FALL in love with… fall

Fall creeps into our lives at the end of every year. The warm blanket of summer is slowly pulled away while a cold wind blows in our face. Leaves change colour into countless shades of orange and fall to the ground one by one. At the same time, our desire for intimacy increases. That is why this colourful season is perfect for a healthy dose of (self-)love. There is no room for the fall blues; we will take you on your sexual journey: fall in love with… fall. Time for inner colour, warmth, and lechery.

What changes in our body and mind?

Fall represents transformation. The outside world transforms into a picturesque oasis of colours. Despite this splendour, it’s time for many people to sharpen their mental focus in order to deal with the cold and darkness. The arrival of cold weather, rain, and wind while our warm summer memories still swirl around in our mind is difficult to accept. A dark fall blues rears its ugly head. But not if we have anything to say about it. The remedy? Love. Look at this new season from a brand new perspective and fall in love with your body. Like the leaves outside, go through a colourful transformation by giving your body unique attention. We will help you give your sex life more depth with the help of love tips and luxurious toys. Make the temperature in your bedroom rise and let the journey begin.

Love for change

For a long as we can remember, this seasonal change comes with changes in your life. As a child, fall meant the beginning of a new school year; buying a new diary, new notebooks, a new classroom. Sometimes you even joined a new sports team. In short: everything renewed. As an adult, this is still true. A new year of work and love is waiting for you. Time for a fresh start, also sexually. Our luxurious products help you explore your body completely.

“Testosterone levels of both men and woman peak during fall.”

It is not just us who think a new season is great for changes within yourself, science agrees with it as well. Our behaviour changes every season. In winter, we sleep an additional 20 minutes every night, summer makes us more adventurous, and spring increases our emotions. Fall is the season of catching colds and feeling melancholic. The best solution according to researchers is… you guessed it: love! Focussing on (self-)love more increases the release of the love hormone dopamine. Sex also helps with that. Chances are you feel aroused quite often. Your estrogen and testosterone levels are generally higher in fall. An exciting, sensual spectacle is on the horizon!

Sexual wellness

Time to translate that fall feeling to your bedroom. No matter if you are going solo or together with your partner. Creating the ultimate feeling of self-love is easy to achieve with the reliable Satisfyer. As a beginner, you won’t know what hit you, and if you already experienced it before, you know to expect high quality stimulation. Ready for a luxurious transformation? Fantasy For Her is the brand for you if you want to bring the transformative fall ambience into your bedroom. These purple toys are unique in appearance and function. The toys move, warm up, suck, and rotate for an unforgettable journey of the body. Finally, we also want to share this mushroom massager with you. It doesn’t get more ‘fall’ than this!

As a couple, fall offers the perfect opportunity to go deep. Literally and figuratively. Fall leaves the simple feeling of lust that you experience in spring and summer behind and focusses on sensual quality. Massage each other with luxurious massage lubricant and discover each other’s deepest desires. Take control into your own hands on a rainy day by sensually pampering yourself.

Explore together

In October, we embrace fall. In a special series of new articles, you will find all the information you need on self-love and how to take care of yourself as best you can, and you can discover and explore our innovative products. Turn up the heating, bury yourself under warm blankets, and let it surprise you. Say farewell to the fall blues and welcome the scent and colour of fall. Who knows, it might even become your new favourite season 😉

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