Different kinds of massages: go for some me-time

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For many people, a massage is the ultimate form of self-care. Go for some me-time with a wonderful massage. There are many different kinds of massages – we’ll tell you about our favourites!

Different kinds of massages: relaxing and erotic

A massage is often wonderfully relaxing and can make you feel completely reborn. Of course, you’re probably familiar with the classic massage where your muscles are kneaded, but there are many more types of massages out there! Relaxing massages, but also varieties that focus on erotic pleasure. Which massage suits you will depend on your mood and what your body and mind need.

Massages for relaxation

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is the form of massage you probably think of when you hear the word massage. The person receiving it lies on a massage table, and their body is treated with five different techniques, including kneading the muscles and making stroking movements. This type of massage is easy to do: you can easily give your partner a neck and shoulder massage, for example. A Swedish massage helps to relax stiff muscles and relieve pain.

Breast massage

The breast massage is a massage that you can give to yourself as well. This massage can improve your mental and physical health. In addition, a breast massage is a relaxing form of self-love. It helps to relieve tension, increase circulation, and reduce stress. Breast massages can also help if you’re breastfeeding: the movements can reduce the sore and swollen feeling of your breasts and help your milk to flow more easily. With a flat hand, make circular movements over one breast, from the nipple to the outside. Breast massages can also be done with an oil. It’s good to end it with warmth: use a warm towel or go for a hot shower. This way, the oil can be optimally absorbed into your skin.

Ayurvedic massage

The chest massage as described above is part of what’s known as Ayurvedic massage. This type of massage goes beyond just massaging the muscles and skin. Ayurvedic massages are all about restoring the balance of your chakras (energy centres), by creating peace and harmony. For this massage technique it’s characteristic to use warm herbal oil, infused with active ingredients that give your skin and muscles a well-deserved boost. The Ayurvedic massage is aimed at detoxifying your body. Before receiving the massage, you discuss your lifestyle and any physical symptoms you may have. Then, the masseur will massage the vital energy points in your body: this encourages the blocked energy to flow through your body again. Do you suffer from stress, back pain, chronic pain, headaches, or have trouble sleeping? Then this massage technique can help.

erotische massage

Erotic massages

Nuru massage

A Nuru massage is a combination of a relaxing and an erotic massage. This Japanese massage technique means that one person massages the other with their body: a body-to-body massage. Both parties are naked, and they use a colourless and odourless massage gel. Nuru (nori) does mean ‘smooth or slippery’ for a reason! Thanks to the pressure of your partner’s body, the massage makes you feel relaxed. Besides, it’s definitely an erotic experience, because of the sensations that your naked bodies provide. Is your partner not really into a body-to-body massage, or are you single? Some massage parlours also offer Nuru massages.

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Tantra massage

During a tantric massage, the full body receives some extra love. This massage technique focuses on loving, conscious touch. During this massage, erogenous zones are also touched. Of course, this is only done when the other person agrees: that’s why it’s very suitable for lovers. An important principle in tantra is that you give each other full attention and don’t do anything rash: it’s the love between you two that actually makes the experience into what it is. Both the receiver and the giver need to be fully present, but the massage is often focused on the well-being of the receiver. Make clear agreements about mental and physical boundaries when you go to a professional masseur. For example, it’s not necessary to be completely naked, nor does the focus necessarily have to be on the erogenous zones.

Yoni massage

You might not expect it, but the yoni massage can be truly relaxing. It still has an erotic touch, as your yoni (vagina) is the central point here. The massage is aimed at releasing all the emotions that your vagina has stored over time: from sexual pleasure to traumatic experiences. The emphasis of a yoni massage is on the pubic area: the labia, clitoris, G-spot, uterus, breasts, and anus. For some women, it’s a very emotional experience, while for others it’s a very relaxing massage that unleashes their sexuality. Make sure that you allow this massage to be performed only by someone you trust. You can also give yourself a yoni massage.


Which of the massages we’ve described above is your favourite?

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