Make Christmas sexy with this shopping guide

The month of December presents itself to us with cheerful music, bright colours, and fun festivities. Christmas wish lists are everywhere and many people have already started their Christmas shopping. You’re probably looking forward to enjoying a couple of well-deserved days off around Christmas and New Year’s Day. This year, aside from buying gift for others, there’s also plenty of room for you to treat yourself. As Christmas 2020 will be much more intimate than previous years, we have created the shopping guide for a lovely, sexy Christmas!

DIY advent calendar

Counting down to Christmas with a small surprise every day is great for both couples and singles. In the last couple of years, the popularity of advent calendars has increased significantly. Pabo’s own advent calendar is unfortunately already sold out, but you can still count down to Christmas with your own DIY advent calendar. Making a calendar is a great activity to do together or on your own. You decide which gifts you want to select and how many days the countdown should last. Find a fun gift for each day and write numbers on them. If you want to explore new sexual experiences, choose gifts that will truly surprise you. Go for something you’ve never tried before and go on an adventure. Think of, for example, small gifts like a tickler or a small whip, a vibrating egg, or a massage candle. To make it easier for yourself, you can also order a beautiful gift box and wrap and number the products yourself. Unwrap one gift a day and try it out immediately. This way, you make the countdown to Christmas an exciting and sexy journey, so you can enjoy great erotic moments with your partner or with yourself.   

“If you want to explore new sexual experiences, choose gifts that will truly surprise you.”

Sparkling Beauty – Lingerie

People often buy lingerie to look seductive for someone else. But have you ever given yourself a lingerie set? Your body deserves to be wrapped in a beautiful lace lingerie set. You will be amazed how confident and powerful you feel when you look drop-dread gorgeous in a beautiful lingerie set with lovely subtle details. The thing about lingerie is that you can decide yourself who gets to see you in this ultimate seductive way; whether that’s just you, or you and your lucky partner.

Lingerie allows you to create a look that compliments your body shape and to embrace every part of your femininity. Take an extra look in the mirror while wearing a beautiful lingerie set and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with yourself and your body.

Sparkling new toys

In the month of December, you have extra time and space for yourself, so make sure to enjoy it to the fullest. Spend a full day exploring your own body and treat yourself to a toy that you don’t have much experience with yet. Perhaps this month presents the perfect opportunity for you to analyse and explore your own orgasms. By taking a moment for yourself, you can enjoy your body without interruption in other ways than you normally do. For example, surprise yourself with a luxury G-spot vibrator, like this one by OhMyG or try to have an orgasm while wearing a small butt plug. Your bedroom is your playground and you have all the time in the world. The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of pleasure.

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“Perhaps this month presents the perfect opportunity for you to analyse and explore your own orgasms.”

Games & Fun

Make Christmas Eve even more exciting this year and treat yourself and your partner to an erotic game, like Discover Your Lover. Make it an interesting ‘game of unwrapping’, where you have to complete a task from the erotic game before you’re allowed to unwrap a gift. This makes Christmas Eve as warm and loving as always, but at the same time you can also enjoy all the exciting things you have to offer each other. You’ll discover new ideas and techniques that will bring you closer together. This guarantees a sexy Christmas.

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Tips for an intimate Christmas dinner

An extensive family dinner is probably not in the cards this Christmas. That gives you the opportunity to make your three-course dinner with your partner extra exciting this year. So give your Christmas dinner a sexy twist. 

Combine the starter with exciting foreplay. Dress sexy by putting on a sparkling dress, but not wearing any underwear, or wear a sexy lingerie set under your clothing for example. Gift yourself a vibrating egg or vibrating thong and give your partner the remote. Toys like the We-Vibe Moxie can even be controlled via your phone. Now you’re ready for foreplay! Enjoy good food and pleasure between your legs at the same time. It doesn’t get more exciting than this. When you get to the point that you can barely hold on, stop and take a break to prepare for the main course. Agree to only have sexy conversations during dinner and make the temperature between you rise. There is practically no going back after the main course: continue to play with the remote-control toy and get ready for the explosive climax: your dessert.

“During the starter, you can enjoy good food and pleasure between your legs.”

Come up with a sexy dessert with pieces of fruit that you can feed each other, or put whipped cream on your partner’s body. Slowly undress each other during dessert and treat each other to a great body-to-body massage with – you guessed it – a lovely happy ending! Relax completely and enjoy an intense sexy Christmas dinner together. 

Making Christmas sexy again

So, now you know that there are plenty of ways to celebrate Christmas in a different way than usual without completely abandoning the spirit of Christmas. Make it a December to remember with Christmas as your explosive climax!

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