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vrouwelijke ejaculatie

Squirting, also known as female ejaculation or squirting orgasm: is that something that only happens in porn movies or can you do it too? In this blog post, we will dive into the world of squirting. Can every woman squirt? And how? What kind of fluid is released when a woman squirts? And do you want to learn how to squirt or do you want to teach your girlfriend or wife? Welcome to a lesson of ‘how to squirt’.

What is squirting?

Let’s start at the beginning. What is squirting exactly? Maybe you have seen it in erotic movies. During this female ejaculation, the woman squirts fluid from her vagina when she orgasms. This can be a few drops, but it can be a lot more as well. For a long time, it was unclear if this fluid consisted of urine or something else. But then scientific research was done in the US, which concluded that squirting fluid indeed consists of urine. With some women, the composition of the fluid did not contain urine, but the fluid still came from the bladder. Additionally, the Skene’s glands seem to play a part in squirting. These are located between the urethra and the vagina.

How to: squirt

So far the technical part. But you want to learn how a woman can ejaculate. Squirting can occur when the G-spot is stimulated. What you need to remember is that it is only possible to squirt when you are completely relaxed. By stimulating the right spot, you will feel an increasing pressure. You might feel like you have to pee. This is a well-known phenomenon and it often means that women are afraid to go on with it. But it just means you’re on the right path! If you continue stimulating this intimate spot, you can have a squirting orgasm. Female ejaculation is known as a very intense orgasm. Of course, every body is different. Maybe you can ejaculate better when you don’t target the G-spot directly, but the area around it.

Where is the G-spot?

Okay, so, stimulating the G-spot. That is usually neccessary to be able to squirt. But where can you find that G-spot? It is quite a challenge, but a fun one! The G-spot is often not easy to find or reach. Do you want to try anyway? You can recognize the spot by the ribbed surface. Insert your fingers about 5 centimeters into the vagina and move your fingers in the direction of the stomach. This is the spot we know as the G-spot. Believe us: when you’ve found it, you will recognize its feeling immediately. If you have a partner, then it is even easier. Lie on your back and let your lover glide his or her fingers inside, with the palm of the hand upwards.

Using a G-spot vibrator

Of course you can make it easier for yourself (or your lover), by using a special G-spot vibrator. These usually have a bent tip, so it can easily reach your most itimate spot. Don’t worry: the fluid is clear and odorless, so it won’t bother you in bed. So don’t let this hold you back! And you can always put a towel on the bed if you are afraid of stains.

More about female ejaculation

  • Most women can only have a squirting orgasm after practising for a while.
  • Squirting fluid is transparent and odorless.
  • In contrast to what you see in many movies, practically no woman can have a squirting orgasm through penetration.
  • Don’t be embarrassed and make sure you are completely relaxed, and if it doens’t work, you can always try again later!

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