The best high-end sex toys for men

The best high-end sex toys for men

We’re all really good at spending money on relaxation. Especially during the lockdown, the sale of sex toys went through the roof. That makes sense, considering sex is the purest form of relaxation. Are you looking for the cream of the crop when it comes to sex toys for men? Read on and discover the best high-end sex toys for men. 

Quality sex toys for men: what are they exactly?

We describe quality sex toys as toys made of higher quality materials, with more functions, and/or with a better design than the average sex toy. For example, they feature more vibration speeds or patterns, have a better ergonomic shape, are made of high quality materials, and are very durable. High-end sex toys also usually have a good storage system and include accessories, like maintainance powder. The most well-known brands that produce those quality toys are Fleshlight, Arcwave, Prostatic Play, Pipedream Extreme, and LELO. The products in this list usually have a price tag starting at about 75 pounds.

High-end sex toys for men


The masturbators by Fleshlight are known around the world: they feature sleeves that have a very realistic feel. They look like a flashlight and are inspired by the body openings of your favourite porn stars. When you remove the lid, a magical opening shaped like a vagina, mouth, or anus appears. The inside of the sleeve has a stimulating texture with nubs and ribs, which makes penetration even more pleasurable. If you clean the sleeve with lukewarm water and mild soap or toy cleaner and regularly use renewing powder, your toy will stay in perfect condition.

The Tenga Flip Zero masturbator is a sex toy you can flip open. That way you can easily add lubricant or clean the sleeve. When you open it, you can clearly see all the nubs that stimulate your penis. If you press the sides of the masturbator, air is squeezed out for perfect suction power. The Flip Zero is also available as a vibrating masturbator.

Automatic masturbators

Automatic masturbators are perfect for men who prefer hands-free stimulation. Besides a stimulating texture, these toys offer something extra, like movement or thrusts. A good example is the Ion air pressure masturbator by Arcwave. Air pressure stimulation is already extremely popular when it comes to clitoris vibrators, but now men can enjoy it as well. The Ion masturbator envelops your penis and stimulates it with air pressure waves. It features 8 different settings that offer a unique massaging experience. The sleeve and the motor are removable so you can easily clean your toy.

The Strobe automatic masturbator is another unique high-end sex toy for men. You can glide your penis inside the opening and turn the device on. The 6 different patterns and 3 speeds massage your penis: the shaft rotates and even moves up and down. With this masturbator, all you have to do is lean back and enjoy.

The Suck-O-Mat might look a little less sleek and discreet than the previously mentioned masturbators, but it does feature 25 different blowjob settings. You can also adjust the speed and intensity. The sleeve moves up and down your penis. And because it has a power cord, you never have to worry about empty batteries.

Vibrating butt plugs for anal pleasure

There are many different types of butt plugs for anal stimulation. The thrusting butt plug by Thump-It is suitable for men who enjoy anal thrusting. The plug features a metal ball that moves up and down, and because it has various speeds and patterns, there’s always a perfect setting for you. The butt plug is also available with a bent tip for prostate stimulation.

Start small and slowly work your way up to a larger size with the inflatable and vibrating butt plug by Swell. This butt plug is inflatable for a filled-up feeling. It also features 14 vibration settings for great stimulation.

High-end sex toys for men: prostate stimulators

Vector by We-Vibe is a high-end sex toy for men that stimulates your anus, prostate, and perineum. Insert it anally like a butt plug and enjoy the powerful vibrations. Vector has no less than 10 vibration settings. You can control it with the buttons at the base, with the wireless remote control, or with the We-Connect app. With the app, your partner can control your toy as well, even if you are on the other side of the world. Also, this toy is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or bath as well.

The Journey prostate stimulator by Prostatic Play is a powerful anal vibrator that stimulates your prostate with its bent tip. This toy is waterproof as well, so it can be used in the shower or bath if you wish. It has various vibration speeds and patterns for optimal stimulation of your prostate.

The Hugo prostate vibrator by LELO allows you to enjoy stimulation in style. This toy, made by a renowned brand, features no less than two motors and fully focuses on stimulating your prostate. Did you know the male orgasm is 30% more powerful if the prostate is stimulated? Hugo includes a practical remote control that you or your partner can use to control the vibrations.

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High-end sex toys for men: realistic masturbators

If you enjoy your masturbator, but you love it even more when it looks like a real person, then go for the cream of the crop: a realistic masturbator! Pabo offers lifelike fantasy dolls, as well as body parts that you can penetrate. Sex doll Mia is one of the best and most popular options. She is 160 cm tall and is able to stand, sit, or lay in every position thanks to her adjustable arms, legs, and fingers. All three openings are suitable for penetration: her vagina and anus even have nubs on the inside. This quality sex doll is made of TPE, which feels like real skin.

If you like long legs, then the Fuck Me Silly 3 Mega Masturbator by Pipedream Extreme might be the choice for you. This masturbator consists of a bum and legs and has two openings that you can penetrate. The legs are bendable, so you can put the masturbator on her knees or lay her down on her back with her legs wide.

Enjoy the full, soft hips of the Hera Real Hip Masturbator for intense stimulation. This masturbator features a vagina and anus opening that both have nubs on the inside.

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