Secret pleasure? These are the best vibrating underwear

Stiekem genieten Dit zijn de beste vibrerende slipjes

Do you fantasise about being pleasured in public without anyone seeing? The secret to realising your fantasies is in your own hands. These are the hottest vibrating knickers you can even wear in public.

Vibrating underwear? What’s that?

Vibrating knickers are not some futuristic piece of clothing; they’re simply underwear with a vibrator built-in or attached. Often they’re a sexy pair of knickers, such as a thong or briefs. But on the inside is a special compartment to hold the vibrator.

The type of vibrator in these types of knickers is often bullet or lay-on vibrator. The latter is a vibrator that stimulates your clitoris with vibrations but is not inserted. The vibrators are operated with a remote control. You can do it yourself or you can give control to someone else. A great way to make your time out running errands really exciting.

Our favourite vibrating underwear

There are dozens of knickers that feature built-in or insertable vibrators. Yet there are big differences. For example, some have a remote control in the form of a ring. And others are adjustable with straps so that they fit any body. We’ve listed our favourites for you.

PantyRebel Vibrating Thong

Going for stylish? Then choose this thong with vibrator from PantyRebel. In black with rose gold accents, this is one luxurious plaything you’re going to want in your collection. The lace thong is super sexy and has a special compartment to hold the vibrator. With at least twelve vibration modes, you’ll be taken to unprecedented heights. The round remote control fits comfortably in your hand and is just as stylish as the toy itself.

Date Night Vibrating Panties

These vibrating Date Night panties are suitable for every woman. Tie the sensual strings for a perfect fit to your body. But that’s not the only special thing about these exciting knickers. They come with a very discreet remote control, in the form of a cool ring. Want to spoil yourself while out at the park? Pull on your knickers, slide the ring around your finger and start enjoying the ten different functions.

Pink Lace with Vibrating Egg

Lace always works well in a sexy setting. Seduce yourself or your loved one with these bright pink lace briefs from Secrets. These sexy knickers hide a vaginal egg. The nice thing about this is that you can use it both internally or externally. No one will know that you’re enjoying the intense vibrations coming from the egg.

To insert into your panties

We’re cheating a little bit with the sexy secret panty vibrator from Satisfyer, but we don’t want to skip it anyway. In fact, it’s one of the newest gadgets in the field of vibrating knickers. Although it’s not actually underwear with a built-in vibrator, it is a vibrator you can attach inside your knickers. It comes with a special magnet that you put on the outside of the fabric, so that the lay-on vibrator stays in place.

Leopard Print Vibrating Briefs

Roar… Show your wild side with the Tania vibrating thong from Panthra. This sexy thong with leopard print and lace provides quite the thrill. Especially if you place the matching lay-on vibrator in the handy compartment. The vibrator is made of soft silicone and of course also has leopard print details: just like the remote control and the matching storage bag. Use the remote control to switch between four speeds and six vibrating patterns.

Curvy-Sized Briefs with Egg

Want to show your sexiest side? These curvy-sized briefs with super sexy double ties might be for you. Hiding inside these briefs is a vaginal egg. Place it in your vagina for internal indulgence or in the panties for external pleasure. Now all you’ve got to decide is whether you’ll hand over control to someone else or keep it for yourself?

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