What are yoni eggs and what do they do?

yoni eggs

Yoni eggs: a couple of years ago they were suddenly very popular when they appeared in the online shop of Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop. What are vaginal eggs for exactly and how do you use them? Let’s explore the world of jade eggs.

What are yoni eggs?

Yoni eggs – also called jade eggs or vaginal eggs – are egg-shaped stones. The name ‘yoni’ comes from Sanskrit, where it stands for the female reproduction organs: the uterus, vulva, and vagina. Nowadays, ‘yoni’ is used as a synonym for vagina and vulva as well. The eggs are available in many different sizes and types of stone. Jade eggs for example, which are vaginal eggs made of amethyst or rose quartz. They often have a small hole at one end, so you can attach a string to it in order to easily remove the egg from the vagina after use.

What can you use yoni eggs for?

The use of yoni eggs is twofold. They are most commonly used for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. To do this, the egg is inserted vaginally with the widest end facing up. The weight of the stone makes you tighten your muscles, which will strengthen your muscles with regular use. This is often called ‘Kegel training’ after Arnold Kegel who invented the exercises.

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Yoni eggs are used for another reason as well. Many people believe in the healing powers of crystals. That is why yoni eggs are available in many different types of stone. These are the characteristics commonly associated with various crystals:

  • Rose quartz (pink): has a calming effect and opens your heart.
  • Amethyst (purple): brings inner peace and harmony.
  • Jade (green): helps with stress and anxiety.
  • Black obsidian: absorbs negative energy.
  • Rock crystal (white): gives positive energy.

Old tradition or modern marketing?

The story goes that jade eggs are an ancient Chinese tradition. But this is refuted by gynaecologist Jen Gunter – who also writes for Cosmopolitan – and archaeologist Sarah Parcak. Together they researched five-thousand Chinese jade products. The number of jade vaginal eggs they found: none. It’s most likely just good marketing, although not every story about the eggs are well-received. One user’s story that the eggs were once used by concubines in Chinese temples was widely criticised. The idea that sex slaves were forced to use such a product to please their master isn’t exactly in line with female empowerment.

Benefits of yoni eggs

Vaginal eggs can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles might be weaker than normal, for example because of pregnancy and childbirth, overweight, weak tissue, or age. It can lead to incontinence, pain during sex, and less control over the sphincter. Yoni eggs can help you train the pelvic floor muscles to reduce these symptoms.

Vaginal eggs work the same as love balls, which are also specially designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The weight of the ball or egg automatically encourages you to tighten your muscles so it doesn’t fall out of your vagina. “Anything that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles can help reduce incontinence and provide more sexual pleasure,” says doctor Katherine Langdon.

But what about the healing power of the crystals? According to Gunter there are indeed short-term benefits for some women. Not because the stones are magical, but because these women experience the so-called placebo effect. Because they believe in the power of the crystals, they experience the effects they have come to expect.

Disadvantages of yoni eggs

Yoni eggs are safe for use. However, it is important to keep a couple of things in mind. Whatever you do, don’t follow Goop’s advice. They published an array of false medical claims, which cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in various lawsuits.

Don’t wear a vaginal egg for a long period of time

Don’t wear a vaginal egg for too long, and especially not all night. This can cause pelvic floor pain and pain during sex. Like Jen Gunter wrote to Paltrow in an open letter: “Image how your biceps feel if you carry around a dumbbell for an entire day. Now imagine how your pelvic floor feels if you wear a jade egg all day.”

The same goes for doing Kegel exercises the wrong way. Relaxing the muscles is just as important as tensing the muscles.

It can cause infections

Yoni eggs are made of stone. Some types of stone, like jade, are porous. This means that bacteria can accumulate after a while, which can lead to bacterial vaginosis and even to toxic shock syndrome (TSS). If you use a vaginal egg, it’s very important to check if it is still in perfect condition.

Like we said before, vaginal eggs can be used safely. By cleaning your egg after use and drying it thoroughly, bacteria won’t get a chance to attach to the egg. Don’t forget to always use lubricant when you’re inserting the egg in your vagina. And last but not least: don’t drop your yoni egg. By the way, both gynaecologist Gunter and doctor Langdon prefer vaginal eggs or love balls made of medical silicone or stainless steel.

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