How to use a sex toy in public

How to use a sex toy in public

Having sex in public is a very common sexual fantasy. Still, not many people actually do it. The fact that you could be caught in the act is the reason most people rather stay indoors. Using a sex toy in public can be an exciting, and safer, alternative. This article helps you discover the best toys to use in public without getting caught.

Why do people like sex in public?

Getting back to the sex in public fantasy for a moment. Why do so many people get aroused by this? Is it because of the risk of getting caught, or are there other reasons as well? According to research, there are actually multiple reasons.

  • It’s convenient, especially for young people who still live with their parents and don’t have any privacy at home. Getting together in a car under a bridge or in the forest can be very practical, exciting and arousing.
  • It’s exciting. Of course the most obvious reason for that excitement is the fact that you could be caught by someone. That knowledge makes the sex even more arousing.
  • If your sex life has become a routine, it could be fun to have sex in other places than just the bedroom. Including outdoors in public. “Because sex is always considered to be something that’s private, it can be very liberating and empowering to have sex outside for once,” says sexologist Dr. Jess from the podcast Sex With Dr. Jess. “By having sex in an unexpected place, you can increase passion and arousal.”
  • There is even a scientific explanation for why people love having sex in public. It’s because your brain produces dopamine, says relationship expert Dr. Dawn Michael. “That is the same hormone that is released if you do something exciting, like driving a fast car. Dopamine can also increase your arousal.”

Is sex in public illegal?

Sex in public is not necessarily illegal, but it depends on the situation. Having sex in a public toilet is a crime according to the law and if you get caught having sex in public, you might get punished with a fine (or worse) on the grounds of ‘outraging public decency’. If you have sex in a secluded place, the risk of getting caught is very slim, as police officers are generally not actively looking for people having sex in public.

Using a sex toy in public: which toys are suitable?

Just like having sex in public, using a sex toy in public creates increased arousal and excitement. Now that we know why people enjoy it, it’s time to look at how to go about it. Imagine this: you’re visiting friends, going out for dinner, or having a boring meeting at work. This will all be that much more exciting if you have a sex toy to use in public!

Vibrating eggs with remote control or app

The number one sex toys to use in public are, without a doubt, vibrating eggs. Vibrating eggs are sex toys that can be worn by women. They are shaped like an egg and can be inserted vaginally. You can change the vibration settings with a remote control or app. You can do this yourself, but you can also hand over control to your partner. These are our favourites:

Vibrating egg with remote control

This Easytoys vibrating egg, which is available in various colours, features no less than ten vibration settings. It can be controlled with a remote control, which has a range of 20 meters/65 feet. So even if you’re not sitting close together, your partner can still control your toy.

The Dark Pod by Master Series is a sex toy you can use in public. This stylish toy features seven vibration settings and three speeds that can be controlled with the included remote control. Another plus: this toy is USB-rechargeable.

Vibrating eggs with app

The newest vibrating eggs can usually be controlled with an app. Very convenient since most people always have their phone on hand. If you’re in a restaurant for example, nobody will look at you twice if you pull your phone out of your pocket. The Magic Sundae egg by Magic Motion comes with an app as well. It is made of silky smooth silicone and is waterproof. This means that you can also use it when you’re at a wellness resort or at the pool for example. The Elle Neo egg by Svakom is similar to the Magic Sundae, so we can recommend that one as well.

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Some stimulators are specially designed to fit inside your panties. This makes it very easy to use a sex toy in public. The vibrator, which stimulates your clitoris, can be attached to your panties with a small magnet. That way it stays perfectly in place, so it can perfectly stimulate your most sensitive spot. The Satisfyer Secret Panty Vibrator can be controlled with an app, which allows you to enjoy hands-free stimulation through various vibrations: you can even create your own vibration pattern.

Vibrating panties

Vibrating panties are essentially the same as stimulators, only now the panties are included. They are available in various colours and shapes, like a sexy thong, boxershort, or panties. The underwear has a special compartment that contains the bullet vibrator. You can also remove it so you can wash the underwear.

Love balls

Whether they vibrate or not, love balls provide a pleasurable sensation. These balls are worn inside the vagina and are also called Ben Wa balls or Kegel balls. They are an excellent way to train your pelvic floor muscles, but they also provide sexual pleasure. This is because the balls have the tendency to fall out, so you have tense your muscles to keep them inside your vagina, which provides a lovely sensation. Using love balls is safe, but it’s important not to wear them for a long period of time. Read more about that in this article about yoni eggs.

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