner is a bit more conservative however, try to convince them by explaining the advantages.

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Break the mold

It sounds so easy to bring some variation into your sex life. In reality, that’s not the case. Breaking free from habits that are so ingrained in your mind takes time. What’s more, every couple and every individual has a different definition of pleasure. Let the moment guide your actions, but try not to hold onto old habits. Embrace the unknown, don’t be afraid to go for it, and experiment to your heart’s content. Don’t limit ‘breaking the mold’ to changing the order of sexual actions, but also experience how to experiment in different ways. Explore new sex positions and undiscovered areas of the body, and try sex toys for couples.

Endless exploration

(S)experimenting is not just fun and exciting, it also keeps your relationship healthy. After a while, routines and habits take over your life together, especially when it comes to sex. You simply satisfy each other’s needs, but nothing more. The possible consequences of these kinds of routines can’t be ignored. So keep your sex life exciting by applying the picnic method. Look beyond the obvious and step outside your comfort zone by trying tantra for example. Discover all the possible ingredients and change the order to keep sex fun and exciting.

β€œ(S)experimenting keeps your relationship healthy.”

If you’re single and you’re in need of some variation while masturbating, try exploring your own body in a new way and discover self-love. Give yourself time, attention, and love. Creating a cozy and passionate ambience in your bedroom is a step in the right direction. Warm and passionate surroundings are the basis for free exploration and enjoying yourself to the fullest. Break the mold, choose freedom of choice, and experience what it does to your body and mind.

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