Erotic audio explained: what is it + the best apps

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A while ago, we wrote about the best porn and porna websites and apps. Today, we’ll talk about a related topic: erotic audio. What is it, why is it so popular nowadays, and what are the best websites and apps?

What is erotic audio?

Erotic audio is also called audio porn or porn podcasts and is best described as porn without visual images. This means that you’re not watching people having sex, but listening to it instead. This phenomenon has become increasingly popular during the corona crisis, because people want to escape reality for a while. Listening to audio porn is a great way to do that.

Why are porn podcasts so popular?

Many people like to get aroused by listening to erotic sounds, but don’t necessarily feel the need for visual stimulation. One of the reasons for this is that erotic films and porn videos are often a bit crude. Porn stars with perfect bodies are not stimulating to everyone and can even cause insecurities. Porn podcasts are mostly popular among female millennials. And this isn’t without reason: the stories are often more female-friendly than traditional porn films. Women generally also get aroused more easily by erotic fantasies, which can hardly be found anywhere on porn websites. Erotic audio lets you create your own fantasy with the sounds or stories you hear combined with your own imagination. 

Listen to masturbation and sex

Like visual porn, there are many options when it comes to audio porn. You can listen to fictional sex stories in all categories and for all sexual identities and preferences, but you can also listen to women masturbating for example. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there is something for you.

These are the best erotic audio apps

1. Dipsea (iOS and Android)

Dipsea is one of the largest and most well-known audio porn apps with more than 300 erotic stories. You can choose from various categories, like voyeurism, BDSM, cuckolding, dirty talk, and more. There are also wellness sessions, which mainly focus on masturbation. The best part of Dipsea is that there are trans and non-binary stories available as well and that it’s suitable for all sexual preferences. You can listen to a limited range of stories for free, but you can also subscribe for access to all available content. 

2. Ferly (iOS)

Do you want to listen to erotic stories or make your sex life more pleasurable with the help of audio guides? Then Ferly is the choice for you. This app stimulates mindful sex and helps you reach an orgasm, but also offers scientic background information.

These are the best audio porn websites

1. Quinn

Quinn mainly focuses on non-visual porn for women. You can read erotic stories or listen to audio stories that are narrated by both men and women. They are written by and for women and have a feministic undertone. The best part is that you can also send in your own stories. When it comes to categories, you can choose from student and teacher, lesbian, accents, coworkers, and romance for example.

2. Sounds of Pleasure

Sounds of Pleasure is a Tumblr page where you can listen to women masturbating. It starts at the beginning and ends with an orgasm. The page offers exciting masturbation sessions that you can listen to to get aroused, but you can also listen to them together with your partner to get in the mood.

3. Aural Honey

Aural Honey is for everyone who is looking for a more kinky website. This website offers sex stories about subs and even about supernatural creatures. Sex with a vampire while you fantasize about Damon Salvatore? Yes, please!

4. Orgasm Sound Library

Have you always wondered what other people sound like when they orgasm? Listen to erotic audio on Orgasm Sound Library. This is an audio library filled with the sounds of real orgasms.

5. Literotica

Literotica is one of the largest websites of erotic stories that are send in by users themselves. The new features on the website allow you to not only read, but also listen to stories.

6. Mr. Racy

On the Mr. Racy website, you can listen to real-life sex sounds. Moaning, grunting, and screaming: it’s all available. The stories and sounds are between seven and thirty minutes long and are mostly narrated by women.

7. Kiss The Rose

Kiss The Rose is a website of erotic podcast stories. Let your mind wander while listening to the erotic stories of various authors.

Have you ever listened to erotic audio?

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