Erotic massage candles for hot foreplay!

Erotische massagekaarsen voor heet voorspel

Erotic massages? Super sexy. Erotic massages with dripping candles? Even sexier! Before you reach for the first candle you can find at home: we’re talking about special, erotic massage candles that turn into massage oil when they get hot. Perfect for some titillating foreplay!

What are erotic massage candles?

Massage candles have a clever trick. When they melt, they transform into a fragrant massage oil that you can spread all over your partner’s body. Or on your own, of course. That’s even better. You use the erotic massage candle to extend foreplay, but they also stimulate your forgotten erogenous zones. Did you know that the heat of melting oils can even turn your ankles into a hot spot?

A feast for the senses

The great thing about massage candles is that they do an optimal job of stimulating all your senses and body parts. This also includes those parts of the body that may normally feel a bit neglected during sex. The candle is often enriched with aphrodisiac scents that create an extra sensual atmosphere. There are even massage candles made of edible oils, so you can lick the sweet nectar off each other’s bodies. In combination with the soft glow of the flickering candlelight, the erotic massage candle is a feast for all your senses.

BDSM vibe

Massage candles are also a great way to add some spice to your sex life. Because of the warm oil, the vibe is slightly BDSM but not as intense as violent kinky games that may not be your thing. That’s why it’s perfect for some titillating foreplay and a good starting point for anyone who wants to explore the world of BDSM. If red-hot candle wax drops are too hardcore for you, the warm, sweet-smelling massage oil is a wonderful alternative. In addition, massage candle oil doesn’t dry on your body the way normal wax and traditional candle wax do. Instead, it has a gentle, hydrating effect on your skin. Nice bonus, right?

How do erotic massage candles work?

Of course, you’re excited to get started with your new toy. However, you shouldn’t just hold the lighter to the candle and wait to see what happens. Yes, there are rules, and they exist for a reason. So how do you introduce the massage candle into your bedroom without literally playing with fire and burning your partner’s skin?

The good news: unlike normal candles, massage candles are designed to melt at a low temperature. Soy candles in particular are super-safe to use, as they liquefy at a pleasant temperature of 40 degrees. This greatly reduces the risk of burning. Never reach for just any regular candle when you feel like exploring some kinky foreplay. The chance of painful burns is always there if you don’t have experience with candles. The erotic massage candle is the best alternative if you’re in the mood for tingling temperature play.

Please note! Paraffin-based candles burn at a higher temperature than soya candles. It feels good if you like having an intense, somewhat painful experience, but be careful.

Sensual aroma

Are you ready? If you want to introduce the massage candle into your sex life, you need patience. After lighting, it takes about 15 minutes for the candle to melt. For larger candles, it can take half an hour. During that time, the candle releases a sensual aroma that sharpens your senses. Enjoy the scents during a dinner for two or during an erotic conversation about what you’ve got in mind for the evening.

When the candle has melted and there seems to be enough oil for your erotic massage, you simply blow out the candle. The handy thing about a massage candle is that the oil remains liquid for about 30 minutes and doesn’t harden as soon as you put it out. If you’re using paraffin candles (also known as SM candles), you should wait a little longer until the temperature of the candle has dropped. To be sure, test with your finger to check that the oil is not too hot before spreading it onto your partner’s body.

The sexiest spots for an erotic massage

The ideal place to start are the neck and shoulders, but you can also start with the feet. These are areas on the body that are often forgotten erogenous zones. A slow foot massage, with pressure points at the right times and places, can bring you to a slow state of amazing arousal.

Your feet are also the perfect gateway to more powerful erogenous zones, such as the back of your knees, the inside of your thighs, and your buttocks. Above all, please remember that a massage involves more than just the back of the body. Breasts, bellies, and thighs respond just as sensitively to warm massage oil as backs and buttocks.

Dripping, zigzagging and licking

Where one person gets horny from an agonisingly slow drip, another almost explodes from arousal when the warm puddle of massage oil is poured over the body in one go. Everyone gets off with something different, and that clearly also applies to erotic massages with candle oil.

You can try pouring the oil zigzagging over your partner’s back and buttocks in different patterns. As the oil hits each spot differently, different bodily sensations come together at the same time. You can also experiment with using your fingers, feathers, or paint brushes to spread the oil.

The surprise effect of ice cubes or cold water drops over the warm oil can further set your body on fire. Is the oil edible? Sit on top of your partner and slowly lick them clean after the massage. Tease them a little around their undoubtedly erect penis and postpone for as long as possible the moment when you let him slide inside.

Please note! Candle oil is not a lubricant. It’s not meant to end up inside your body, so don’t drip it on or into your vagina, because then you’ll soon be dealing with irritations or a fungal infection.

Shower or not?

Do you jump in the shower after an erotic massage session or not? With wax or candle wax, that’s usually an easy call: you’ll probably want to scrub that stuff off your body pretty quickly. But massage oil is something else. It’s often packed with vitamins and does wonders for dry skin, so why wash it off?

At the same time, we understand if you don’t like a slippery, oily film on your skin – especially when you’ve enjoyed not only a massage, but also some hot lovemaking. Feeling a bit dirty? Rinse off the oil with warm water and some body wash or soap. It’s better for your sheets and bedding too.

The best erotic massage candles

So where can you get the finest and most delicious erotic massage candles? Ones that are guaranteed to help you enjoy sex that stimulates all the senses? Of course, we’ve got you covered! We offer all kinds of candles, from soya to paraffin versions, and from aphrodisiac to edible ones. Most of them come in nice, attractive packaging: perfect as a naughty present for a couple friend.

We’ve listed our favourites for you:

Are you ready for something new and exciting in the bedroom? Try an erotic massage candle. There are so many benefits:

  • The warm oil allows you to relax and completely let go.
  • Because of the low burning point, the oil is pleasantly warm and there’s no risk of burning.
  • The oil remains liquid and warm for at least 30 minutes after you blow out the candle.
  • When the oil cools down on the skin, you can still use it for a nice massage.

And did we mention that massage candles are a treat for all your senses? Well, we’ll just say it again. Take a chance and find out for yourself!

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