What is prostate massage?

What is the P-spot? And what is a prostate stimulator?

Prostate massage is hot. It’s a way to stimulate the male G-spot, also called P-spot. You can do this yourself with your hand, or you can use a prostate stimulator. If you decide on a prostate stimulator this of course begs the question which prostate stimulator to buy. How does it work? Which stimulator is the best? And which one suits me? You’ll find all information on prostate massage below.

What is prostate massage?

As the name suggests: massage of the prostate. The prostate is a small gland the size of a walnut located below the penis. The prostate is a sensitive gland that you reach through the anus, and is sometimes also called the ‘male G-spot’ or ‘P-spot’. Massaging this gland provides erotic stimuli. In addition it’s healthy and can slow down infections and other ailments. Massaging the prostate is sometimes also called ‘prostate milking’. You can massage your prostate yourself, you can ask your partner to do it, or you can use a prostate stimulator. More information on prostate massage can be found here!

1. How do you massage the prostate yourself

It’s possible to internally massage your prostate yourself. How? Read the explanation here:

  • Lie down on your back and pull up your knees.
  • Relax your sphincter.
  • Apply lubricant to your finger – index or middle finger are easiest – and slowly insert it into the anus.
  • Point your finger in the direction of your bellybutton.
  • Push the finger inside about 5 cm. You will now feel a bulge the size of a walnut. This is the prostate.
  • Rub your finger over the prostate and/or slowly move the prostate up and down.

Please note: When you’re massaging the prostate the first feeling you get is of having to pee. This is very normal and usually goes away again rather quickly.

2. Letting your partner massage your prostate

Allowing your partner to internally massage your prostate is very relaxing and intimate. Make sure your partner uses plenty of lubricant, and possibly a condom. They can take the steps described above. Make sure you clearly communicate what you like and don’t like and how your partner can best massage your prostate, to achieve the best results.

3. External massage

You can also massage the prostate externally. How? By applying a little pressure to the perineum, the are between the anus and the scrotum. Use your thumb or your knuckles and carefully move them up and down.


Every man reacts differently to a prostate massage. One might utterly enjoy it while the other doesn’t think much of it. With some men it releases emotions of anger or sadness. Others don’t feel very emotional. Some men achieve orgasm through a prostate massage, but this is definitely not always the case. In short: try and experiment and decide for yourself what you like, alone or with your partner.

Prostate stimulators

A prostate stimulator is an anal sex toy that stimulates the prostate. You’ll find more information on these sex toys here.

Types of prostate stimulators

There are different types of prostate stimulators. Which model you choose also depends on how you will use it. Below you will find more information on the different models.

1. Butt plug with prostate stimulation

A butt plug with handle, that you can use to steer, is very easy to use. a butt plug with prostate stimulation can be recognised by the rounder shape. This points towards the prostate for the best possible pleasure.

Go for a butt plug if you’re looking for:

♥ Internal stimulation.
♥ Flexible toy.
♥ Proper hygiene.

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2. Vibrating prostate stimulator

A vibrating prostate stimulator is also called the P-spot vibrator and is designed for internal stimulation. It is an anal vibrator with rounded tip that tickles the prostate. Most P-spot vibrators are made of silicone. Please make sure you buy proper quality. The cheaper versions usually lack power and strength in vibrations or are made with plasticisers. These are bad for your health.

Go for a vibrating prostate stimulator if you’re looking for:

♥ Internal stimulation.
♥ Prostate stimulation.
♥ Intense erotic feeling.
♥ Proper hygiene.

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3. Vibrating perineum stimulator

A vibrating perineum stimulator is intended for external use. This is actually an anal stimulator, not a vibrator. Most stimulators are made of silicone. Be sure to buy one of good quality with enough power and strength.

Go for a vibrating perineum stimulator if you’re looking for:

♥ External stimulation.
♥ Prostate stimulation.
♥ Intense erotic feeling.
♥ Proper hygiene.

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The best prostate stimulator for you?

You might wonder what’s the best prostate stimulator for you. The answer to this question is a personal one. Based on the information provided above, decide which model, which stimulation type and which material has your preference. If you’re only just starting, we recommend first using a smaller size, especially if you’re going for internal stimulation. Do you already have experience with prostate stimulation? Then you can buy any stimulator that strikes your fancy.

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