Original ideas for Valentine’s Day: for singles and couples


It’s almost Valentine’s Day: the most romantic day of the year for couples. Red roses, teddy bears, love letters, and romantic dinners have long been the norm. Until now. Because we’re going to take a different approach: give love to yourself. In this article you will find original ideas to celebrate the freedom of love.

Valentine’s Day: 14 February

In 496 AD, 14 February was declared the day of the Holy Valentine. But this had nothing to do with the ‘day of love’ yet. Valentine’s Day as we know it was created for commercial purposes in the US, where the focus was mainly on anonymously surprising your crush with a gift. Valentine’s Day began to be popularly celebrated in the UK in the 17th century. Today the focus isn’t just on couples, but also on celebrating yourself, whether you’re single or not.

Original ideas for Valentine’s Day for singles

Go on a date… with yourself

Whether or not you’re in a relationship, me-time is important. So why not go on a date with yourself? Put on your hiking shoes, bring a thermos of hot coffee, and explore a town that you’ve never visited before. You can find many hiking trails online.

Transform your bathroom into a spa

A visits to your hairdresser, a beauty salon, or a masseur isn’t possible right now. But if you’re in need of some relaxation, a spa day in your own bathroom can be a great alternative. Treat yourself to great care products, like soft shower foam, luxury bath oil, your favourite lotion, and a scented candle. Pour yourself a good glass of wine, grab your favourite magazine, and stay in the bathtub for at least an hour. Dim the lights and warm up the water every now and then with some more hot water.

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Baby, it’s cold outside…

… so let’s hope there’s snow on Valentine’s Day! Dress warmly, put on your mittens, hat, and scarf, and go for a walk outside. It’s very healthy and it’s great to be on your own for a while and not think about anything in particular. Don’t forget to make some hot soup beforehand so that you can warm up when you get home. And take some hot chocolate with you in a thermos when you go on your walk!

Treat yourself to a new toy

Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, which means that you can stay in bed all day if you want! And we have a good idea: give yourself a new sex toy! This can give your solo sex life a great boost.

Original ideas for Valentine’s Day: air pressure vibrators

Give yourself an air pressure vibrator and enjoy great clitoris stimulation. The air pressure waves stimulate your clitoris and you can easily set the intensity level to your own preference. The Satisfyer Pro 2 and the LELO Sila are very popular choices. Some high-end clitoris vibrators, like the Womanizer Premium, even feature an auto-pilot setting, which slowly increases the intensity of the air pressure waves automatically.

Choose a wand vibrator

Do you have difficulty reaching an orgasm? Give yourself a wand vibrator! These massage rods are known for their powerful vibrations. Use the round head to explore your sensitive spots, like your nipples, loins, and clitoris. A wand vibrator is for external use only, but if you combine it with special attachments, you can also use it as a G-spot vibrator for example.

Original ideas for Valentine’s Day for couples

Toys for two

Fortunately, even in a relationship sex toys aren’t taboo anymore. You can use them together, but it’s also fun not just to have sex with your partner, but with yourself as well.

Couples’ toys for extra pleasure

We guarantee that your lover would love to watch you play with your new toy, but of course you can also enjoy a sex toy together. With a vibrating cock ring for example. The man wears the ring around his penis for a harder and longer-lasting erection. The ring also provides stimulating vibrations for both partners. The vibrating part part touches the clitoris during use. There are great duo vibrators available as well, like We-Vibe and Satisfyer toys. They are worn by the woman, so she can enjoy the vibrations, while the man, depending on the design of the vibrator, is stimulated by the narrow opening or the ring that stimulates his penis. There are great sex toys for lesbian couples as well, like double dildos. Massage oil is great as a warm-up for every couple.

Recreate your first date

It can be very fun to relive your first date. Of course there are restrictions at the moment, but try to be creative. Did you go to the cinema on your first date? Rent that same movie or watch it on Netflix. Snuggle up on the sofa with your partner, make your favourite drinks, and don’t forget to buy some popcorn! Did you go out for dinner on your first date? Try to recreate the menu at home or let the restaurant deliver it to your door. Cooking together is great fun by the way. Wait until your children are asleep, or, maybe even a better option, let them help you cook!

Do something you’ve never done before

If you step outside your comfort zone, you can add some excitement to your relationship. You have to feel comfortable doing it of course, but there’s no harm in feeling a little insecure. Maybe you want to give your partner a lapdance or perhaps a striptease is more your thing. Put on a new lingerie set with suspenders for example. With rousing, sexy music and lit candles, you can take your confidence to a new level. Another option is to take control in the bedroom if you normally tend to be a little passive. You can tie up your partner with handcuffs for example. Or cover your partner’s eyes with a blindfold and explore their body with your tongue.

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