The sexiest gifts for under the Christmas tree

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Socks, a book, or perfume: most Christmas gifts are quite cliché. Want to be a bit more original this year? Go for some sexy gifts! We’ve put together the most delicious and exciting gifts for you.

Naughty & Nice advent calendar

Every year, the most important question at Christmas is: have you been naughty or nice? With the Naughty & Nice advent calendar, you can embrace both sides of yourself! This exciting advent calendar is packed with sexy gifts and accessories. For example (spoiler alert!), it includes a vibrating cock ring, a curved vibrator, body paint, and pillow mist. In total, there are 24 exciting gifts in the advent calendar. The calendar is gender-neutral and can be gifted to both couples and singles.

Womanizer vibrator

If you want to give yourself or your partner the ultimate treat, you can go for a Womanizer vibrator. The inventor of the air-pressure vibrator has brought an unbeatable product to the market: air pressure waves stimulate the clitoris, which quickly leads to a wonderfully intense orgasm. This is an excellent-quality, high-class toy and features many extras, such as the fact that the vibrator automatically stops when you remove it from your body. Moreover, it’s available in a very Christmas-y red colour. Win-win!

A sexy gift for him: a masturbator

A masturbator is the ultimate gift for men. This toy pampers the penis. It’s basically a sleeve that feels like real skin, with a structure on the inside that stimulates the penis. Masturbators come in all shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose from the famous Fleshlight series: these are modelled from well-known porn actresses. The opening is a lovely copy of their mouth, vagina, or anus. Tenga eggs are also a great option – these are flexible masturbators packed in a compact egg shape. This makes them easy to take with you. Finally, we definitely want to mention FPPR masturbators. These masturbators come in different (skin) colours and openings and can be used over and over again. A masturbator can be used by the man alone, but it’s also a very exciting toy to try out together.

For couples: an erotic game

Do you love sexy gifts? Then an erotic game is perfect for under the Christmas tree. Think, for example, of Heart Full: a box in the shape of a heart, with rolled-up notes containing sexy assignments. A Heart Full comes in all sorts of themes: erotic, kinky, Kamasutra, etc. And what about the well-known Ultimate Desire game? This is an erotic game with different assignments and questions. Can your relationship use some fresh sparks? Our erotic games can certainly help you out.

Thrilling gifts: a double dildo

A double dildo is super versatile and can be used by anyone. The classic feature of a double dildo is that it has a glans on both sides. Moreover, it’s often flexible, which makes it easy to put it right where you want it. Women can use the double dildo both vaginally and anally, but it’s also possible for couples to use it anally and/or vaginally at the same time.

Discover the world of BDSM

This one’s for the sexy beasts: a starter set with which you can discover if BDSM is something for you. With this set, you can experience tying up your lover, or being handcuffed… And what about a gentle tap with a flogger? If you’re curious about BDSM, a starter kit is a nice first step for beginners.

Sexy gifts: our bestsellers

If so many people are enjoying them, they must be good, right? These are our bestsellers, which certainly deserve a place under your Christmas tree.

Satisfyer Pro 2

Do yourself a favour and gift someone the Satisfyer Pro 2 this holiday season. You can keep it for yourself, or give it to your partner. This air vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys of recent years, and not without reason. With its air pressure waves and 11 different settings, it’ll bring you to a climax in no time.

Metal butt plug with stone

We don’t just like gifts because they’re deliciously sexy: they also have to look good! And that’s where this one comes in: a metal butt plug with a pink gemstone. The plug is available in different sizes and colours, with different colours of stones too.

Cock ring for longer pleasure

The Boners cock ring set will give you some well-deserved, extended pleasure. This set of three cock rings ensures that his erection lasts for an extra-long time. The cock rings come in different sizes, so there’s always one that will fit perfectly. And, because it’s made of silicone, it’s both comfortable and flexible.

Masturbator with buttocks and vagina

It’s an unusual gift for under the Christmas tree, we admit. But the Ashley Rose masturbator is perfect for men who need a bit more than a small masturbator. This device, with a nice pair of buttocks and vagina that can be penetrated, is always ready for you. It’s the ultimate indulgence for men and a perfect gift for yourself or your partner.

What sexy gifts will you put under the Christmas tree this year?

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