Top 5 best sex toys


Only the best is good enough for you! And because you already have experience using sex toys, you know that luxury sex toys are the best choice for you. Are you looking for the best vibrator? Do you want to know which handcuffs are suitable for your playroom? In this blog post we will list the best sex toys for men and women.

Kinds of sex toys for men and women

Before we list the top 5 best luxury sex toys for men and women, we will first show you which kinds of sex toys are available.

1. Masturbators by Fleshlight

  • Artificial vagina, anus and mouth.
  • Made of SuperSkin material.
  • Enjoy replicated porn stars.
  • Can be expandend with numerous accessories.

The masturbators by Fleshlight are the Rolls Royces among luxury sex toys for men. With a masturbator you can pleasure yourself. The masturbators by Fleshlight are hidden in a casing that looks like a flashlight – hence the name. Fleshlight uses SuperSkin material, which is almost indistinguishable from real skin. A Fleshlight sleeve is provided with a mouth, vagina or anus opening, which is often replicated from a real life porn star. On the inside, the sleeves are napped and ribbed to make the openings feel as lifelike as possible.

2. Vibrator by Womanizer

  • Stimulates the clitoris with air pressure waves.
  • Provides an intense orgasm within a few minutes.
  • Available in various designs.

A Womanizer is indispensable in the bedroom. This is one of the best sex toys available. This toy stimulates the clitoris with air pressure waves. The silicone tip creates a vacuum around the clitoris, but the vibrator itself never touches the clitoris. Instead, the air pressure waves create a feeling of someone sucking the clitoris. This provides an intense orgasm. Many different models are available now. The smaller Liberty is easy to take with you on the go, while the Duo also offers vaginal stimulation. There are more inexpensive air pressure vibrators available, but the quality of the Womanizer luxury vibrators by this brand is unmatched.

3. Kiiroo automatic masturbators

Enjoy the best parts of using a masturbator, but this time without using your hands. An automatic masturbator is amazing! And the luxury sex toys by Kiiroo are too. The Onyx 2 masturbator gently massages the penis thanks to the soft Fleshlight sleeve on the inside. Because of the thrusting technology and the rings, the stimulation feels very lifelike. Additionally, you can make use of the website, where you can watch videos in which the movements match the movements of your masturbator. Last but not least, you can also use this toy together with your lover. Via the app you can connect two Kiiroo toys to each other. The movements you make with your toy can be felt by your partner. Perfect for when one of you is abroad!

4. Leather cuffs

Leather cuffs don’t just look great, but they are strong and durable as well. We admit: they are more expensive than furry handcuffs. But you came here to know more about luxury sex toys, right? Leather cuffs are perfect for you if you like BDSM or if you have a leather fetish. In our collection you can find various leather cuffs: from a collar with handcuffs to leather hogties, and from mittens to leather ankle cuffs.

5. Realistic dolls and body parts

Are you looking for a present for yourself? Go for one of our luxury sex toys. A realistic body part for example! These are lifelike lower bodies, such as buttocks with a vagina that can be penetrated. There are various designs. For example, you can choose a lower body lying on her stomach, which has two openings. You can also choose a masturbator of a woman lying on her back with big breasts that you can play with. We even have realistic dolls with three penetrable openings. This kind of doll is considered one of the best sex toys for good reason. They don’t just look real; thanks to the nubs and ribs on the inside, they feel lifelike too.

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