What’s a breast massage and how can you give one?

Wat is een borstmassage

If you ask your partner for a massage, you probably expect a massage for your neck, shoulders, and back. Perhaps your buttocks or legs. But are you also familiar with the breast massage? 

What’s a breast massage?

Just for the record: we’re talking about a real massage and not about checking your breasts for any lumps (the importance of which we absolutely want to emphasise – check your breasts!). The origins of breast massage are found in the Ayurvedic tradition. Where we in the West often ignore the breasts during a massage at a massage parlour – they’re often seen as something exclusively sexual – there’s a chance that you can find a breast massage in an Ayurvedic spa. The massage involves massaging the breasts with circular movements. The area around the breastbone and towards the armpits is also massaged.

What are the benefits of a breast massage?

While there’s no scientific evidence of health benefits from breast massages, experts are convinced that they can benefit your mental and physical health. It never hurts to try, right?


Breast massages can be a relaxing form of self-love. So in this case, we’re not talking about a sexual massage of your lover, but a form of self-love and self-gratification. Massaging your breasts can help you accept them as they are. That’s why the breast massage is also recommended for women who’ve had a mastectomy (however, do wait until your physical scars have healed).

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Relieving tension

From an Ayurvedic perspective, breast massage has a lot to do with relieving tension, says Alexa Berman, an Ayurvedic therapist. Do you regularly suffer from tight or painful breasts, for example during your ovulation or menstruation? A massage can help. “Breasts consist mainly of fatty tissue. If this doesn’t move, it always remains in the same place. With a breast massage, the channels open up, and because of the heat and circulation, you may be able to break up lumps in your fatty tissue in this way.” More on that later.

Promoting circulation and reducing stress

According to massage therapist Jamie Bacharach, massaging the breasts is important: “Circulation is important in the breast region as it stimulates the release of oxytocin. This has a stress-relieving effect and can reduce feelings of depression.” Touch itself can also reduce stress. A massage should feel meditative, especially in such a sensitive area. “Touch yourself with love and compassion,” Berman says. “Your body remembers the way you massage your breasts, so you want it to be a positive experience.”

Breast massage to facilitate breastfeeding

A breast massage can help with breastfeeding: by massaging the breasts regularly, the breast milk and blood circulation stay in better shape. This makes breastfeeding easier and less painful. It can also help reduce the painful and swollen feeling of your breasts.

Tips for massaging your own breasts

Be prepared

If you feel more comfortable at home than at a spa, you can give yourself a breast massage. It’s important to prepare well. Make sure you have enough time, choose a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, and create a relaxing playlist. Warm oil is nice to use, like the oil produced by a massage candle. Regular massage oil is also an option.

Circular movements

“It’s important to massage one breast at a time,” says Berman. “And don’t press too hard,” adds Bacharach, “especially if the area is already sensitive.” The breast massage starts from the nipple, and from there, you work towards the outside of the breast. Make circular movements across the breast, increasing the size of the circles. Then move your hand towards your collarbone, armpit, shoulder, and neck, which you also massage with circular movements. After this, you can massage your other breast, again starting from the centre. Your massage ends on the breastbone with slow, clockwise, circular movements.

Ending on a warm note

The goal is to end your massage on a warm note. You can do this by first massaging your breasts with oil and then showering, taking a bath or using a sauna, or covering your breasts with a hot towel. The heat allows the oil to penetrate the skin and breast tissue better. You don’t need to wash off the oil with soap.

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