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Most women wear the wrong size bra. This ist he resualt of a study by TNP Nipo. A wrong size bra can be recognised by signs such as bulging or blubbering breasts, “love handles” at breast height, pinching straps, the list goes on.

It’s therefore important to make sure you buy a bra that fits perfectly. How? Read all about selecting, fitting and wearing the perfect bra below:

Women’s breasts change over time, that’s a fact. Being pregnant, menopause, gaining or losing weight, all of this affects your bra size. It is therefore recommended to measure your bra size every year. Of course you could visit a lingerie specialist store to have it measured, but you can also do it at home.:

  1. Measure the girth of your chest under the breasts (chest size).
  2. Measure the size of your breasts (cup size) along the broadest part of your breasts.
  3. Combine the two outcomes to get your perfect bra size.

Does the bra band creep up on the back? The chest size is too big! Make sure that the bra fits tightly around the back without pinching.

Are the bra straps stretched too tight and painful? Adjust the straps to loosen them up a little!
Do the breasts bulge out of the bra at the top of the cup or under the armpit? Go up a cup size!

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If you have a large cup size it is sometimes difficult find a seductive bra that still offers proper support.

When we say plus-size bra or XXL-bra we generally mean a bra with a large cup size, for example Cup E, F, G and more. Wir haben auch online das passende für Dich:

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Additional fortification
All our plus-size bras have extra strong cup straps, the straps that are used to finish the bra cups. These (almost invisible) straps ensure the cups are more sturdy.

Broad shoulder straps
All plus-size bras in our collection have shoulder straps that are a little wider for perfect comfort during wear.

Heavier materials
Fabric of a little heavier quality does not just provide additional support to the breasts but also ensures a beautiful and perfect fit.

Close-fitting cups
We want the cups to perfectly fit to the breasts without spoiling the provocative effect.

What ist he shape of your breasts? To get an answer to this question, visit the page ‘Which type of bra suits me best?’ Here you can read all about the different types of breasts.

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