Partner yoga; making an intimate connection

Looking for connection in your relationship? Discover partner yoga and feel the connection with your partner. Through physical exercise, you learn to work with and communicate with your body. This form of yoga allows you to make deep physical and psychological contact with your lover. This helps to experience the power of your relationship. Want to know more? Read on!

What is partner yoga?

The individual goal of yoga is the same as the goal of partner yoga, which is learning to control your mind, heart, and body and gaining insights from that. By focussing on your body and heart, unfiltered emotions will surface. Chances are that this will rekindle the intimate and familiar connection with your partner. Couples’ yoga challenges your trust and non-verbal communication.

”Couples’ yoga challenges your trust and non-verbal communication.”

For couples who are in a relationship crisis, this is a confrontational, but valuable way of understanding each other and finding a connection. For couples who simply want to deepen their connection, this form of yoga is a beautiful way of working towards that goal in both a physical and psychological way.

The benefits of partner yoga

Working on your relationship with your partner is a great thing. Couples’ yoga is one of the most powerful ways to achieve a strong and more intimate connection. These are the benefits:

Developing physical and emotional support

Focus and synchronisation are essential when it comes to yoga. You will have to do poses where will you have to lean on each other, both figuratively and literally. It helps you strengthen your bond by learning to let go, to communicate, and to open up  your heart to each other. Only then will you be able to perform the yoga poses successfully. Of course there is also room for laughter when the poses doesn’t work out the way they’re supposed to.

Building up trust

If you don’t trust each other while doing yoga, your pose will fall apart like a house of cards. When you start doing couples’ yoga, it’s difficult to synchronise and trust each other blindly. It will come down to physical trust in order to successfully do the poses. After a while, you’ll notice that physical trust will eventually lead to psychological trust. Ask yourself how much you trust each other.

Like with yoga, synchronisation and communication are the key to mutual trust. Trying various yoga poses symbolises the trust in your relationship. Try to look at it that way and experience where this eventually leads you.

Improving non-verbal communication

You can talk to each other while doing partner yoga, but it’s more challenging not to communicate for a while, because then everything comes down to non-verbal communication. This gives you the opportunity to learn to understand your partner without using words. It’s important that you both completely immerse yourself into it. The more you do this, the easier it is to read body movements and facial expressions. It’s very beneficial to your relationship to work on that while doing yoga.

Intimate deepening

Couples who are in a long-term relationship know that you fall into a certain routine after a while, even when it comes to intimacy. You touch each other in the places you’re familiar with, sometimes even at the same time of the day. Despite the fact that this can be nice, it does cultivate predictability and, eventually, a decreased sense of intimate deepening. In order to relive and feel that intimate deepening again, duo yoga is a great solution.

While holding the poses, you touch each other in a very different way. This allows you to achieve something new: balance or trust for example. You’ll notice that these touches offer an emotional and spiritual connection.

Less tension and stress

Like with individual yoga, partner yoga decreases stress and tension. You learn how to let go of negative tension and make room for positive energy. You completely focus on the here and now, just like with meditation. Only your movements and those of your partner matter. The external distractions that you experience in your daily life are not part of those moments.

Sexual tension and fun

Yoga is not just meant for doing poses and taking them very seriously. There is also room for relaxation, fun, and love. You’re working on something together, but you also play with each other. Perhaps you find out that you’re taking some things too seriously. What’s better than laughing about that during a yoga session? Sexual tensions can come to the surface during or after the yoga session as well. Use it to your advantage and let it go (if possible)!

Explore each other in a new way

(Re)discovering each other and deepening your relationship with partner yoga is an excellent way to boost your relationship in various ways. While doing yoga, you’re working on communication and trust, which are key ingredients for a helathy relationship. Are you curious which yoga poses you can try as a couple? Watch this video. Do you prefer guided couples’ yoga? Contact your local yoga studio for more information.

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