LELO’s luxury intimate toys: our favourites


This article is an ode to LELO. This Swedish designer brand of luxury intimacy toys has only one goal: to turn your curious desires into reality. They know that their own curiosity is also mirrored by their customers. LELO stands for empowerment and discovering your sensual feelings through their toys – and all of that in a luxurious package!

Luxury intimacy toys: LELO bestsellers

LELO products have a number of similarities. They have a luxurious look, they are USB rechargeable, they use advanced technology, and, of course, they’re all aimed at pleasing you. And with these bestsellers, your pleasure is guaranteed.

LELO Sona 2 Cruise

It’s the hottest item in the world of sexuality: the air vibrator. Are you curious to try it, or are you already hooked, and do you want a second, third, or fourth one? Go for the Sona 2 Cruise. This air vibrator stimulates your clitoris with sound waves. You place the nozzle on your clitoris, after which it’s gently sucked in. The sound waves then provide intense stimulation. The Sona 2 is comfortable to hold and has a luxurious look, including a rose gold back combined with black, pink, or purple. With its 12 intensity settings, you can keep switching until you find one that suits you.

Enigma for double stimulation

LELO promises an other-worldly experience with the Enigma. And that’s exactly what this double stimulator offers you. The Enigma is a clitoral and G-spot stimulator, similar to the Duo by Womanizer. Do you like intense stimulation? Then the Enigma is just the toy for you! Insert the curved part into your vagina: it has its own motor and stimulates your G-spot through vibrations. Place the nozzle on your clitoris, and it will be stimulated with air pressure waves. Both motors have 8 different settings.

The Sila Air pressure vibrator

We’ve got a lot to say about air pressure vibrators, and the Sila is also a great choice. This compact vibrator is round, which provides a nice grip. You already know the drill by now: place the soft top on your clitoris, and it’ll be stimulated with 8 different air pressure settings. The Sila is completely waterproof, so you can also enjoy it in the bath or shower. Which of the 3 cute pastel colours (lilac, pink, or aqua) will you pick?

Soraya Wave vibrator

The Soraya Wave vibrator is a rabbit vibrator like you’ve never seen before. It’s not only one of the most luxurious intimate toys; it also looks really beautiful. It’s a vibrator that stimulates both your clitoris and G-spot. We often recommend making a ‘come here’ gesture with your fingers if you want to try G-spot stimulation, but the Soraya Wave does the work for you! Of course, the clitoral stimulator vibrates as well, so this spot will be pampered to the max. The vibrator is waterproof, so you can use it in the bath, or you can warm it up under the hot tap. When fully charged, you can enjoy it for up to 2 hours. The successor to the Soraya Wave is the Soraya 2 Wave, which features even more different modes for you to enjoy.

LELO Hugo prostate vibrator

After all the intimate luxury toys for women, here’s something exciting for men: the Hugo prostate vibrator. This luxury vibrator provides unprecedented anal pleasure and will most certainly result in a very intense climax. Stimulating his prostate ensures a much more intense orgasm. The Hugo prostate vibrator has 2 motors: one for stimulating the prostate, and the other for the perineum (the external area between the anus and the testicles). The Hugo’s unique feature is how it operates, known as SenseMotion. The remote control can be used to make the toy move faster. And that’s not all: the partner can also feel what the other is feeling, as the toy and remote control move synchronously.

Gigi 2 G-spot vibrator

Enjoy the intense stimulation of your G-spot with the Gigi 2 vibrator by LELO. This G-spot vibrator has the recognisable curved shape to reach your most sensitive spot with its powerful vibrations. In addition, it also has something unique: a flat top. This allows you to use the vibrator as a clitoral stimulator as well. With a full battery, you can enjoy your G-spot vibrator for no less than 4 hours. It has 8 different settings and it’s waterproof.

Luxury intimacy toys for the two of you: the Tiani 3

Enjoy a sex toy together with the Tiani 3. This couples’ vibrator is worn by the woman. One end vibrates internally, while the other part stimulates your clitoris. The great thing about this toy is that your partner can also enjoy the vibrations when he enters you. The remote control allows you to easily adjust the vibrations.

Smart Wand 2

A wand vibrator is just the right thing for women who experience some difficulty with reaching an orgasm. This is because it has powerful vibrations, which stimulate your most intimate spots. The wand massager by LELO is unique because it’s one of the few wand massagers that’s both waterproof and wireless. Use it for a massage or to pamper your sensitive spots. By combining the Smart Wand 2 with attachments, you can also use it for G-spot stimulation. This wand massager can also be used by men!

Which LELO toy is your favourite?

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