Seven types of vibrators: something (wild) for everyone


Fancy some solo sex? You could go old school and use your fingers, but online shops are bursting with vibrators in all shapes and sizes. Whether you get off on clitoral stimulation or prefer the G-spot, there’s something (wild) for everyone. Find out here what suits you best!

Vibrators: a brief history

Surprise! Vibrators have existed since 1869, although the original steam-powered devices were not necessarily being used as sex toys back then. Originally, vibrators were considered medical devices, used to treat women who suffered from ‘hysteria’.

Hysterical women

Hysteria was a peculiar phenomenon. It only occurred in women and the symptoms ranged from depression and temper tantrums to simply being ‘too headstrong and opinionated’. According to Victorian doctors, these supposedly hysterical women could be ‘cured’ from their condition by having an orgasm. But since masturbation was considered impure and even dangerous, they had to come up with something else. Et voilà: the vibrator was born.

The vibrator turned out to be a successful business model, as waiting rooms soon filled up with ‘hysterical’ women. In the meantime, the list of symptoms became longer and longer. Even to the point that women with a painful big toe were sent in for a massage with the vibrator. Sigmund Freud later theorised that these hysterical women were simply sexually frustrated. Not a far-fetched theory, considering women in those times had to suppress their urges and desires so as not to exceed the standards of decency.

Sexual revolution

In the 50s, ‘hysteria’ was removed from the lists of medical diagnoses and its treatment with vibrators disappeared too. But that didn’t mean that vibrators disappeared. Instead, they soon popped up in porno movies and gained a rather grubby reputation. Respectable housewives wouldn’t be caught dead with such a vulgar toy and the popularity of the vibrator plummeted.

It wasn’t until after the sexual revolution of the 70s that our vibrating friend saw better days. The vibrator made a convincing comeback, and after the liberating 80s, there was no more stopping it. The toy irrevocably freed itself from any taboo and can now be found in almost every woman’s bedside table.

What to pay attention to when buying a vibrator

Vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Where we used to have to make do with basic models, modern vibrators are a lot more varied. You can choose between G-spot vibrators, suction vibrators and anal vibrators. And there are so many models with special accessories for extra stimulation of the clitoris or anus. They can turn and move, they’re ribbed or equipped with rotating beads, and they have different heads for various sensations. Check out the Raving Rabbit, for example!

Not sure about which size to choose? Granted, there are some intimidatingly large rods for the more experienced vibrator fans. But there are also mini-versions, like the finger vibrator, which you wrap around your finger. Little ones like these are surprisingly powerful and can be used on the clitoris, nipple, penis or scrotum. That makes them perfect for dual masturbation. Do you prefer to keep your vibrator  sessions to yourself? Then there are vibrators deceptively shaped like a tube of lipstick!

Good vibrations

Now, don’t just buy the first vibrator you come across. First, look at your needs. Do you want a vibrator for penetration or just for your clitoris? Do you want to play with your anus or do you prefer not to? And what kind of vibrations get you excited? Are you looking for something soft or do you prefer something hard and fast? Good vibrations make all the difference, but these differ for everyone. From mild tremors to intense earthquakes: you know what feels best for you!

But one thing is certain: most women love it when the vibrations penetrate deeply. That’s not to say that they have to be particularly powerful; soft, tender and sensual tremors can also feel good. The point is that the vibrations aren’t superficial but are ‘robust’. Fortunately, most vibrators let you choose between various vibration modes so you can adjust the vibration strength to your preferences. Often, you can also experiment with different types of vibration, such as waves or pulses.


Different types of vibrators

So what should you look for when buying the ultimate vibrator? We know it’s easy to get overwhelmed by so many choices. To help you choose, we’ve summed up the best types of vibrators below!

Clitoral vibrator

For most women, stimulating the clitoris is a must if they want to orgasm. The clitoral vibrator is all over it! Besides their internal feature, these vibrators have a special bulge for massaging the clitoris. The Tarzan is the showpiece of this category because it’s the most versatile. You can set it to different vibration modes, and some models even have a ‘butterfly stimulator’ to stimulate the labia. But there are also Tarzans with anal stimulators or with rotating beads in the shaft. The result? An explosive clitoral orgasm!

