Valentine’s Day with a long-term partner: 5 to-do tips


If you and your partner have been together for a long time, it can be difficult to think of an original plan for Valentine’s Day. Going out for dinner every year starts to get a bit cliché after a while and the same kind of goes for watching a movie at the cinema. Want to do something original for Valentine’s Day this year? Read our tips for fun things to do for Valentine’s Day when you are in a long-term relationship.

1. Repeat you first date on Valentine’s Day

Can you remember your first date? Repeat this day on Valentine’s Day! For example, did you go to the zoo? And do you have children now? Wouldn’t it be fun to go there again with your family on February 14? Your children can enjoy the animals and you and your partner can reminisce about your first date. Add a great lunch and you will have an amazing day. Of course, you can also celebrate this day without children. If you went out for dinner on your first date, check if the restaurant is still there. Maybe you can even remember the dessert you ordered! Don’t want to go into the city, but want to relive your first date anyway? Watch the movie again that you saw together on that day. Prepare some snacks and drinks and enjoy your date.

2. Surprise him or her with flowers for Valentine’s Day anyway

Years ago, you agreed not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Under the pretext of: stupid commercial day, we will do it our way. From my own point of view, I would still be very happy with that bouquet of flowers, even though ‘that is not what we agreed on’. Also great: giving a small present or simply putting a sweet note in your partner’s work bag or lunch box. There is one thing to keep in mind here: just because you spontaneously bought a present or did something for your partner, that doesn’t mean you can expect something back. So don’t be disappointed when you do something sweet and he or she doesn’t. After all, you both agreed not to do anything special.

3. Spice it up in the bedroom!

Surprise your partner by giving in to his or her wish to use a sex toy in the bedroom, but only if you want to. Is your partner talking about it for a while, but are you a little nervous? Then Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to try it.  You can surprise your lover early in the morning by giving him or her a wrapped present which contains the sex toy. Add a note which says that you will try it out later that day. Wanna bet that you will look forward to it all day? Once you get over the initial nervousness and actually lie in bed with your toy, we know you will enjoy it. If this is not the case, you at least tried it and surprised your partner.

Don’t have much experience with sex toys? Read our blog about sex toys for beginners. This way you can get an idea about what is suitable for you, or you and your partner.

4. An active date

With Valentine’s Day, the emphasis is always on romance. You are bombarded with red hearts, roses, and teddy bears, and going out on a date usually turns into something cliché. Like a romantic dinner and going to the cinema. You can do it differently! Surprise your partner with an active date.  You can try skid control training together for example, or gift your partner a drift training course. Also often a huge hit with men: indoor skydiving or go-karting. If you want to go even bigger, go drive a race car at Circuit Zandvoort. You can usually make men very happy with anything that involves fast cars and you will be a badass woman in his eyes for going with him. He will certainly start bragging about it to his friends.

5. Romance at high altitude

If you want to plan something special, but driving around in a race car is a bit too much for you, then go for an extra spectacular option this Valentine’s Day. A fun ride in a hot air balloon! Make sure you bring your favorite drinks, prepare some snacks, and enjoy the view at high altitude. Preferably during sunset of course. Often a great success as well: gift your lover a helicopter ride or flying lesson. You are usually allowed to accompany your partner. How can you make it an even bigger surprise? By making your partner believe that you just want to go for a romantic walk. Instead of driving to the woods, you’re driving your lover to the place where the hot air balloon or plane is waiting for you.

How are you going to surprise your lover this Valentine’s Day?

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