Experience hot nights with the Naughty & Nice Advent calendar!


Just hear those vibros jingling, ring-ting-tingling, too! The nights are getting longer, so this year we’re not going for an Advent calendar with the traditional chocolates. Ho ho no, you’re going to want to discover the Pabo Naughty & Nice Advent calendar. This latest edition is jam-packed with the finest quality erotic toys!

An exciting Advent calendar for everyone

Those late summer days are gone and the long December nights are rapidly approaching. For some a nightmare, for others the ultimate holiday season atmosphere. But you don’t have to spend every night curled up on the couch bingeing on Christmas films. You can also spice up your evenings!

Count down the days until Christmas Eve with our Naughty & Nice Advent calendar. Not by nibbling on chocolates, but by unwrapping a sexy gift every day. Our Advent calendar has no fewer than 24 exciting toys and fine cosmetic products so you can turn up the heat under the sheets.

Purple Starlight edition

Because that’s what the Purple Starlight edition does this year. Not only is the dazzling, stylish design a feast for the eye, but the contents are just as much a feast for the senses. Because this is a Limited Edition Advent calendar, we play around with the contents every year to make it as original and exciting as possible, for unforgettable sensual experiences and erotic sensations you’ve never felt before.

So when the eggnog, mince pies and Christmas chocolates start appearing on supermarket shelves, you know what to do. Treat yourself to an original gift that you probably won’t find under your parents’ tree. It’ll make a nice change from your ever-expanding collection of bath products. Unwrapping your gifts will become even more of a celebration!

Gender-neutral and LGBTQIA friendly

When we say that we make our Advent calendar with everyone in mind, we really do mean everyone. We are extra proud of our Purple Starlight edition, because it’s completely gender-neutral and LGBTQIA friendly. Whether you’re a man, woman, gay, lesbian, transsexual, or any colour of the rainbow, this calendar will give everyone that tingling feeling down there.

Are you single? Or do you want to experience hot nights together? This exciting box has everything you need to set yourself on fire. Each product in the calendar has a multifunctional design so both men and women can use it solo or together.

As far as we’re concerned, our Advent calendar has never been this well-stocked. Versatile and accessible, we guarantee sensuous adventures for everyone. For young and old and from bashful beginners to experienced sex machines.

adventskalender 2021

So what’s in the Advent calendar?

Are you just dying to find out what’s in it? We understand, although it’s far more exciting to wait until 1 December when you can start opening your gifts. But for those who really can’t wait, we’ll let you have a peek!

This beautifully designed box contains eight sex toys, six cosmetic and lubricating products, six soft bondage products and four accessories and fun products. All these products have been carefully selected and each box contains a provocative gift for guaranteed seductive nights.

Spoiler alert!

Still not satisfied? All right then, nosy parker. Here you will find a complete overview of all the products, but we can tell you that the electric toys with a finger vibrator, a rechargeable couple toy, a dildo for explosive climaxes and the special Multivibe and Curved Vibe vibrators are well-represented.

And of course, we can’t forget the extensive bondage set, sexy nipple covers and nipple clamps and chocolate bodypaint for some mouth-watering licking sessions. And how about a naughty, sexy card game to replace the inevitable Trivial Pursuit night? Not to mention the tickler whip and the perfumed pillow mist, ooh là là!

QR code

Sometimes you need to figure out how to use a fun new toy. That’s why each box is printed with a handy QR code. Just scan the code with your smartphone, et voilà the instructions appear on your screen. Here you will find everything you need to know, in different languages, about using your latest gifts, including the technical specifications of the product.

Are you worried that your new vibrating best friend will stop vibrating? No worries; you can charge nearly all our toys with the included USB cable. The vibrating cock ring runs on batteries, which are included. So you can get right down to business!

Tip! always use a water-based lubricant for your silicone toys and thoroughly clean your sex toys after use!

Enthusiastic responses!


‘Stylish box’, ‘superior quality’ and ‘perfect for those special moments together’: some buyers couldn’t hold themselves in and had already opened some boxes on the sly. Our site is raining reviews and with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, that’s not to be sneezed at!

Nynke Nijman, sexologist, is also impressed with our calender: ‘As you open a new box every day together, you discover more about yourself, the other person, and your relationship. The great thing is that you don’t need to think about what you are going to discover together: the calendar does that for you. In other words, a perfect gift for the holiday season, combining the element of surprise, curiosity, excitement and sexuality.’

Or as Jeremy says in his review: ‘I have never been this happy with a calendar or mystery box. I highly recommend it!’

Will you treat yourself or your partner to a Naughty & Nice Advent calendar? Don’t delay, because we know from experience that these tantalising Limited Editions are sold out in no time. Which is no surprise, because what could be more fun than counting down to Christmas Eve with everything naughty and nice? Order your calendar now and we’ll deliver it discreetly to your door!

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