Love is freedom, so celebrate it!


This is a message for strong women. For all women: the ambitious professional, the single mother, the eternal student, the lover, the CEO, the world traveller, the entrepeneur, the lover of life, or a combination of these.

No place for prudery

It’s time to let prudery go and make way for all forms of intimacy and sexuality. Experience what it’s like to shamelessly explore and express your sexuality. You deserve to embrace your sexual wellness. Especially now, on International Woman’s Day.

To live is to enjoy. Enjoyment is life. Together we go beyond sex, beyond sexual preferences. We are going to look at the core of our sexuality. The journey starts here.

Sexual connection

Together, we are going to connect sexuality with real life – every aspect of it. Without putting up walls. Without blinders. How? With inspiring articles, innovative products, and a brand that listens to cultural trends, to technological advancement, and, above all, to you. Let’s get our heads out of the sand and look forward. Face yourself, feel intimacy, and experience the freedom that sexual wellness has to offer. We celeberate the freedom of love, because it deserves to be celebrated.

Inspire yourself through curiosity

Sexuality is complex, intriguing, sometimes confusing, but mostly exciting and inspiring. It’s always growing and continuously changing, and has a great influence on our life. It’s a basic necessity that deserves more attention. On a large scale and a small scale. At your own level. We believe that sexuality as part of your identity deserves more attention. Curiosity is the path we all need to walk together to break taboos. Just like Beate Uhse did in the late 40s by selling condoms and later, in 1962, by opening the first sexual wellness store in the world.

In name of Beate

This society-changing revolution is carried out in the name of Beate. In a conservative time period where sexuality walked hand in hand with shame, she dared take the initiative. She looked forward, broke down barriers, pushed boundaries, and passionately fought for women’s rights. We are going to let her powerful ‘female voice’ be heard in this brand new era. Even after her death, the prevalent motivation to be allowed to endlessly enjoy your own body can still be felt today. In fact, it’s more alive than ever. Liebe ist freiheit, nimm sie dir!

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