What is a blended orgasm?

blended orgasm

What’s better than an orgasm? A blended orgasm! A climax with double intensity and twice as many sensations. Can you imagine it? A two-in-one orgasm might sound too good to be true, but the female body is definitely able to experience it. A double orgasm, also known as a blended orgasm, is something any woman is able to achieve. So what is a blended orgasm exactly and, even more importantly, how can you achieve it? You can read all about it in this blog post.

What is a blended orgasm?

When a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm occur at the same time, we call it a blended orgasm. Even though these are two separate orgasms, when they happen at the same time, they create an intense reaction of the entire body. During an orgasm, your muscles do what they want: your body can start shaking and you pull an ‘orgasm face’. Imagine what will happen during a blended orgasm! Two orgasms means twice as many sensations.  Who doesn’t want that?

Blended orgasm by stimulating the clitoris and vagina

A blended orgasm can be triggered by stimulating the back and front of the clitoris. That’s right: your clitoris has two sides. An orgasm on the outside is clitoral. You can achieve this by stimulating the little nub between your labia. An orgasm on the inside is vaginal. This is where the largest part of your clitoris is located. Vaginal orgasms usually occur when the G-spot is stimulated, which can be found on the inside of the vagina. Researchers discovered that the G-spot is probably so sensitive because it is part of the clitoris. The clitoral root is located directly behind the anterior vaginal wall. Touching the G-spot can therefore also stimulate part of the clitoris. If you stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time and you can build up an orgasm on both sides, then you can experience the fireworks of a blended orgasm.

Tips to reach a blended orgasm during solo play

This is of course easier said than done. Reaching a climax in itself is sometimes hard enough, and then you also want to have a blended orgasm on top of that. To be fair: it requires some practice, tools, and self-confidence. But it’s worth it. The best thing to do if you want to reach a blended orgasm on your own is to practice. Use your fingers or a sex toy to stimulate your G-spot. You can find it inside the vaginal wall at the side of your belly button. Stretch and bend your fingers as if you are beckoning someone (a ‘come here’ gesture). Keep doing this. You have to build up tension in this area, so keep stimulating your G-spot. Use your other hand to stimulate your clitoris in a way that feels good to you. Enjoy what you’re doing and try not to think about your goal too much. You want to stay relaxed in order to reach your climax.

Use a sex toy if simultaneously stimulating your G-spot and clitoris with your fingers is not practical for you. For example, the Womanizer Duo has both a clitoris and a G-spot stimulator. You can adjust these functions separately and believe us: you’ll reach an amazing climax within minutes. Some other vibrators, like rabbit vibrators, are also designed for double stimulation. Vaginal toys, like vibrating eggs and love balls, stimulate you on the inside, while you can simultaneously stimulate your clitoris with your fingers. And finally, you can use a G-spot vibrator. Thanks to its bent shaft, it can easily reach and stimulate your sensitive spot.

Blended orgasm with a partner

If you have a partner, you can also use the steps described above. However, you are lucky to have two extra hands and the possibility of penetration with a penis or vibrator. Start by stimulating your G-spot with your fingers or a sex toy. Then let your partner’s penis glide inside or use a special G-spot vibrator. If your partner uses their fingers for internal stimulation, they can simultaneously use their mouth and tongue to stimulate your clitoris. Let your partner start by teasing and kissing the area and then using the tip of their tongue to stimulate your clitoris. If you can’t take it anymore and it’s time for sex with penetration, then there are a couple of sex positions for penetration that work well for achieving a blended orgasm:

  • Standing while you look at each other: the clitoris will be stimulated by the shaft of his penis;
  • From the back, while you bend forward; the deep penetration stimulates the G-spot;
  • Spooning also offers the posibility of deep penetration, while you can stimulate your clitoris with your hand.

What to expect of a blended orgasm

A blended orgasm can awaken something you never expected. Since both the vagina and the clitoris are stimulated, the sensation is overwhelming and very pleasant. Expect uncontrollable movements, tingling all over your body, a blissful feeling, and of course extreme relaxation at the end. By stimulating the G-spot, there is even a chance of female ejaculation, also known as squirting. However, the chance that this will just happen by accident is very slim.

Don’t focus on your orgasm

No orgasm is the same. How your body reacts is different for each person, but also for each orgasm. During masturbation or sex, it is important not to expect to have a blended orgasm within minutes. Whether you’re on your own or together with a partner, it is important to enjoy the erotic play from beginning to end.  Get in the mood and let yourself get carried away by all the sensations. Don’t think about your end goal, that will have the opposite effect. Relaxation is key when you want to reach an orgasm. Trust your feelings and your body, try different techniques, and let the sensation wash over you. Now let’s get to work on that blended orgasm!

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