Single on Valentine’s Day: 5 to-do tips

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Single on Valentine’s Day. We admit: it’s not the best day to be single. There are commercials of seemingly happy couples everywhere. On social media, one influencer after another posts sweet pictures of herself and her True Love online. And of course others respond with #couplegoals. Even though you know just as well as we do that not everything is always sunshines and rainbows with all those couples, it still seems you can’t get away from love at all on Valentine’s Day. If you turn on the TV, there is no way to escape it. Valentine’s Day is horrible when you’re single, right? Not with our 5 tips! As a single woman, you will experience a great Valentine’s Day!

1. Single on Valentine’s Day: go on a date!

Of course this is the most obvious tip: go out on a date on Valentine’s Day. Although Valentine’s Day is a very commercial holiday, you might still want to celebrate it with someone special next year. You could arrange your own date on Tinder or via another app, but blind dates can also be very successful. There is only one but, and that is that the blind date has to be arranged by a sister, girlfriend, or someone else who knows both of you very well. Don’t necessarily go for a standard visit to a restaurant and the cinema, but go and do something active, or meet up for a drink in a pub around the corner. Is it fun? Then you can go for a second date. Is it disappointing? Then you can be home again within five minutes to watch Bridget Jones’ Diary lying on the couch under a soft blanket. Win-win!

Speed dating is also an option on Valentine’s Day. In many cities, special speed dating sessions are held on February 14 or the weekend before. While enjoying a drink, you can get to know the person sitting in front of you. In Utrecht for example, you can go to Restaurant De Markt for the DinnerDate event. In Groningen, you can go to De Drie Gezusters for a speed dating session for people between 30 and 45 on Valentine’s Day, and in Den Bosch, there is a speed dating session the day before at Hotel Central for singles in that same age category. Of course, Amsterdam also has something to offer. Club NL, in the heart of the city, offers speed dating sessions on Valentine’s Day for singles in various age categories.

2. Throw a singles’ party on Valentine’s Day

There is nothing worse than a Celebrate Love party on Valentine’s Day, where you, as a single person, are obligated to go to. Especially on this day, you don’t want to be among cheesy couples who stare into each other’s eyes the whole time. Instead, you can throw your own singles’ party. Only single men and women are allowed to attend. Even your best friend, who has been married for years, is not welcome. During this party you don’t have to go looking for love, but it is possible. The intention of the party is that everyone who attends brings a single friend with them. Every woman brings a man, every man brings a woman. Sexual preferences are not important for this rule: it is not about finding love, but about celebrating your single life. We bet it will be a fun party.

3. Treat yourself to chocolate and flowers

The last thing you want to do is wallow in self-pity. Let’s be honest: there is nothing sad about being single on Valentine’s Day. It is just a day like any other and you are a strong woman. Treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of flowers (and leave out the red roses) and go buy your favorite chocolate. As icing on the cake, you can buy a scented bath bomb, so you can light some candles in the bathroom and take a relaxing bath. Or go for your favorite body oil in the shower if you don’t own a bath.

4. Watching thrillers with friends

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for watching creepy tv shows on Netflix. Invite your girlfriends to a fun evening with tea, cookies, and chocolate. The tv shows and films below are very suitable to watch when you don’t feel like watching romantic comedies:


You is about a bookstore manager and his girlfriend Beck. Joe is not a normal partner, as he is completely obsessed with his lover. He quickly turns into a stalker. You is so successful that there are two seasons available already, while the third season is currently in the making.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

A film about serial killer Ted Bundy and his relationship with his partner Liz Kendall. The film is based on the book The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy by Kendall. Zac Efron plays Ted Bundy.

Dirty John

Two and a half weeks after meeting for the first time, the naive Debra and the charismatic John get married. Although she soon finds out he is a fraud, she chooses to only see his good side. Quite shocking when you think about the fact that this show is based on a true story. The eight episodes are very suitable for binge watching!


What if normal people do unacceptable things? That is the premise of What/If with Renée Zellweger. For example, would you lend your new hubby to a wealthy businesswoman for one night, in exchange for 80 million dollars?

5. Bye phone, hello me-time

While you might sometimes wish you had someone waiting for you at home, or had someone to wrap his arms around you, your not-so-single friends might sometimes wish for an empty house when they get home from work. Or maybe even a whole night to spend on the couch alone without a partner or children. Try to realize how much freedom you have. You don’t have to answer to anyone and you don’t have the responsibility that comes with having children. Enjoy your me-time. Treat yourself to a metamorphosis at the hair salon, turn off your phone, and finally read that good book, or pamper yourself in bed, with a great sex toy. Wanna bet that you will feel much more positive about being single on Valentine’s Day afterwards?

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