Tips for anal sex, first time or not

Anal sex is hot! Even though many couples don’t really talk about it, the sales figures and questions we receive tell us that anal sex is becoming a real trend. That is why we decided to provide some detailed information on anal sex. What feels good about it? How do you do it? Does it hurt? What do you have pay attention to? Which sex toys can you use? Which care products can you use? You’ll find all information below!

We’ll start with some tips for a successful introduction to anal sex:

1. Take a shower

Hygiene is very important in anal sex. It makes it more pleasant and makes you feel more confident. So take a shower to make sure you’re nice and clean when you get started.

2. Take your time

This type of sex is not suitable for a quickie. Especially if it’s the first time you’re trying anal sex. So take your time. Make sure the both of you can relax, so you can enjoy it to the max.

3. Get to know your body

You have two sphincters: an internal one that you cannot control, and an external one that you can control. Take your time to relax them both so you can avoid pain. This can take a while. Don’t rush it, get to know your body.

4. From stimulation to penetration

Take it easy and follow the process slowly. Start with careful anal stimulation. Your partner can carefully touch your anus and slowly increase pressure. If it feels nice, you can take it a little further and carefully insert a finger, for example. Always use a good amount of anal lubricant. The next step means inserting multiple fingers, go slow and make sure it doesn’t hurt. After that you can experiment with an anal toy. With a thin vibrator, thin dildo or a starter’s butt plug you can experiment and discover whether anal sex is something you like. As soon as the anal toy results in a pleasurable feeling, you can try to start with penetration by the penis.

5. From anal to vaginal is an absolute NO GO!

Never go from anal penetration to vaginal penetration! That’s asking for trouble and infections for the woman.

6. Condom

Always use a condom, A condom protects against infections and STDs. Sadly. anal sex increases your chances of contracting an STD. A condom also makes it easier to switch from anal sex to vaginal sex. Take off the condom, put on a new one and you’re ready to go!

7. Lubricant

Always use a lubricant. The vagina has a natural lubricant, the anus doesn’t. Use a water-based lubricant. These are safe to use in combination with a condom.

Which sex toys can you use?

There’s a wide variety of anal sex toys available, and some are suited for both men and women. Several are specifically intended for men. Below we explain the different types of anal toys.

1. Anal vibrator

Anal stimulation with an anal vibrator feels great. An anal vibrator is usually thinner than a normal vibrator. This makes it easier to insert the vibrator. There are anal vibrators with nubs, ridges and and the like that provide additional stimulation. Are you an inexperienced user? Go for a straight and smooth model with a small tip. Experienced users can use all different types of vibrators, of course.

Tip: Use sufficient amounts of lubricant with vibrators as well, and make sure that you’re completely relaxed before inserting the vibrator.

Go for the anal vibrator if you’re looking for:

♥ Internal stimulation.
♥ Vibrations in the entire shaft.
♥ Anal stimulation.
♥ Intense and complete orgasm.

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2. Anal beads

These sex toys consist of a string of beads, about 30 centimetres long. The size of the beads differ. The smallest bead is at the end. How does it work? Insert the smallest bead in your anus and slowly push it further. Every time you insert a bigger bead and see how far you can go.

You can use them as foreplay to anal sex, but you can also leave them in during sex. Some people find it very exciting and stimulating to remove the anal beads during orgasm. It makes an orgasm even more intense and fierce. Anal stimulation is often even more exciting for men than for women. During anal stimulation the prostate is titillated, which results in an even more intense orgasm.

Go for the anal beads if you’re looking for:

♥ Intense erotic feeling.
♥ Additional stimulation of prostate or clitoris.
♥ Anal stimulation.
♥ Intense and fierce orgasm.

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3. Butt plug

A butt plug is also called an anal plug. This sex toy blocks the anus and provides additional stimulation of the prostate for men, resulting in a more intense erotic feeling. The same principle applies to women, though with additional stimulation of the G-spot.

An butt plug looks something like a dildo, but is slightly shorter and has a broad end. The broad end keeps the butt plug from being sucked inward during sexual motions.

Go for the butt plug if you’re looking for:

♥ Intense erotic feeling.
♥ Additional stimulation of prostate or clitoris.
♥ Anal stimulation.

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4. Anal douche

An anal douche is a tool to cleanse and wash your anus. In addition to anal hygiene, an anal douche also results in an erotic tingling. Cleansing your anus can therefore also serve as foreplay to anal sex. That’s why we list the anal douche under the sex toys.

Go for the anal shower if you’re looking for:

♥ A clean feeling during anal sex.
♥ Additional erotic feeling.
♥ Anal stimulation.

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5. Anal dildos

The anal dildo is an ergonomic toy that has been carefully designed to fit with the internals of the male anatomy. The anal dildo will flawlessly locate and stimulate your sensitive P-Spot during use. For many men, the anal dildo is the logical next step after butt plugs.

Go for the anal dildo if you’re looking for:

♥ Internal stimulation.
♥ Deep penetration.
♥ P-spot stimulation.
♥ Anal stimulation.

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6. Prostate stimulator

Just as women have their sensitive spot, the G-spot, so do the men: the P-spot. During stimulation of the prostate, men experience a wonderfully exciting feeling. This erotic feeling is comparable to an approaching orgasm. It’s no wonder that more and more men discover the P-spot and decide to stimulate the prostate with the help of a toy. Just like vibrators for women, the prostate stimulator is becoming more and more common. Tip: always use sufficient amounts of anal lubricant.

Go for the prostate stimulator if you’re looking for:

♥ Vibrations running over the entire shaft.
♥ P-spot stimulation.
♥ Intense and complete orgasm.
♥ Anal stimulation.

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Which anal care products are available?

There are various anal care products available. You can quickly and easily order them online, or buy them in an erotic store in your neighbourhood. More information below.

1. Anal douche

This product is also listed under sex toys because in addition to anal hygiene, an anal douche also results in an erotic tingling which can serve as foreplay to anal sex. An anal douche is easy to use. How? Insert the end-piece into your anus and wash yourself clean. We have anal douche with bellows that use a small amount of water, as well as anal douche you can attach to your own shower head. These use a large amount of water.

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2. Anal lubricant

A quality lubricant is essential for anal sex. If you’re just using normal lubricant, you’ll notice you have to continue to supplement it. That’s why you should use anal lube. If you’re combine your anal sex, we strongly recommend that you use water-based lubricant.

Check out all anal lubricants >

3. Anal relaxation products

We have various anal products that are intended to relax the anus, resulting in less pain. These products include numbing lubricant, relax gel, relax spray and the like. These care products are generally water based, making them safe to use in combination with a condom.

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Met alle bovenstaande informatie kunnen jullie naar hartenlust experimenteren en ontdekken of anale seks een verrijking voor jullie seksleven is. Veel plezier!

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