Top 6 best sex toys for women

Are you looking for sex toys for women and are you curious what kind of toys other women like to play with? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post we will tell you everything about the top 6 best sex toys for women. Do you want to pleasure yourself? Are you looking for a toy you can use together with your partner? Or are looking for something to give to your girlfriend as a gift? We created a list of the best female sex toys.

Kinds of sex toys for women

In order to find out what is the best choice for you, it is important to know what kinds of sex toys are available. We offer countless exciting toys and accessories for women. These are the most popular categories for female sex toys:

1. Vibrators for women

  • Bullet vibrators are small and compact.
  • Rabbit vibrators are the most popular: they stimulate vagina and clitoris.
  • For extra intense stimulation, choose a G-spot vibrator.

Vibrators are the most popular and most well-known sex toys for women. But there is a lot of choice, so how do you choose the right vibrator? By finding out what you like! For example, there are small bullet vibrators. These are vibrators that are only a little bit bigger than lipsticks, and have a straight shape with a tapered tip. These sex toys are easy to take with you in your bag, for example when you go on holiday.

Another well-known vibrator for women is the rabbit vibrator. This is the most popular and multifunctional vibrator. Both the clitoris and the vagina are stimulated and the speed and vibrations of both stimulation points can often be operated separately. Additionally, there are also rabbit vibrators that stimulate the anus or labia. We already said it: very multifunctional. And since they made an appearance in Sex and the City, they have become very popular.

For pinpoint G-spot stimulation, go for a G-spot vibrator. With it you can give yourself or your partner an extra intense orgasm. The bent tip knows exactly how to find your most intimate spot.

2. Popular: the air pressure vibrator

  • Vibrator that pulsates and sucks the clitoris.
  • Works with air pressure.
  • Available in various models.

A very different, but also very popular sex toy for women is the air pressure vibrator. This toy is not for penetration, but is specially designed to stimulate the clitoris. The popular toy, made by brands such as Womanizer en Satisfyer, has a silicone head that is placed on the clitoris. Air pressure waves then suck the clitoris. Of course, the various air pressure vibrators have different settings, so you can choose the right speed for yourself. And good news: there are now air pressure vibrators with an extra part for internal stimulation as well. This relatively new kind of sex toy for women is increasing in popularity, which means more and more designs become available.

3. Anal toys for women

  • Butt plugs with a beautiful rhinestone offer a classy feeling.
  • A good preparation for the real deal.
  • Anal stimulation adds a second way of stimulation for women.

Both men and women love anal toys. The best part: you can use them together! The most popular anal toys for women are butt plugs and anal beads. Our butt plugs with clear or colored rhinestone at the base are very stylish. Or go for a vibrating anal vibrator with bullet. If you choose a butt plug set, you can practise anal sex. A set allows you to slowly build up from a small anal plug to a larger anal plug.

4. Vagina toys

  • Exciting: wear a vibrating egg during a night out.
  • Train your pelvic floor muscles with Ben Wa balls.
  • Use love balls for a tighter vagina.

Looking for discreet vagina toys? Go for an exciting vibrating egg or choose love balls. Vibrating eggs are exciting, subtle toys for women. Subtle, because you can’t see or hear them. And exciting, because these vibrating eggs can also be worn outside the house. Vibrating eggs often come with a remote control, so your partner can take over control. Now that is a hot date! Train your pelvic floor muscles with Ben Wa balls. These balls are available in various sizes. And then there are also kegel balls: these are attached to each other and are easy to insert. Training with love balls makes your pelvic floor muscles stronger and your vagina tighter.

5. Sex toys for women: dildos

  • A realistic dildo that looks like a real penis.
  • With a strap-on dildo a woman can penetrate her sex partner.
  • For anyone who wants to enjoy stimulation without vibrations.

If you like something penis-shaped for penetration, but are not into the vibrations that come with a vibrator, then a dildo is the choice for you. Dildos are available in various designs and sizes. From small to large, from metal to glass. Do you want a dildo that looks like a real penis? Then go for a realistic dildo. As a woman, would you like to penetrate your partner? Choose an exciting strap-on or strap-on dildo. A double dildo provides double pleasure: solo or together with your lover.

6. Wand vibrator: something for everyone

  • Powerful stimulation for women who have trouble climaxing.
  • Massage wand with attachments.
  • Very hygienic thanks to the silicone heads.

Lastly, there is one more popular kind of sex toy for women: the wand vibrator. This is a wand massager. A wand vibrator is very suitable for ladies who have trouble climaxing. This is because these kinds of vibrators provide powerful vibrations. This makes sure a woman can climax quickly, even when it usually takes a long time. A wand vibrator is a large wand with a head that you can attach various attachments to. But the basic, round head itself is also very suitable to stimulate your intimate parts. For example, you can use it to massage your nipples, clitoris and other sensitive spots. If you are looking for a different kind of stimulation, then go for a rabbit attachment or a G-spot attachment. The advantage of most wand vibrators is that you can simply plug them into a power outlet, so no hassle with empty batteries that need to be changed or charged.

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