First (s)experience boxes for your first time(s) from Loveboxxx


Experimentation is wonderful, but entering unknown territory is always a challenge. For example, how do you choose the right toy for you? That’s where the new collection First (s)experience boxes from Loveboxxx come into play. These boxes contain sex toys that fit the theme of the box. There’s a self-love box, one for couples, but also boxes for kinky sex and anal sex. And all of them come in woman-friendly, trendy packaging.

First (s)experience boxes

If you want to enjoy a sex toy for the first time, you probably have all kinds of questions. What suits me, what’s suitable for beginners, can it be used for both men and women? The new collection from Loveboxxx answers all of these questions for you. The boxes have been put together by a sexologist and come with a cheerful, illustrated manual. This manual provides information about the toys and offers handy tips and tricks in 8 languages (!).

First (s)experience: self-love

The Self-Love box is aimed at discovering your own sexuality. “Good sex starts with you. Your body is yours, and you may and can discover it for yourself.” This box includes a vibrating egg with remote control, a mini vibrator with various attachments, a butt plug, a jiggle ball (vaginal ball), and other important things like a water-based lubricant and toy cleaner.

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First time doing anal

Have you always been curious about anal stimulation? Go for the Backdoor box. With this box, you can be sure to receive sex toys that are suitable for a first time. And trying something new to find out what you like is always a good idea, right? The box contains a butt plug, a vibrating plug, anal beads, an anal douche, and anal lubricant.

Let’s get kinky!

Since the 50 Shades books and films, kinky sex has become less and less of a taboo. Are you interested in immersing yourself in the wondrous world of BDSM? Pick the First. kinky (s)experience box. This box contains a tickler, nipple clamps, mini vibrator, flogger, black bondage tape, satin handcuffs, an eye mask, and a massage candle.

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First together (s)experience

Experimenting together can take your sex life to a whole new level. The Together box was specially developed for couples. Even if you already have a good and exciting sex life, using sex toys between the sheets can certainly provide extra pleasure. The First. together (s)experience box from Loveboxxx contains a couple toy, a vibrator, a masturbator, satin handcuffs, an eye mask, a sex dice with positions, and toy cleaner.

Which set would you like to try?

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