Sex bucket list: what would you like to try out?

sex bucket list

We all know about bucket lists: a list of things you’d like to try out. Do you have one? We do! Not the standard things like bungee jumping in South Africa or driving a Jeep through the desert of Dubai. No, we’re talking about a sex bucket list, including all kinds of things you really want to try doing in bed.

A bucket list for sex

Let’s face it, it’s quite normal if your sex life gets a bit boring when you’re in a long-term relationship. Often, you develop a kind of ritual, which is then played out over and over again in the bedroom. And, even if you’re single and don’t feel like having a one-night stand or a friend with benefits, your solo sex life can feel a bit boring. So, why keep a sex bucket list? “Experiencing new things makes couples desire each other again,” says Janet Brito, psychologist and sex therapist. Giving yourself a boost keeps your relationship feeling new and exciting.

Nothing is compulsory on a sex bucket list

First of all, let’s be clear: you don’t have to do anything. Having new experiences is great fun, if they work for you and you feel comfortable with them. But: there’s no harm in pushing the boundaries every once in a while. Having a hard time finding inspiration for your sex bucket list? We’ve listed 20 ideas for you below!

1. Act like a teenager

That handsome boy who gives you his jumper when you’re cold, a sneaky arm around your shoulder at the cinema, kissing in the corridor at a school party, and those first steps that lead to real sex: do you remember how exciting it all was? Go back in time, where you could kiss for hours without going any further and where you had to sneak around in the car because you still lived with your parents. Park the car in an exciting place and enjoy each other!

2. The ultimate fantasy on your sex bucket list: a threesome

A threesome should certainly be included on your sex bucket list. It’s really the ultimate fantasy of many men and women. Invite a third person for an exciting evening. Read the article below to find out how you can best go about it.

Reading tip: Your first threesome: how can you go about it?

3. Sex on the kitchen table

If a threesome is too much for you, here’s a slightly less daunting bucket list item: have sex outside of the bedroom. On the kitchen table, for example, or on the sofa.

seks bucket list

4. Watch porn together

Why watch porn alone when you can do it together? Decide whether you, your partner, or the two of you choose a film to watch and snuggle up together on the sofa or in bed.

5. Send a sexy photo as a teaser

Send your partner a sexy photo while they’re out. A teaser of the evening to come…

6. On the sex bucket list: role play

We’re not saying that you should immediately dress up as a sexy nurse, but you can. Dress up in sexy lingerie or surprise your partner with role-playing clothes. Do you want to be frisked by a sexy police officer or punished by a strict teacher? Check out our role-play clothing for women and men.

7. Nice and smooth in the shower

Indulge each other in the shower, by slowly lathering each other up with a gentle shower foam or smooth oil. And enjoy oral sex, now that you’re all fresh. Does penetration feel a little uncomfortable because of the water? Silicone lubricant solves this problem.

8. Try anal

Anal is something that women often find a bit daunting. But if you never give it a chance, you’ll never know how it feels. Start calmly, for instance by massaging around your anus with a finger. If it feels good, you can go a step further. But, only do it if you really want to.

Tip: Anal foreplay: the best tips for beginners

9. Let’s get loud

Moan like they do in porn movies. It might make you laugh, but it can also be an incredible turn-on.

10. Dirty talk: try it

Do you remember the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda goes crazy with dirty talk? It’s a great idea to try it out for yourself. From “you make me so wet” to “take me, hard”, it’s great to be able to speak out. And your partner can probably appreciate it too.

seks bucketlist

11. Masturbating together

Masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of. And, you make it even sexier if you both agree to masturbate, but not to touch each other. It’s very hot to watch your partner while he’s busy working himself.

12. Buy a sex toy for each other

What do you think the other person likes? Surprise each other with a sex toy. For men, you can buy a masturbator or a cock ring. Women often enjoy a vibrator with air pressure or a powerful wand massager. Of course, there are also all kinds of exciting toys that can be used by both partners, such as a dildo or an anal toy.

13. Share your fantasies

Just talking about your fantasy can be super exciting. Share your greatest sexual fantasy and ask your partner about theirs. Who knows, maybe it’ll come true one day.

14. BDSM for beginners

Would you like to have some kinky sex? BDSM could be something for you! With a BDSM starter kit, you’ll get everything you need to experiment. This kit includes things like cuffs, a blindfold, and a whip.

15. Sex bucket list item: outdoor sex

Ah yes: outdoor sex. Highly recommended! Have sex against a tree in the woods, on the bonnet in a dark car park, or somewhere in the dunes. Take a blanket with you so you won’t be bothered by the stinging branches, the cold bonnet, or the grinding sand.

16. Sex with your ex

Sex with your ex: of course, it’s often not advisable. But what if you always had the most fantastic sex ever? Then you might want to consider whether it’s worth the risk…

17. Whipped cream or chocolate

With chocolate and whipped cream, you can do more than make a cup of hot chocolate. Decorate your body (or your partner’s) with hot chocolate, or lick the whipped cream off their nipples, belly, and genitals. Sexy and yummy!

18. Re-enact your favourite sex scene

Be honest: you’re obviously thinking of Edward and Bella in Twilight, right?

19. Do it in a jacuzzi

The water bubbling in intimate places, you and your lover almost (or entirely) naked: the jacuzzi can be a very sexy spot. Surrender and indulge. Candles, a drink, and a nice playlist create some extra sexy vibes.

20. Have sex in a place with others nearby

Whether you make love on an air mattress while other people are sleeping in the same room, or in full regalia at a sex club, where are you going to have your first public sex?


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