The self-pleasure guide for a rainy day

Is fall demanding your attention with a howling wind and heavy rain tapping on your window? Time to bring the warmth of summer back into your house and to give your body the attention it deserves. Transform your bedroom into a cozy fall paradise and start your sexual journey. Feel the transformation of fall and explore your body like never before. With this practical self-pleasure guide, you will learn how to experience intense self-love. 

Create the right ambience

Starting to pleasure yourself is easier said than done. You have to get in the right mood. Having to stay inside when it’s raining and the wind is howling doesn’t exactly contribute to that. That’s why it’s important to give your bedroom a thorough ambience make-over.

“Make your bedroom fall-proof to get in the right mood.”

Buy fall-coloured decoration, create soft lighting, and play atmospheric music. This way you can embrace the warm side of fall. Decorating your living room with more candles, plants, and soft lighting creates a soothing and cozy ambience. These small changes often immediately spark your inner warmth. Did you create your fall ambience? Nestle into a pile of blankets and let the sexual journey begin!

Explore your desires

Once your covered in soft blankets, it’s time to find out where your sexual desires will take you. Take it step by step and find what feels good. What is the most sensitive spot on your body and what would you like to explore further? A rainy day is the perfect moment for this. Go deep with yourself and explore how you can optimalise self-pleasure. Make sure you have a relaxed mindset before you get started. Pleasuring yourself is completely normal, enjoyable, and fun. A toy can take your self-pleasure to the next level. In order to make the right choice, it’s important to take what you already enjoy into consideration and base your choice on that. Perhaps you enjoy subtle clitoris stimulation or rough penetration, or maybe you want to explore a completely different area of your body.

Sexual self-balance

Giving yourself a lot of physical love is a true revelation to many people. Our busy lives result in not noticing sexual stimuli as much as before. External stimuli from your smartphone for example take over your mind and distract you from internal stimuli. The balance between body and mind is increasingly disrupted. This makes it even more important to truly pay attention to your body every now and then. Feel intense and feel free. Treat yourself to extra self-love and self-care to get through the dark fall and winter months in a state of pure self-balance. 

Self-pleasure in practice

After decorating your space in a way that suits you and finding the right mental balance, it’s time to actually experience self-pleasure. The following ideas serve as inspiration for your sexual journey. Don’t be afraid to experiment. 

#Warming lubricant

Using warming lubricant is an ideal start to a fall self-pleasure session. Warm your hands first with warm water for example, dry them off, and apply some lubricant to your hand. Use your hand to apply the warming lubricant to your entire vulva by gently moving your hand back and forth. This way you can experience intimate foreplay with yourself without immediately involving toys. A slow sexual build-up is essential for experiencing the right relationship with your body.


Sometimes directly touching your clitoris from the start is too intense. That’s why it’s advisable to start by slowly moving your middle finger and index finger between your labia from top to bottom. By squeezing your fingers together a little, the clitoris starts to get used to being touched. Does it feel good? Move on to tracing slow circles around your clitoris. Gently tapping the clitoris provides extra stimulation. If you want more, you can insert a finger of your other hand about 4 centimeters deep into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot (which can be found on the side of your belly). 

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#Clitoris stimulation with an air pressure vibrator

At some point, you’ll know that you’re ready for the next step. What kind of toy is right for you depends on your desires. When it comes to clitoris stimulation, we can recommend the Satisfyer Pro 2. This popular air pressure vibrator is many women’s favourite toy because of the subtle but intense stimulation. The toy is easy to operate and features 11 settings. There are also many other toys that focus on clitoris stimulation.

#Multifunctional vibrator

Versatile self-love requires a versatile vibrator. The Violet Rabbit Vibrator is exactly that: a luxurious vibrator that allows you to enjoy pleasure in different ways. Discover the various settings and feel the intense touch on your G-spot. Wand vibrators are also indispensable in every nightstand. They are suitable for massages and external stimulation. It’s the perfect tool for discovering your body this fall.

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Sexual insights

As you may have noticed by now, you don’t always need a bedpartner to enjoy yourself optimally. Sometimes a day of self-love can even offer insights into your sexual situation. Don’t be afraid to talk about these insights with your partner or to introduce a couple toy. Even without your partner, you will know what is right for you thanks to your sexual journey. By spending more time with yourself and exploring undiscovered paths, sex with yourself is even more fun, exciting, and hot. Exactly what you need during these fall months.🍂🍄

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