Nuru massage: what is it, and how do you get started?

Nuru massage wat is het en hoe begin je er mee

Have you heard of a Nuru massage, and would you like to know more? In this article, we tell you all about it! What is it, how do you start, and which products do you need for a Nuru massage? Read on!

What’s a Nuru massage?

Nuru is a Japanese massage technique. The word nuru (nori) is Japanese for smooth or slippery, and that’s exactly what a Nuru massage is. With this massage, one person is massaged by one or more masseurs using their naked bodies. As everyone involved is completely naked, it’s quite an erotic massage. A Nuru massage often ends with an erotic act whereby the person that’s being massaged reaches an orgasm. This body-to-body massage is perfect as foreplay to practice with your sex partner.

  • A Nuru massage is an erotic massage.
  • One person massages the other with their naked body.
  • A delicious massage as foreplay to the real thing.

What do you need for a Nuru massage?

If you really want to stick to the rules of this Japanese massage, then you should use a transparent and odourless massage gel that contains camomile, azulene, and other minerals. The most important ingredient is the fucoidan brown algae extract. The massage gel is largely made of natural ingredients and is water-based. This means that you can easily wash the gel off your body and wash stains out of your bedding. Of course, you can also use a different type of massage oil.

  • A Nuru massage is normally performed with a transparent massage gel.
  • Typically, this is a gel without any fragrance.
  • It consists mainly of natural ingredients and is water-based.
  • This makes it easy to wash off your body.
  • And your bedding does not get stained.

Giving a body-to-body massage

Some also call this kind of massage the ultimate glide. You try to get as much physical contact as possible. This not only creates erotic tension, but also relaxation and a lot of intimacy. Want to boost your sex life? Surprise your lover with an erotic massage. With this step-by-step plan, you can give your partner a wonderful Nuru massage.

1. Create a romantic atmosphere

It’s always nice to spoil each other in a room that feels and looks good. In the bedroom, you can dim the lights, light candles, put on some nice music, and possibly put a separate sheet on your bed to protect your bedding. Make sure that the temperature is comfortable.

2. Undress each other

Undress each other or undress your partner, if you’ll be massaging. You should both be naked – it’s a body-to-body massage after all. 🙂

3. Use the right massage gel

We already mentioned that this kind of massage is typically not done with massage oil, but with a special gel. You can, for example, use Nuru gel by Exotiq. This gel is extra thick and super smooth – exactly what you need for a successful body-to-body massage. The Nuru gel is water-based so it’s easy to rinse off. It doesn’t leave any stains either. Of course, you can also use something else! There are plenty of massage oils that are suitable for a body-to-body massage.

4. Rub down your lover…

… and don’t be too stingy with the gel! Your partner’s back, neck, the back of their legs, and arms must be so smooth that you can glide over them easily. At the same time, make sure that you’re smooth and rubbed down too.

5. Get on top of your partner

This is the most common position for a Nuru massage. You lie on top of your partner and massage them with your body. Move your chest/breasts firmly over the back of your lover. You can also massage using your buttocks by leaning on your feet and hands and making circular movements. This intimate massage is meant to relax, but of course, it’s very erotic at the same time.

6. Finish off with a happy ending

As we’ve mentioned before, a Nuru massage is often finished with a climax. Because of all the sliding you’ve both been doing, you’re probably very turned on, and it’s easy to move on to more sexual acts. Go for it!

7. Take a warm shower

Nuru gel, like the one from Exotiq mentioned above, is water-based. This means you can easily wash the gel off your body with water. Take a nice shower together and relax while taking in this incredibly erotic experience.

Massage gel, oil, or lotion?

Of course, you can decide for yourself what you’ll use to give your erotic massage. Would you rather use an oil or lotion? There are special massage gels you can use for the massage, but you can also use them as a lubricant. Very useful if you want to move from one thing straight to the next. 😉 The same goes for 2-in-1 massage oils, like those from Durex.

Professional massage parlours

Are you curious about Nuru massage and want to try it but don’t have a partner, or at least not one who wants to try it out too? There are professional massage parlours that offer the experience of erotic massages. Find one near you and see for yourself!

Have you ever spoiled your partner with an erotic massage?

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