Do you want to stimulate your clit without penetration? Then opt for a clitoral stimulator.

Suction vibrators

Is this your first toy? Then you may want to opt for something less intimidating than a hyper-realistic dildo. A suction vibrator, for instance. This vibrator falls under the category of clitoral vibrators and has gained popularity over recent years. It stimulates the clitoris with air pulses instead of vibrations.

When you place the vibrator on your clitoris, the toy creates a sucking-like sensation, which it combines with vibrations. The pulsating suction waves give a particularly intense sensation that gets women who have a hard time cumming wildly enthusiastic. You can use it on any sensitive part of the body, and with eleven suction modes, you’re sure to experience exciting new heights.

Couples’ vibrators

Why play alone when you can play together? Couples’ vibrators are specially designed to use together with your lover. The basic principle is simple: as a woman, insert one end of the vibrator in your vagina, after which the other end pleasantly clamps down on your clitoris. The interior feature stimulates the G-spot, while the exterior feature uses intense vibrations to build up to a strong clitoral orgasm.

Now, because the toy is smaller than a normal vibrator, your partner can penetrate you while your vibrating friend is inside you. The part that’s inserted is designed in such a way that there’s enough room for a penis. When your partner penetrates you, he’ll also be able to enjoy the vibrations of the vibrator and the sensation of a super tight vagina. Because even though a duo vibrator is smaller than a normal model, it still takes up a bit of space.

Realistic vibrators

Sometimes you’re not in the mood for a hot-pink toy; sometimes you want a toy that looks like the real deal. Realistic vibrators are inspired by real penises. The toy has veins, a glans, a normal human-like skin colour and the shape of a real penis. Even in terms of feeling and hardness, they resemble a real penis, which makes it feel like you’re really being penetrated. Realistic vibrators come in different shapes and colours, just like real penises.

Do you fantasise about penetrative sex during your toy sessions? Then boost the level of realism with a realistic vibrator!

Anal vibrators

Do you love anal play or do you want to experiment with it? Well, right you are, because the posterior area is one of the most erogenous zones of the body. Not only is your skin a lot thinner here; there are also a lot of nerves that come together in the anus. It’s a sensitive area and therefore ideal for sexual stimulation.

Anal vibrators also come in all shapes and sizes. Most anal vibrators have a narrow top, making it easier to insert. They also flare out to keep it in place. There are also toys in the shape of plugs or a penis, as well as vibrators with beads in different sizes for different levels of pleasure. In short, opt for an anal vibrator to reach sensual new heights around your anus. Let’s play!

G-spot vibrator

Yes, that mythical G-spot. Suddenly not so mythical anymore with a G-spot vibrator. You can find your G-spot between three to five centimetres from the opening of your vagina. This extra sensitive area is not equally pronounced in everyone, which can make it difficult to locate for some. The G-spot vibrator is specially designed to stimulate this magical spot.

Thanks to its curved head, this vibrator can easily reach and massage the G-spot. After inserting the vibrator, it’ll find the right spot all by itself. And given that the vibrations penetrate into the head of the vibrator, you’ll eventually experience an extremely intense vaginal climax. One that radiates throughout your whole body. Your orgasm could even be so intense that you end up squirting. Towel, anyone?

Wand vibrator

Do you enjoy intense, powerful and, above all, continuous vibrations? Then a wand vibrator may be just what you’re looking for! You can use a wand vibrator to massage your whole body, but you can’t use it internally. You can use it on your clitoris, labia and vagina. Or you can even conjure it up during a massage. The vibrations penetrate deep into the muscles and can lead to intense orgasms as well as relieve tension and muscle pain in the pelvic floor. A bonus!

Choice overload? Check out a vibrator set!

As you may have noticed, the choices are endless. So take your time to sift through the online store. There’s something (wild) for everyone and we’re sure that after a lengthy and exhaustive search you’ll be delighted with the vibrator delivered to your doorstep. After all, the days are getting shorter and sometimes there’s nothing better than a little alone time under the covers.

Suffering from choice overload? We get it: the choices are overwhelming! A tip? Try out one of our vibrator sets. These include many different sex toys for you to experiment with at your own leisure. That way you can find out which ones suit you best!

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