Awaken your inner Aphrodite

Laat je innerlijke Aphrodite ontwaken

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of female beauty, fertility, love, and sexuality. If you let her into your life, she will enhance every aspect of your existence. So how do you let her in exactly? Read this article and discover everyhting you need to know in order to awaken your inner Aphrodite.

Your inner sex goddess

Aphrodite takes pleasure from everything that is beautiful. The soft touch of your favourite silk dress, the scent of the forest during spring, warm sunlight on your face on a cold winter’s day… Whether you’re in a relationship or you’re single; if you light the flame of pleasure, you will benefit from it for the rest of your life. If you’re able to take maximum pleasure from your sex life, you’ll also be able to experience this in other areas of your life.

Feel more than your orgasme

We put so much pressure on ourselves and on having an orgasm during sex. Because sex is only successful if you reach a climax, right? But does it have to be that way? Try to enjoy all touches and all sensations you feel and teach your body to appreciate pleasure in another way. Put on music that makes you feel incredibly sexy, for example a love song that triggers romantic memories, the song that was playing during a particularly sexy and memorable sexual experience, or a melody that makes you feel strong and confident. Let your body control your movements. Close your eyes and surrender… Experience every movement consciously and notice what it does to you. If you learn how to consciously feel with your body, you will be more connected to your inner sex goddess.

Make love to your mind

Especially for women, the brain is a very important part of the body when it comes to sex and arousal. Women enjoy sex so much more when there is an emotional connection. Did you know that some researchers say your brain is your main erogenous area? Make sure to not just satisfy your physical needs, but also your psychological needs. Read a good book about a subject that you feel passionately about, or spend your morning in the garden if that’s what makes you feel zen. Examine pieces of art, listen to music, and consciously notice what it does to your brain.


Do you need some help with appreciating your body? Every body is beautiful in its own unique way, but unfortunately not all women are able to see their own beauty. Sexy lingerie can help you with this. The right lingerie set can highlight your assets and it can even conceal the parts of your body you’re not comfortable with.

Play with your senses

Plan a night that is all about you. Explain to your partner that this night is just for you. Let them pleasure you without expecting anything in return. To make the experience even more intense, you can play with your senses. Wear a blindfold for example and ask your partner to massage you. Use soft feathers, leathers whips, and hot massage oil. Everything to make you feel and experience as much as possible. Do you usually turn off the lights during sex? Make sure the lights are on during this particular night. Sit opposite each other, naked or while wearing lingerie, and let your partner explore your body with their eyes. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but if you give in to the feeling you will experience a new appreciation for your body. Follow the aroused and hungry looks all over your skin, from your wrists to your belly button and from your thighs to your ankles, and feel how beautiful and sexy you are.

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