Top 7 best advanced sex toys

De beste seksspeeltjes voor gevorderden

If you have been experimenting with sex toys for years, then it might be time to expand your horizon. Because that beginners butt plug set does not fit your needs anymore. And that silicone cock ring is not that exciting anmymore either. And how about a mini vibrator that is just too small to offer a truly good orgasm? We have compiled a list for you of the best advanced sex toys available. For men and women!

Sex toys for advanced users

Of course you already know what kinds of sex toys are available. But because you plan on taking the next step, we would like to show you some things that you might not know yet.  We will show you advanced sex toys in these categories:

1. Advanced sex toys: prostate stimulators

  • Go for extra intense anal stimulation with a prostate stimulator.
  • Available with or without vibrations.
  • Also available with thrusting funtion.

Do you love anal stimulation? Take the next step with a prostate stimulator. A prostate stimulator is specially designed to massage the prostate which is easy to reach thanks to a bent tip! There are different kinds of prostate stimulators available, such as prostate dildos or prostate vibrators. With these, you can be sure that your man will reach new orgasmic heights!

2. Metal cock rings

  • Go for an extra long-lasting erection with a metal cock ring.
  • Doesn’t stretch when the penis gets hard.

If a silicone cock ring doesn’t offer enough excitement anymore, you can go a step further. One of the most popular advanced sex toys is the metal cock ring. It is unbending and therefore doesn’t stretch with your penis when you get an erection. Note: this product is really only for advanced users. Don’t wear the metal cock ring for too long during the first time. These are our favorite metal penis rings:

3. Anal dildos: for him and her

  • Exerience anal stimulation with a anal dildo.
  • For him and her.
  • With a suction cup you can attach the dildo to smooth tiles.

Has your butt plug become too small for you? Are you ready for the real deal? Then check out our most enjoyable anal dildos. These multifunctional dildos can be used by both men and women. If you choose a dildo with a suction cup, you can attach it to a smooth floor or wall to enjoy hands-free penetration. Of course you can also hand over control by letting your partner penetrate you with the dildo.

4. Advanced sex toys: dilators

  • A dilator is inserted in the penis and offers an intense feeling.
  • Can be flexible, but can also be made of metal.

There are many kinds of advanced S&M toys. For experienced users, beginner sets are not that exciting anymore. In our S&M collection you will find various exciting toys for anyone who wants to take the next step. For example, we offer a large collection of dilators. These are small rods that can be inserted in the penis. This offers an incredibly intense feeling. You can go a step further by increasing the size of the dilator every time. There are flexible rods made of silicone for example, but there are also metal penis plugs.

5. Nipple clamps for him or her

  • Nipple clamps provide non-stop hard nipples.
  • Choose clamps with weights for extra stimulation.

Do you enjoy the feeling of someone pinching or biting your nipples? With nipple clamps this feeling is even more intense. Go for nipple clamps with weights to push your partner to the limit. Or choose vibrating nipple clamps. You can adjust the intensity of many of the clamps yourself – or you can let your partner adjust it.

6. Paddles and whips

  • With a paddle or whip you can give your partner a spanking.
  • Harder or softer? You have conplete control.

Not afraid to receive, or give, a spanking? Then a paddle or whip is one of your ultimate advanced sex toys. It is super exciting, because you will need to trust each other completely. A paddle is not flexible, but a whip is. There are paddles available that are designed to leave an imprint of a word on his or her buttocks. Or go for a whip that looks like a riding crop.

7. Advanced sex toys: cuffs

  • Cuffs are the ultimate restriction of freedom.
  • Available for ankles, wrists or your partner’s whole body.

With cuffs you can tie up hands, ankles or even the whole body. Leather cuffs are popular sex toys for advanced users. These cuffs stay in great shape, no matter how often you use them. Choose handcuffs to tie your partner’s hands. Or use a hogtie to tie someone’s ankles and wrists behind their back. Of course there are also complete sets, including ball gag, to tie up your partner completely. Also exciting: cuffs that can be attached to the mattress, so you can tie your lover to your bed.

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