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If we leave the December rush at the office behind for our well-deserved time off, order and peace seem to be restored. But that’s just an illusion; we have to buy gifts, create 7-course meals for Christmas dinner, and prepare for New Year’s Eve. And often, we even take care of some chores in the meantime, because you’ve been meaning to paint that wall for a while or because you finally have some time to thoroughly go through the furniture and decor of your living room and change the layout. Dedicating a whole day to some extra (sexual) wellness and me-time is definitely a great idea. This guide can serve as an inspiration for your own “sexual wellness home spa”.


Sexual wellness

The term ‘Sexual Wellness’ has become increasingly prevalent. The term ‘wellness’ used to stand on its own, but nowadays people focus more and more on sexuality and the relaxing effect it can have. A busy time of year like the holidays provides the perfect opportunity to spend a whole day on Sexual Wellness. 

Wellness in general is about feeling comfortable in your own skin, which is something that we can only support. It’s about your mental and physical health and balance. Sexual Wellness is an important part of that. You can relax at a spa for a day, but you can also work on your sexual health and relaxation at home.

The preparation

In order to truly pamper yourself, it’s important let go of all distractions. Go on a cleaning spree before starting your Sexual Wellness session and get rid of any clutter. A clean house is a clear mind. That way you don’t to think about anything but yourself. Set up everything you need for a day of relaxation beforehand. Think of:

  • Scented candles or massage candles
  • Incense
  • Comfortable lighting
  • Relaxing care products
  • Clean sheets and a freshly made bed
  • Some light snacks
  • A comfortable dressing gown and clean towels
  • Your favourite music

Light meditation or yoga

The best thing about meditation is that anything goes. The art of meditation is completely about observing thoughts and not judging them in any way. The main misconception about meditation is that people think they are not supposed to think of anything, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s about accepting the thoughts that come up and subsequently letting them go. Don’t have any experience with mediation yet? No problem. There are many guided mediation videos on YouTube, where a voice guides you through the entire process. You can try this short guided meditation for beginners for example:

Another good way to unwind is by practising yoga. Many people swear by it as the best way to relax. You can start practising yoga at any time. The only thing you need is comfortable clothes that you can easily move in and a yoga mat. If you’re an experienced yogi, you can go ahead with a yoga practice that you enjoy. Like with meditation, the internet is full of videos of guided workouts. Look for a relaxing yoga routine (for beginners) and follow the directions in the video. There are also many apps that offer a clear explanation of yoga moves and the right way of moving. 

A lovely relaxing shower

Are you completely relaxed after your meditation or yoga session? Then it’s time for a moment of personal hygiene. Because not everyone has the luxury of owning a bathtub, we came up with an alternative. Take some time for an extensive shower to allow your yourself to unwind and your body to relax. Skip your usual shower routine and make it a relaxing moment without any expectations.

Create an enjoyable ambience in the bathroom by dimming the lights, lighting some candles, or burning incense. You probably have a bluetooth speaker lying around somewhere that you can take with you in the bathroom, so you can play your favourite relaxing music. In order to make it a little more sexual wellness-oriented, you can take your favourite waterproof toy with you in the shower. The warm water that spreads over your body and slowly makes its way down in small droplets simulates the feeling of a lovely warm massage. The sound of your shower is also a source of relaxation. You will find yourself in a warm blanket of sweet rain and pleasant scents. 

Use a shower gel or foam that you love and massage it all over your body. Take your time for this and don’t skip any part of your body. You only need water to wash your intimate area thanks to the self-cleaning nature of the vagina. If you do want to use an intimate wash, that’s okay of course. They are specially created to clean the intimate area without negatively affecting the vagina. 

Use a clean, soft towel to dry yourself off and apply body lotion or body butter like this one with vanilla and cotton candy scent by Earthly Body

Foreplay for one

When you get out of the shower, get ready for an intimate self-love session. Make it extra exciting, enjoyable, and mindful by taking your time with it. Did you know foreplay is also an option when you’re alone? Surprise yourself by sampling several massage oils, which you set up beforehand. Put a large towel on your bed, so the oil won’t stain your bedding. Take a couple of different massage oils like this massage candle with passion fruit scent, this unique “crunchy” massage foam by INNT, a warming oil by Slow Sex, and a massage oil and lubricant in 1.

Make sure to have a clean towel on hand to clean up the oil every now and then. Try the oils one by one. Massage yourself slowly and sensually and be aware of every touch. Keep in mind that some massage oils are not suitable for use on your intimate areas. Read the information on the bottle and on our website beforehand.

Massage yourself slowly and sensually and be aware of every touch.

It can be arousing to watch yourself in a mirror while you’re touching yourself. This also makes you more aware of your sexual self and can contribute to your self-confidence as well.

Intimate self-love-session

Masturbation is a form of relaxation that allows you to disconnect from all the thoughts that are running through your mind. During a solo session you’re completely in the here and now and you only focus on experiencing your pleasure. You give yourself an opportunity to temporarily leave behind the daily hustle and bustle and explore new possibilities that your body has to offer.

In order to experience an especially intimate self-love session, change the sheets on your bed, and create an ambience in your bedroom. Light candles or burn incense sticks. Another good way to make your bedroom smell good is using scented “room mist”, a spray that fills your room with a seductive scent within seconds. 

Using a toy is great during your solo session. But still, it can also be nice to use your own fingers to pleasure yourself for longer-lasting pleasure. You can make it interesting by using stimulating lubricant or special clitoris balm, which makes stimulation even more intense. Besides touching your vulva, vagina, and clitoris, it can be enjoyable to stimulate other erogenous areas as well, such as your nipples. Nipple Play Gel adds an extra dimension to this experience.

“But still, it can also be nice to use your own fingers to pleasure yourself for longer-lasting pleasure.”

Build up your orgasm and try to delay it as long as possible. If you almost reach your climax, start touching other parts of your body and then resume your session. Can’t hold back any longer? Completely give in and experience the overwhelming feeling in your body. You can be sure that this orgasm is long-lasting and more intense, especially because you consciously built up towards it. 

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Taking the time for your own pleasure and your body helps you get to know and understand your body better, and at the same time generates various kinds of hormones that make you feel good and relaxed. It would be a waste to immediately jump back into your daily routine afterwards. Instead, you could make the most of the moment by making yourself a warm cup of relaxing tea and eating some fruit, a light salad, or a piece of chocolate while you consciously enjoy the afterglow. Put on a comfy outfit, get comfortable on the sofa, and bury yourself under a pile of blankets. Play some music, read a good book or a magazine, and voilà: you’re completely refreshed and relaxed from your Sexual Wellness day at home! 

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